Not My Spook! by Tinnean ~ Reviewed by Paisley

After reading Houseboat on the Nile I was anxious to see what was going to happen between government agents Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann. At the end of book one the two of them had just spent the night together for the first time – literally I mean slept together all night long in the same bed. Maybe that doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but for two very private guys like Mark and Quinn it totally is. Especially since Mark never does sleepovers. He seems to be breaking a lot of rules for Quinn and I think that’s completely adorable.

NotMySpook Title: Not My Spook!

Author: Tinnean

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

My Rating:  4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Sequel to Houseboat on the Nile
Spy vs. Spook: Book Two

Highly ranked CIA officer Quinton Mann finds himself in a relationship with Mark Vincent—for exactly five days. At that point, Mark uses the excuse of going to Massachusetts for his mother’s funeral to end it. But Quinn’s a spook, and you can’t fake a faker.

Mark fears he’s getting in too deep with Quinn, hence the disappearing act. Then Quinn does something unexpected, something nobody has ever done before: he comes after Mark. Maybe being in a relationship with Quinn isn’t such a bad idea. In the meantime, something strange is going on in the intelligence community worldwide. When Quinn disappears while investigating a rogue antiterrorist organization, Mark makes up his mind. Quinn might be a spook, but he’s Mark’s spook, damn it—and once he gets Quinn home, he intends to keep him. He just has to find him first.

My View
It goes without saying that my favorite thing about these books is Mark and Quinn,  but I also have to say that Tinnean has done an outstanding job building up the secondary characters in the story as well.  From the sweet but lethal Wills Matheson, to the annoying DB, to the amazing Portia, they are all wonderfully entertaining and add a lot to these stories.
Watching Mark and Quinn build a reluctant relationship is both nerve-wracking and totally charming. They are so different from one another yet their hearts are both so in need of each other. It was so satisfying to watch Quinn, “The Ice Man,”  go after Mark and then see Mark, who never lets anyone under his skin, become so possessive of Quinn.

Also, as in the first story there is a switch off in the point of view of the characters. Now that I am used to the style of how this story is told I have come to expect to hear Mark and Quinn each give their versions of the events. It’s interesting to see the individual perspectives of the different moments. Sometimes in stories I wonder what is going on in the characters heads when I only get one perspective – that is certainly not the case in these books.

In addition to the interesting characters and the precarious love story, there is a lot going on behind the scenes in their respective intelligence agencies, and trying to keep up with all the plot building kept my brain engaged for the entire story.  I cannot wait to see how these two work things out in the next book!

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  1. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention. I’m adding them to my wishlist. Sounds like just the kind of mc’s I like to read.

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