Took My Breath Away (All They Ever Needed 2) ~ Review by Marc

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Yesterday was also the release of Lazy Day Publishing’s “Took My Breath Away”, the second book by Thianna D. in her ‘All They Ever Needed’ trilogy. I read both books back-to-back and had a lot of fun with this one! Check out my review of the first book here:

The cover: Like the first book, the top is reserved for half-naked men. One of them has his arms behind his head, ready and prepared. Kinda hot *g* Instead of the enticing green color, they are surrounded by the light of what seems to be a breaking day, fitting well with the new challenges and explorations they face 😉 The lower part is not the river in the suburban area anymore, but the mega city of New York, again hinting at the changes this novel brings for the guys. The blue color of the sky brings a freshness to it, fitting as the titles are about breathing. Love how the cover work together.

The title: The title can be read in an awestruck or sexual way and works well in any form. It fits well with the title of book one, being connected through the ‘breathing’ motive, but works well with the story of the second book in it’s own right.

The story: Book two is just as charming and funny as the first. I think a large part of the humor is from the open way the MCs and some of their family members use to interact with each other. It seems so relaxed and honest that the humor just permeates so much of what’s going on.

This openness also allows them to be honest about their needs – be it the further exploration of spanking and a Domestic Discipline relationship or the need to wait with some things light oral reciprocation and anal penetration until both partners are comfortable enough with the idea to try it. I loved that they spoke about it and Logan managed to make it clear that he is very much a sexual person who will need that at some point to feel fulfilled in the relationship, but that he will give Christian as much time as he needs to get there.

Generally, a lot of the plot didn’t feel quite real or credible. It is in some ways ‘soapy’ and OTT, but done in a way that is a lot of fun to read. I would have loved it if some of the developments were shown rather than told, but I loved a lot and cheered when characters stood up for themselves or others.

The family dynamics, while at times source of drama and confrontation, seem to be the heart of the story. There is so much love and fun in the way they interact that it is heart warming, yet both families or still very much distinct.

As the cover suggests, this book is about a new day, as Christian faces exploring his sexuality further, Christian explores the family he never knew in a new and exciting city and both take the next step in their relationship.

New York especially, with a very different part of his family, seemed like a new world and I loved seeing Logan struggle with this unknown and new part of his love and the good and bad aspects he encounters.

Christians exploration of his newly accepted sexuality is not only hot and allowed to play out at it’s own pace, but he discovers that there are many more dynamics his relationship can have and desires he did not know he possessed. I really love the honesty, not only within the relationship, but also within the family sphere that allowed him to open himself up enough to discover and explore everything and get advice when he is unsure. Such a thing is rare and I loved reading about it!

New York brings a perfect contrast to this open and warm atmosphere, that allows honesty and love. As Logan is confronted with a very different and cold side of the family and his relationship and character are put to the test.

I must admit while in some scenes it can be insanely hot, the lifestyle described still seems very strange and foreign to me. [SPOILER] Especially letting your father spank you after having spanking as sexual fetish – felt weird [/SPOILER]. However I really loved the characters in the book and had a lot of fun with this newest story and loved following them, while thy are figuring out their relationship. Can’t wait for the next book and I can really recommend this to any one, who is able to accept an imperfect story and fall in love with characters and their journey and dare to venture further.

I’m only slightly worried about he Domestic Discipline part. It was explored further in this book, but will play out much more in book three of the trilogy, I’m sure – and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this idea. Very new to me, but I’ll give it a try 😉 After all I did enjoy most of the first two!



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