Foxe Fire by Haley Walsh ~ Review by Brandilyn

So sometimes, I see a book I want to read is coming out and I will go ask the author if we can review it.  Sometimes an author I have never read will approach me and ask if we would kindly review their book.  And sometimes the stars align the author of a series I enjoyed and of which I a would love another installment, but didn’t know one was coming, will humbly contact me about said new installment in said series.  Yep, every once in a while, we will get a review request I will keep all to myself (Boss Privilege 😉 ).  Foxe Fire is one such book.

FoxeFire_432Title: Foxe Fire (Skyler Foxe Mysteries, book 4)

Author: Haley Walsh

Publisher: MLR Press

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher

Can out-and-proud high school teacher Skyler Foxe find the Redlands firebug before he falls prey to a killer?

High school English teacher Skyler Foxe is now out and proud, even though a few months ago he had no intention of being so. But since the cat is now out of the bag, he embraces it as well as his boyfriend, head football coach, Keith Fletcher. But who is that good-looking gay parent hanging around Keith, causing mischief at the school as well as in Skyler’s private life? And then someone from Skyler’s past returns, stirring up trouble. Add to that a firebug and suddenly everyone seems up to no good, especially when a smoldering corpse is found outside of the local gay bar. Skyler can’t help himself and he gets up to his old sleuthing tricks once more.

My View

I have a thing for twinky amateur sleuths.  I don’t know why, I just do (which is funny, because generally I more of a bear girl).  If you look at my favorites shelf, you will see a few such sluethy, twink(ish) MCs (Adrien English, Jory Harcourt (née Keyes), Kevin Connor, to name a few).  It has been a while since I read the first 4 books in the Skyler Foxe series, but, Skyler Foxe has been on that list since the first book as well.  I know this series hasn’t received as much attention as some of those I listed above, but I aim to change that.

Skyler is a gay, first-year English lit teacher in conservative Redlands, CA.  He has had quite a first year, both in the mystery and personal departments.  Now things are supposed to be settling into a routine as the school year starts to wane.  Maybe they are a little too comfortable, but he is in… whatever he is in… with Keith and it is all good.  Of course things have to go wrong, starting with the brush fire that Skyler encounters on his morning run.   All he wants to do is help his students, but could one of them be the fire bug?  Oh and let’s not forget the new coach hitting on his man…

Skyler doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He is not apologetic about who he was, and he knows who he is now.  In the first 3 books, he was in the closet at work, so there was a level of fear there.  In Foxe Fire, he is finally free to be himself and be with the man he… whatever.  Obviously Skyler has some issues to work through and those issues are a bigger focus of this book than they were the first 3 installments.  You get to see Skyler really grow as a character, and you get to learn a little more about the hunky Keith as well (even if you want to throttle him a bit).   Overall it is a good mix of sweet and heartstring tugging.

Whenever I review a later book in a series, I get the question “Can this be read as a stand alone”.  My initial reaction is always NO!!! DON’T DO IT!!! READ THE WHOLE THING!!! I stand by that statement.  I love having as much of the picture as possible.  Not to mention that my type A brain does not like going out of order.  That being said, some of you just can’t read entire series for one reason or another. So… can Foxe Fire be read as a standalone.  Yes and No.  The Mystery is completely stand alone; the back story is a continuing arc from the first 3 full novels.  If you want to understand Skyler, Keith, and their relationship, If you want your heart strings tugged because these are characters you have loved for 3.5 books, start at the beginning.  If you just want a fun cozy mystery, start at the beginning it you could, conceivably, read it as a stand alone.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to Skyler, himself, you won’t want to miss that!

Where to Buy

MLR Press

I would like to thank the author for providing me a with a ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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    • Kevin Connor – First you fall, Second you Sin, Third you Die. All by Scott Sherman

      Another cozy mystery type… Though some people say they are too graphic to be considered cozy *shrug*

  1. I’ve heard of the series and I keep meaning to actually get started with the first book but always go on to read something else. The blurb sounds great though and your review just seals the deal. I’ll also have to give the Scott Sherman books a try too.

  2. It’s so nice to read a review of a series I thought was my secret! It has not gotten nearly as much press as it deserves, so thanks for correcting that.

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