Looking Forward to 2012

Happy December!  As we enter the final month of 2011, I, like many others, am beginning to look to 2012.  What do I want 2012 to bring?  What do I want to accomplish in 2012?  What needs to happen in 2012?

I started this blog a little over 2 weeks ago with lots of ideas and no direction.  To be honest, that is the story of my life.  So, I have been mulling over ideas of what to do with this blog.  As we come to the close of the year you start to see all types of “challenges” for the upcoming year.  Some of the ones I have considered in the past are:

  • 52 in 52 – a knitting/spinning/dyeing/weaving challenge with at least one project a week for the entire year
  • 365 Project – a photography challenge where you take at least 1 picture a day, for a year
  • Crockpot 365 – a lady who blogged about using her Crock-pot everyday for a year
  • Natural and thrifty in 365 
  • 40 bags in 40 days – A de-cluttering challenge.. I actually made it about 2/3 of the way through this one.
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Lets not even talk about all the workout challenges out there
  • Cooking for the month/week/year
  • Activities with/for the kids
  • So many others (my pintrest boards are full of them)

The list is endless, really.  While would love to take on any one of these challenges, the problem is that I would love to take on ALL of the challenges.  In the end, I do what I do best when faced with too many choices, shut down and do none of them.   I am great at planning.  I can plan and organize with the best of them; I just have no follow through.

So there you have it my challenge for 2012… Do SOMETHING every day and finish everything I start.  I will probably pick and choose from the categories above as the year progresses, but whatever I start, I have to finish!  That is my challenge to myself for 2012.

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Brandilyn is a middle-aged (When the hell did that happen?) stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful children (of course she is biased). She started reading M/M Romance and Gay fiction in early 2012 and was quickly hooked. In her first 18 months as a M/M Romance fan, she read over 900 titles in the genre (not counting re-reads), ranging from shorts to epic novels. She reads across all tropes within the Gay Fiction genre…. except Regency, she has never found a love for Regency. A native Texan she finds Texas to the be almost perfect… except for one thing, their treatment of the GLBTQ community. This blog is her brain child and she is happy to welcome some fellow GLBTQ supporters to review here and help promote equality (oh and of course fangirl/fanboy over their favorite authors and works).

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