Bound by Blood (Soul Mates 1) ~ Review by Marc

I just finished this book and wanted to share my opinion with you guys, even as I’m sure the book will not be for everyone! 😉

The facts: The 300 page kindle edition of the book was published on June 14th,  2006 by Torquere Press. Soul Mates: Bound by Blood is book one out of 4 main books in the Soul Mates series, book 5 “Ascension” is currently is currently in limbo, due to family issues, but will hopefully be finished in the near future.

The cover: I must sadly say that even though I know full well not to judge a book by it’s cover, they do influence me. This book has been highly recommended by a few friends a few months ago, but as I didn’t find the cover very appealing it has taken me longer to get around to reading it. However, since I was told it was the best vampire M/M on the market and had werewolves, it didn’t stop me from reading it either 🙂 Though I must mention that I love every other cover of the series. The others are very different, but this just wasn’t my style.

The title: Wow, I really wonder how many M/M novel titles start with Bound By. I mean really, “Bound By Honor”, “Bound By Nature”, “Bound By Desire”, “Bound By Deception”, “Bound by the Enemy”, … I could go on. But then again if the title fits like it does here, I guess there’s no harm done *g*

The story: So, I’m sure you have heard of PWP books. Porn without plot. I would love to rate this book PWP for porn with plot, but that would probably get confusing. Just know this: “Bound by Blood” is a very dark, very sexual and kinky book. Don’t go in expecting unicorns pooping rainbows and butterflies. There are menages, different partners, pain play, blood play, edging, nipple and cock piercings, sex in public, dubious consent, bondage, … anything the devious mind desires.  Yet even though it may sound like it, it’s not just sex in this book. As the main protagonist Peter says in one scene, sex is like a handshake in the book. All the darkness and sex somehow work for this book though.

I mean, it’s about vampires. Since they have first been written about, vampires have been manifestations of the seductiveness of danger and death. I think the way this book handles the topic is much more appropriate than glittering, vegetarian vampires. Even if the sex seems overwhelming at times, there is a reason why it plays such an important role in Lucien Delacroix’ vampire coven (which I won’t give away).

While the sex is hot, kinky and boundaries-pushing, however, there is also amazing world building that creates it’s own interesting vampire mythology for this series. Jourdan Lane describes a cruel, brutal world, making the love that blossoms up between the main characters all the more precious.

There is a bond between them from the beginning, a bond neither of them can deny. Even as Peter’s vampire-phobia acts up after learning that the mysterious man he desires is what he fears most after a visit to the vampire bar “The Den”. Even as he struggles against it, the bartender can’t help to be drawn to the man, but has to learn to accept the monster in him, before he can immerse himself in the new dark and dangerous world of his lover.

The characters and dynamics are interesting and even though some parts of the story were hard to read for me, I wasn’t able to put the book out of my hands, because I wanted to know what would happen next. The story was clever and exciting and it felt like whenever I stumbled over a plot hole, an emergency crew came to fill the hole and explain why there really wasn’t a hole to begin with. I didn’t have a problem following the story and it never left me bored or uninterested, the sex was plenteous but always different and exciting. Overall, one of the best vampire stories I’ve read and highly recommendable, if the previous paragraphs didn’t scare you off the book. Excited to continue the journey. Join me!

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