It is here!!!

I am like a kid in a candy store!!!!  Okay, so it got here 2 weeks ago, but with all the holiday hubbub, it sat unopened in my foyer.  Then, I was scared to open it; scared of what it meant; scared of the implications.  It means that something C and I have been talking about for over 4 years was actually happening.

What brings out so many emotions, so much fear, so much excitement?  My daughter’s Kindergarten curriculum.  Yes, Virginia, we are one of “those” families.  We are Homeschoolers.  I can officially say that now.  It is one thing when you are “homeschooling” your preschooler using workbooks cobbled together with printables and activities you found on the internet.   It is totally another thing when you are working on actual “grade school” curricula designed by educators with hundreds of collective years of experience.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are many GREAT resources for educating your child on the internet.  There are many GREAT curricula out there.  Some of my favorites are Confessions of a Homeschooler (LOTW and PK4), Letter of the Week from Brightly Beaming Resources, and    You can see some of my other favorites on my Homeschool page (well you can once I get around to adding them all there, there are TONS).

Yes my kid is not even 4.5, but since she has whizzed through every Pre-K4 thing I have put in front of her, we decided to go for it.  I got the opportunity to try the Calvert Homeschool Curriculum with their Advisory Teaching Service.  We were randomly selected to be part of a study that are doing.  This makes me insanely excited because I have been dreaming of using the Calvert curriculum since I first heard about it 2 years ago.  It is pricey, but the organization and what you get for the money will be worth it, I hope.

There are a few things I looked for in a curriculum.  First and foremost, I wanted a “secular” curriculum.  Even if we were a religious family, I don’t believe that religion needs to be brought into the classroom. Secondly, I wanted something challenging, but still age appropriate.  Finally, I wanted something that we could move through at OUR pace, or more importantly at my DAUGHTER’S pace.   Every parent thinks that their child hung the moon.  Every parent thinks that their child is the smartest/prettiest/most athletic/best child in the room.  And I fully believe that is how it SHOULD be.  But, if you gauge by M’s mommy (and what she has shown me so far), she has a very good chance to be quite precocious when it comes to academics.

There are some other benefits to the Calvert program that I am hoping to take advantage of when the time comes, but we will address that when we get to it.

Here is the HUGE box sitting in my Foyer taunting me

Once I finally got the courage to open it (with some prodding from C) This is what I saw (paperwork, a couple of packs of books, and 2 more good sized boxes).

Here is reader Pack #1:

And here is reader pack #2:

The smaller box contained the Math Consumables:

The larger box contained everything else (or the Core Consumables as Calvert calls them)

Yes those are art and craft supplies INCLUDED with the package.  There is a short list of school supply stuff that is suggested in addition to these, but for the most part it is ALL there.  I am in LOVE.

As an mathematician/engineer/science type I LOVE having everything laid out and ready to go!

Please join me in our journey as we begin our marathon that will be edification and guidance of my children.  This is the journey that is the inspiration for this blog and most definitely the inspiration for the Title of this blog.

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7 thoughts on “It is here!!!

  1. My husband and I are contemplating homeschooling. I really need to do more research and find out what the requirements are for our area. I will check out your homeschooling page. Thanks!

  2. Homeschool i something we have never considered until now. My daughter does great in public school and would hate to be home schooled but my middle and youngest do not enjoy school. They say kids pick on them and they have a hard time learning in that setting. We have actually just started seeing a therapist for my middle and she thinks my son is to emotional to be in a public school setting, so we may just join you on the journey of homes schooling soon.

  3. Congrats on entering the world of home schooling! If I knew then what I know now, my children would have been home schooled also. I can't wait to see how your journey goes.

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