Zombie Boyz Winners and a Note to Eric Arvin

GhoulsGym_ZB_cvrSo I owe you guys some winners.  I will admit, I was holding off on this awaiting word of Eric Arvin’s surgery.  If you have been following the story, you know that his surgery seems to have been deemed a success and he has been awake and talking this morning.  There is still a long road ahead for him and his family.  That road will be filled with ups and downs, elation and heartbreak, good and bad.  But, most importantly, it will be filled with Eric.  He is here, he is whole.  What makes him the author and friend we love is there – his heart, his humor, his words, and his soul – the rest is just details.

Here is to a successful recovery, Eric and TJ.  You’ve got this, and we have you.

I want to echo what I wrote on Eric’s wall yesterday morning.

You have done the hard part.  You are here and you are whole.  Everything else is just details.  I finally let out a breath last night that I have been holding since the first moment I got on FB that fateful Wednesday to see your shuffle, and it wasn’t there… in all honesty since that Monday when I watched you read The Rest is Illusion and my heart broke as I knew something just wasn’t right.  You have far to go, but I, for one, will be with you the whole way.  Keep up the shenanigans.  I know Tj is happy to indulge you in every one he can; the rest he will bank for later.

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GuessWhosComing_ZB_cvrSo now for why you guys are here.  I have some winners to announce.  Please email me at brandilynreviewsbooks AT gmail DOT com to claim your prize.

Zombie Boyz Break Up – 3 winners

H.B. hu***@yahoo.com – Surviving Sin City

Jbst st***@yahoo.com – Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner

Tj ri***@sbcglobal.net – Ghoul’s Gym

Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour – 1 Winner

SurvivingSinCity_ZB_cvrVal val***@yahoo.com –  Wilde City Free Download Code

Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour Rafflecopter – 3 Winners

Our multi-talenter host, JP Barnaby announced the winners yesterday.

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One thought on “Zombie Boyz Winners and a Note to Eric Arvin

  1. Congrats to all the winners. Hope you’ll keep checking this blog, because the New Year will bring some really awesome things 🙂 and I mean REALLY AWESOME, as in something you CAN’T MISS. Every Day.

    Really, really glad the surgery went well and that Eric has TJ and his friends by his side. My cousin just died of a cyst in her brain, when she stood up on Christmas Day and suddenly collapsed. She was just over 30 years with small twins and a seemingly long life ahead of her. Her brain was instantly so damaged that there was no hope for her, but with her organ donor card, she saved someone else’s life even after she died. Last year my grand uncle died of cancer, 3 month later his daughter died of a brain aneurism. Life seems very fleeting at times and whenever a miracle like this happens and even in the most dire circumstances there’s love and hope and the chance of recovery, I’m just so grateful to know that there are also good things that happen and it’s not just death, suffering and misfortune.

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