Different Strokes ~ Review by Marc

Hi guys,

I just got a copy of this book for an honest review and thought I’d read the first chapter to get a feeling for the story, before going to bed. It’s now 4:02 am in Germany and I just finished the book, even though I have to be up early tomor… today. Oops.

Well, anyway, since I’m here and you may be here?- I’m just gonna share my though right now while the reading is fresh 😉

The Facts: The 18,000 word short story was released yesterday (12/11/2013) by Less Than Three Press LLC.

The cover: I really like it:) It may be because I was a swimmer myself in High School and the sight of a pool just brings out positive memories for me or the fact that it’s fricking cold outside and this sexy cover makes me want to travel to Australia, because it’s actually warm there right now, but the cover really drew me in and made me curious about the book. It’s clear that Thomas, the swimmer, is the guy on the left; but both guys have beautiful back musculature to admire and drool over, while the pool just creates a serene atmosphere. The font of the title fits perfectly into the background, without disappearing!

The title: It’s really quick and effective. Easy to remember and while it doesn’t pertain to the story in any significant way, Thomas is a swimmer and can use different strokes.

The story: First of all, I loved that each chapter had a title. As there were often important time jumps between the chapters, it felt good to have a title that put me in the right mood for each chapter. The short story by it’s nature is not really long and by telling a story over a longer time span, some character depth was necessarily sacrificed. Even as we never really see the characters hit it off, we can see the results of their bonding and gain a glimpse into both of their heads. They are both sympathetic characters and I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of who they were. Thomas, the famous and ambitious athlete with the perfectly sculptured body has put so much work and training into his sport and becoming the best that he doesn’t really have a social life. He is very goal oriented and usually achieves what he sets his mind to, but in the face of his desires for his employe he seems rather like an innocent puppy then a competitive gold-medal winner. He is incredible cute when he doesn’t exactly know what he is supposed to do and made me grin quite often throughout the story.

Darren is a hot, skilled masseuse, but we never get a lot of info on him. He’s an incredibly likable character, though. EVen as both struggle against the mutual attraction, considering their professional relationship, the bond of attraction they both feel can not be denied for long.The most satisfying thing about this cute tale for me was that the guys actually talked about their problems when they miscommunicated and it just made me so happy that these nice guys didn’t have to draw misconceptions out in a contrived manner that always seems very artificial and yet is often used.

The story really isn’t very sexual, so if you want to read about a lot of hot sex, go read “Bound By Blood”. I was actually glad of this, though, because with limited space I would rather have the story be about the growing emotional bond and the question of how and when they finally get together than see the 18000 words be purely about sex. The sexual tension is so much more interesting in a short story like this in my opinion.

I did notice that at times the descriptions seemed rather stiff (and by that I don’t mean descriptions the bulges tenting their pants :P)- while the formating made everything easy to read, the writing sometimes tried to be too perfect and as a result the character’s observations didn’t seem completely authentic. Further the dashes really distracted me. They were the long kind, the em dashes, connecting two words directly, instead of the en dashes I’m used to that are smaller and have a space to each word they connect. There are instances where the long kind is called for, but here they often seemed wrong or maybe just to plenteous?

In any case, this is a really cute little story, perfect between larger books. Definitively something I can and will recommend. 🙂

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