Freshman Orientation (Pauer Bautam University 1) ~ Review by Marc

Hi y’all 😉 I got a copy off this book to review in exchange for an honest review last night. When I checked goodreads to find out what I could expect, I realized that it would probably amount to a 2.5 star book. From the reviews I expected a PWP story with shallow characters. I thought the main character would be arrogant and unlikeable and skip from one badly written sexual adventure to the next. I promised myself to keep an open mind and give an honest review, so this morning I started to read on the train to university and was really surprised: I actually really like this short story 🙂

The facts: This story was published by the author Brandon Reed on June 23rd, 2013 and is the first story of the “Pauer Bautam Unversity” series.

The cover: Okay, so the cover is kind of hot, but it would have actually kept me from reading it normally, because the guy in front looks rather flamboyant and I like the guy in my book to be more het-like (as the main character of this book would endorse, I think 😉

The title: Short, memorable and a perfect fit for the story.

The story: So, this story is about a senior, who had some bad luck with relationships and is looking for some hot and quick hook-ups with cute freshman twinks to end his dry spell. While some facebook research of his best friend has shown that the selection will be slim, one of the guys seems perfect for him. Just his type.

For me the MCs never came of as shallow. When I read that I thought he might just use the boys as sex toys and leave them or make snide comments about others. His best friend is a flamboyant guy, who is into older men, though, and has some additional pounds on him, but Ryan doesn#t care. Actually, even though he is very attracted to Sean, he never seems to want to use him and from the beginning there seems to be more to their bond. So for me the characters were not really shallow, bute cute and likeable. While we never got a lot of depth from them, we got to know them as well as I could expect from such a short story and I was actually hooked by their romantic and sexual escapades.

The whole story was humorous and sweet, not at all like some other erotica short stories I#ve read and a few times it actually made me laugh out loud. There was next to no angst, just fate that seemed to have conspired against their first full sexual experience and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, amusing and sweet story.

3.5 stars and a smilie face from me *g*

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