A New Direction

You may have noticed some changes to the content of this blog over the past year.  When Blogging become more of a job than a joy, I had to step back and look at what I really wanted out of the blog.  Somehow I fell into the product reviewer Blog Cycle.  While it is very exciting getting free stuff to try, more and more I realized that free stuff just ended up as junk cluttering my house because it may or may not be something I would use in my every day life.  While I have adopted many of the items I have reviewed here into my household (TruKid, Novica and SodaStream all come to mind), many have fallen to the wayside (or more specifically into a pile on the floor of my office… but I digress).

When I started this blog I was a knitting, homeschooling, cloth diapering, semi-crunchy mom of 3 kids 4 and under.  Well life, family health crises, and depression have all taken their toll this year and many of the things that where so important this time last year have fallen to the shadows as new interests have emerged (or re-emerged as the case may be).

Let’s see what has happened to some of my key interests…

Knitting – I still LOVE knitting.  The process of taking a hank of yarn and making something beautiful is great… however between a decade in IT and 3 pregnancies, my hands are shot.  Carpal Tunnel (I hope it is only CT, I am scared to go to the Dr. in case it is more) has rendered me unable to knit more than about 1 row at a time before my hands are to painful to even hold the needles.

Spinning – Well this passion never had a chance to get off the ground really because of all the reasons above.

Cloth Diapering – between my hands and my Mother’s (who at the time regularly cared for Baby Girl), we could no longer do the snaps that I loved so much on my cloth diapers.  By the time we could again, she had outgrown her stash, and I was in the grips of depression, and we made the decision to finish up with ‘sposies.  I know this sounds like excuses, but it was what was right for my family at the time.

Homeschooling – This was probably the hardest of my passions to give up.  I can’t articulate all the reasons why we decided to put out oldest in public school, but it was a necessary step at the time.  Trust me this was not an easy decision and I question myself at least 5 times a week as to whether it was the right one or not.  I am still not convinced it was.  I have 2.5 years until Baby Boy if “of age” for public Kindy (he is a September baby).  I don’t know what state we will be in by then.  I am still planning to homeschool for the Pre-School years for both Baby Boy and Baby Girl.

Cooking and Baking – I have NO idea why this one has fallen away.  I still love food, but I can’t seem to get the motivation to go make anything yummy, even during the holidays.  What was once such so cathartic, has become a chore in my mind.   I think I can blame this one mostly on the depression.

Semi-Crunchy – Well I haven’t given up my Hybrid in favor of a Mommy car 🙂  (Yes you CAN fit 3 car seats in a Prius, in case you are wondering) That counts right?  I we still try to eat organic and make the environmentally conscious choices when possible, but I don’t also consider what is write for my family at the time.

So with all that said, where am I going with my blog?  Well it needs to reflect my current passions… Currently my passion is reading.  (As if you haven’t guessed).  I have always been a reader, but I get on kicks where I read more than others.  As of now I have basically given up TV in favor of a good book loaded on my Kindle or Nook (yes I have both).  Part of it is the solitude I gain after the kids go to bed.  Part of it is, no doubt, the temporary escape offered with each new story.  I have discovered some wonderful authors, and have “met” many of them through the power of the net.  I will be writing about the books that interest me.  This blog is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore.  I hope my choices will reflect that.  I am still mulling over the name of this blog, you may see a shift in that as well in the coming year.  Not sure yet.

This is not to say you won’t see non-book review posts, you will.  I hope you will see more posts about what I am doing with my life.  I think I need this release and I hope you don’t mind me dumping once in a while 🙂  Oh and all those of you who find me for the giveaways… don’t worry those WILL continue 🙂  I love gift card giveaways and I hope to continue to offer them throughout the New Year.

Farewell Giveaway
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Brandilyn is a middle-aged (When the hell did that happen?) stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful children (of course she is biased). She started reading M/M Romance and Gay fiction in early 2012 and was quickly hooked. In her first 18 months as a M/M Romance fan, she read over 900 titles in the genre (not counting re-reads), ranging from shorts to epic novels. She reads across all tropes within the Gay Fiction genre…. except Regency, she has never found a love for Regency. A native Texan she finds Texas to the be almost perfect… except for one thing, their treatment of the GLBTQ community. This blog is her brain child and she is happy to welcome some fellow GLBTQ supporters to review here and help promote equality (oh and of course fangirl/fanboy over their favorite authors and works).

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