Charlie, Rentboy by JP Barnaby ~ Review by Brandilyn ~

Any of you who have following the Eric & TJ saga, know that the M/M community was dealt a blow on Saturday morning when TJ revealed just how serious Eric’s condition is.  Many of us in the community, myself included, had guessed as much but reading the words, was quite the blow for Eric’s friends and fans.  After crying my eyes out (yes, I will admit it), I put out a call to my Facebook friends for a happy/feel good book to help me pick up my mood.  Well my facebook friend, author JP Barnaby, answered with one of her offerings.  If you haven’t read Barnaby’s Aaron or her Little Boy Lost series (both available through Dreamspinner), you need to do so, they are amazing, but take out stock in Kleenex first.  So, of course, I asked her to promise me she wasn’t going to make me cry.  After receiving her assurance, I went to Wilde City to get a copy, but, before I could, she kindly offered me a copy to review here <3.  So here we go.

CharlieRentboy_100dpi_cvrTitle: Charlie, Rentboy – Working Boys Book 1

Author: JP Barnaby

Publisher: Wilde City

Rating: 5 of 5*

From the Publisher:

Got two hundred and fifty dollars for an hour of fun? Then say hello to Charlie, a hot little rentboy working his way through an engineering degree on his back.  He’s got shaggy blond hair that’s great to hang on to while you fuck him from behind, and sweet innocent blue eyes that look very enticing when he gazes up at you with your cock in his mouth. That is, until he’s hired by innocent rich boy John Middleton, head of Middleton Communication. John is so far in the closet he could find Narnia. But when John and Charlie get together for an explosive weekend of sex, everything goes to hell.

My View

So what did I think about this book?  Well it was absolutely what I needed.  It was (in the author’s own words) the “fluffiest thing [she] ever wrote”.  However, fluffy for Barnaby, is still a rich story experience (with a few heart string tugging moments).   The book isn’t terribly long, which today was part of the appeal, but you come to care for both the main characters very quickly.  It is written in first person from Charlie’s point of view, as his weekend trick takes one unexpected turn after another.  I am told that Charlie, the character, is based on a real life rent boy.  I love his attitude.  He owns his life.  He owns his decisions.  When life takes a turn, he owns that as well.  John is a little more of an enigma (as is usually true in a first person story), but you know he is a good person, even if Charlie doesn’t want to see it.

I know Barnaby is working on more in this series and I hope that we get some more glimpses of Charlie and John in the future.

Where to Buy

Wilde City


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Before you go

Oh and I have to take this opportunity to tell you about her release coming in January from Wilde City – In the Absence of Monsters.  I am really excited to be part of the blog tour promoting the release (and of course to read it 😉 )



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