Let’s Talk About.. Audiobooks

We all love a good story.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t?  A good story gives you the opportunity to escape the dullness of your everyday life and lose yourself in another person’s adventures for a while.  This is why I love reading so much.  I am trying to instill this in my children as well, of course.  So the more good stories I can expose them to, the better.

There was a time in my life where I had a commute that was well over an hour each way, much of that spent on a fairly boring and desolate stretch of road with little too look at besides fog and a flat expanse varying between brown and green, broken only by the occasional tree or cow.  I love where I live, I grew up here, my family is here, but it is not the prettiest of terrain.  Lets face it, no matter how much you love music, as I do, those little 3-4 minute segments of time can make a long commute even longer.  It was during this time that I discovered the power of Audiobooks.  You get the same benefits of losing yourself in a fantasy world, without ever having to take your eyes off the road.  I know many people would eschew me for my advocacy of audiobooks, but, as long as you still curl up with a good book (or Kindle) once in a while, I think audio stories are a great way to expand your imagination, and my extension a great part of your child’s learning.  I mean we have them sit for story time long before they ever know the alphabet.

Audiobooks and those long commutes allowed me to discover the world of Wizards, hitchhike across the galaxy with the author himself, and get lost in middle earth.  All from the relative comfort of my little black Mercury Tracer.  This was before iPods were a ubiquitous part of life.  Those books came to me on CD after CD.  Then I moved to DC and my commute got much shorter, and the need to audiobooks lessened.. until  I started Grad school and spent much time on the Subway or driving into the city.  Let’s face it, A young girl does not need to walk around our nations capital with her nose in a book.  I was soon introduced to audible.com.  It has kept me sane on commute after commute, but once again, the need to audiobooks has waned.  The Hubby, however, would be lost without them.  His commute is an hour each way on a good day.  He is also a self-professed slow reader, so audiobooks allow him to escape the drudgery of a commute and enjoy some of his favorite authors.  It was the audio version of Hunger Games that made him fall in love with the series (and convince me to read it… well he wants me to listen to it, but I am so rarely without my small children that isn’t an option… not to mention I can get through the material much faster reading than listening).

I still love listening to a well delivered audiobook now and then, but I tend to stick to paperbacks and Kindle editions these days, leaving the audible.com subscription to Hubby’s willing hands.

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About BrandilynRC

Brandilyn is a middle-aged (When the hell did that happen?) stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful children (of course she is biased). She started reading M/M Romance and Gay fiction in early 2012 and was quickly hooked. In her first 18 months as a M/M Romance fan, she read over 900 titles in the genre (not counting re-reads), ranging from shorts to epic novels. She reads across all tropes within the Gay Fiction genre…. except Regency, she has never found a love for Regency. A native Texan she finds Texas to the be almost perfect… except for one thing, their treatment of the GLBTQ community. This blog is her brain child and she is happy to welcome some fellow GLBTQ supporters to review here and help promote equality (oh and of course fangirl/fanboy over their favorite authors and works).

27 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About.. Audiobooks

  1. Before I had kids in the backseat listening to it, I’d listen to novels that I’d wanted to read but hadn’t when I was doing road trips. I bet there’s some kid friendly audiobooks that may would interest us and them…Hmm, maybe the Wimpy Kid series? I must find out now because road trip coming soon and that would be awesome!

    • My kids have all heard Harry Potter more times than I can count (and my oldest is 4). But overall, that is one of the reasons I have given up audiobooks, I always have my kids with me. My husband listens to them while he is doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen as well as while driving.

  2. Great post! I love audiobooks! I put them my ipod and listen to them on my walks. I love how you can get so lost in a book that you don’t realize you have gotten your exercise in and actually enjoyed it. 🙂

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  23. Great, insightful article. I’m more of a music person, when driving & I like to read old-fashioned paper books, when I can but I <3 how you describe em.

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