The People of the M/M Genre Seriously Rock

So last night as I was sitting in my youngest daughter’s room, waiting for her to settle into sleep, I was thinking about just why my heart was hurting so much for Eric and TJ.  What resulted from that was just me literally thumb typing into the notepad on my phone my thoughts. Those thoughts became this post. I know many of you have read it (and I thank you for that). I apologize but this will be another ramble…

I am not a writer, well I guess technically I am because I write on this blog, but, if you were to ask me what I do, I would say I am a mom.  I am not a professional writer, but I am a damn near professional reader ;).  Hell, my degrees are both in Computer Science… I stopped taking English and literature in high school (thank you AP tests). Anyone who has read my blog knows that I have a comma problem… oh and an ellipses problem… And a spelling problem… Anyway, I digress.

As I was writing that post, my sister and her friends the Crack Crew (as they are known from their work on the 2013 anthology Crack the Darkest Sky Wide open) were finding a way to give TJ & Eric just a little relief in their time of stress and need. (I am immensely proud of my sister, but that has always been the case, even if she doesn’t want the praise for this). Many if them have traveled to be there in person and more will be there in the coming days. But not everyone can be there in person.

I know many of my friends on Facebook were clamoring for something to do to feel useful when our heroes & friends were in pain. The Crack Crew came up with a plan and the M/M Romance community (for lack of a better description) answered and answered HUGE. In just under 5 hours, they had contributed over $10,000 to help keep Eric’s family and friends close while he and TJ need them most. If you were on the donation site when it first went live, you saw that the inital goal was $5000. That is a number that they were hoping for. It was blown by very very quickly. By the 12 hour mark, the contributions were closing in on $18,000. When last I looked, we had topped $23,000. If you live in a country with affordable healthcare, you probably don’t understand the magnitude of this, but healthcare in the US can get very expensive very fast, even if you have insurance (which I don’t know Eric’s status on that one way or another). To have a lengthy stay in a hospital in a town that isn’t even your own, you have to add on hotels, meals, and incidentals that will add up very very quickly. As the bills pile up, so does the stress. Stress is the last thing you need when you need to heal or support your partner while he heals.

If you have ever had a lengthy hospital stay, which unfortunately I have, or had a close family member who has had a lengthy hospital stay, which I have also had, (especially away from home, which, you guessed it, I have), then you can truly appreciate the gift that has been given to this couple. They can now focus on each other. On getting Eric better. On getting to their wedding day.

I found the M/M romance community about 18 months ago (give or take) on Goodreads, and have never found a group so loving and accepting before. I rejoined the Facebook world not too long ago and have found even more friends in this community. It lightens my heart to see Eric and TJ’s smiling faces looking at me all over my news feed as my friends show their support and love for this couple. I love seeing the covers of Eric’s books (which I love dearly, as any of my readers already know) in people’s profile pictures for the same reason. Anyway, just wanted to say Thank You to all those who gave, sent good thoughts & prayers, and well wishes. You guys make me believe in the goodness of people again.

If you are on Facebook, you might have seen this video that TJ posted this morning. If you haven’t here is TJ giving us his thoughts on the awesomeness of what we have done. (And the fact that I say “we” just a little token of why I love this community). I do not say that because I feel I had a huge part in it or anything. I say it because we as a community stepped up and a pulled together to make a huge difference in the lives of 2 people that are special and important to more people that I think even THEY realized. Warning you will need tissues…

(oh and for what it is worth, this was about $8,000 dollars ago 😉 ). They will continue to accept any help you can provide, as this will be a long journey for them both.


All photos are copyright 2013 by Madison Parker and used with permission.

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