The Gift ~ Review by Marc

Wow, so from all the books I have received for free for an honest review, this one is by far the best. Actually the best book I’ve read all week and one I will strongly endorse, because… damn. That was so much better than I expected 😉

The facts: This book was released by Less Than Three Press, LLC on December 4th, 2013

The cover: The cover is actually the one thing that didn’t do anything for me with this book. I’m a visual person and see hundreds of small covers on Goodreads every day. This one wouldn’t have stood out or intrigued me at all. It looks like the cover of a free story and nicely paints the scene of a room, but it looks cold and empty. hat guitar would be interesting, as it suggests something about the story, but it’s not in the focal point. After having read this amazing story, I think something more mysterious would have been more appropriate!

The title: The title is simple, but I kinda love how many connotations and meanings it can have. As the story itself has different layers and shows different kinds of gifts, it seems very fitting to me 🙂

The story: It begins with a scene in the past, where one of the main characters is still a child, showcasing his ability in childish innocence and naivete. It reminded me of the beginning of T J Klune’s “Burn”, where the main character showcases his own extraordinary ability in front of a very different parental figure. While readers won’t know the exact extend of his abilities, it sets an atmosphere of mystery and thread, even as the beginning of the story takes a bit to pick up. But oh boy, it’s so worth the wait when it does.

The little boy has grown to be an up and coming rock star, who’s first tour is highly anticipated and who thus needs a personal assistant. That’s where August, the second MC comes in. He’s kind of awkward, overdressed and has no experiences in the industry nor any real hopes of actually getting the job. Yet, when Doren sees him, he goes against the advice of his producer, because he knows that he is the one. The one he needs to have with him, the one he wants to have with him. Though he is an equal opportunity guy, never one to deny a good shag, there is some kind of bond between these two guys.

Not that it would be smooth sailing between the gifted rockstar and the innocent PA, as Doren behaves like an arrogant prick and August is unsure how he fits into this new world or how to deal with his new boss. As they get to know each other it soon becomes clear that they will need each other and some unexpected allies to fight against the temptations and manipulations of their evil adversaries, trying to control a great power and use it for evil.

This gift of Doren’s is not just the ability to play music really well, but goes much beyond that and is described in the book is really fascinating. It is a fight between good and evil and these  two are pawns, smack in the middle of it. They have to realize the extend of the power and how to control and use it as well as who they are up against and rely upon each other and their allies as they are confronted with a mission much more important than they could guess!

I loved the way these characters have to find away to communicate with each other in an open and honest way. In the beginning, nervousness, posturing, their roles and fears come in the way, but over time the way they communicate changes and makes them a much better team. It is great to see their character development and the changes in their relationship. The story is mainly told through the perspective of these main guys, but occasionally readers get the POV from one of the antagonists or allies, handing them ore pieces for this wonderful puzzle. There is always a sense of thread underneath the story and getting glimpses of just how evil the antagonists really are helps to raise the stakes and make this tale a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat reading experience. I absolutely couldn’t put the book away!

This is a fairly new book, but the perfect gift for yourselves, loved ones or friends. It’s really, really good! Highly recommended!!!


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    • Thank you for taking the time to read through the review. I’m really glad LT3 allowed me to get a copy of your story for my review, because it’s a truly great story that I might have missed otherwise. If you ever want one of us to review another of your books, just let us know. I’m sure this will not be the last one of yours I’ll read. Thoroughly enjoyed myself 😉

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