Tinsel Fish by Harper Fox ~ Review by Beverley ~


I have never been a fan of the novella format. The main reason being that the stories never seem balanced or complete, in addition the characters feel either two dimensional or their development takes over the plot.
Two novellas started to change my opinion; the first was ‘John and Jackie’ by TJ Klune a perfect complete gem, the other was ‘Once Upon a Haunted Moor’ by Harper Fox. ‘Tinsel Fish’, the sequel has completed my transformed opinion.

Tinsel Fish‘ is the sequel to ‘Once Upon a Haunted Moor’ in that it is the next Lee and Gideon (Tyack and Frayne) mystery. However, rather than the next novella, it feels as if Harper Fox is weaving a far bigger and more complex story in ‘episodes’. This form of episodic writing follows in the tradition of Dickens, Hardy and the Brontes. I don’t make these comparisons lightly. ‘Tinsel Fish’ was released for the winter solstice and is an atmospheric, paranormal mystery featuring Gideon, the solid, loving Cornish copper and Lee, the intriguing and empathetic psychic, extraordinary in his prosaic demeanor. These two are at the beginning of a sensual and loving relationship in ‘Tinsel Fish’ which sees them joined by ‘Ezekiel’ Gideon’s pious, Methodist Minister brother and unintentional hero. Their Father also appears in a poignant role which, though brief, packs an emotional and biblical punch. As with all Harper Fox’s writing, the environment plays a major role and is woven into the story like a spiritual interloper and at times a welcome friend. The relationship between Gideon and Lee is new but feels solid and founded on a deep love and passion, which feels real. That passion is deftly expressed in the short but very erotic sex scenes.

There are unanswered questions at the end of ‘Tinsel Fish’ but it is a ‘complete’ story. Why is ‘Lee’ in spiritual danger? Why can ‘Gideon’ hear Lee’s psychic arguments and what keeps trying to get into the house? However, I am not frustrated as with usual novellas as I know there will be another ‘episode’ for which I must wait patiently but I know it will be worth it.

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