Polyester Prince by Haley B James ~ Review by Brandilyn

Some books scream out to me what their rating should be.  Some take time and reflection before they gel in my mind.  It isn’t a reflection on the quality of the book in any way, those books have ended up as 2* reads all the way to 5* reads.  Often times, I end up just not reviewing books in the later category for whatever reason.  I am trying to get better about that, but that is neither here nor there.  Polyester Prince fell into the later category for me.  It just didn’t tell me what I was supposed to think.

PolyesterPrince-coverTitle: Polyester Prince (ABQ Heat #2)

Author: Haley B James

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher

Kyle Edington built his life around clubs, alcohol, nameless sex, and turning a blind eye to his future, but having front row access to his best friend’s perfect relationship leaves him wanting something he doesn’t understand—the white picket fence. After an ankle injury hinders his plans for PrideFest and puts his day job selling furniture at risk, Kyle attends Pride anyway to cheer himself up. Leaving his crutches at home was a mistake, though, and he’s shoved off balance and hits his head.

A bike officer keeps him safe until the paramedics arrive. Kyle’s memory of the event is foggy. He doesn’t recall the name or face of his guardian angel, but he definitely remembers the finest polyester-covered ass in all of Albuquerque.

But when he goes in search of his polyester prince, Kyle realizes relationships take hard work. After he learns the name of that perfect ass, a lifetime of avoiding serious boyfriends leaves Kyle second-guessing himself and making difficult decisions about what he wants for his future.

My View

First of all I want to say, I have NOT read book 1 of this series.  (I know, right? *gasp*) I wanted to, I really did… (and now that I have read book 2, I want to even more), but sometimes deadlines are more important than my obsessive need to read series in order.  ABQ Heat is one of those that “can” be read as a stand alone, but I really want to know more about Neal and Benji, so I will go back and read Paid Leave.

Okay on the Kyle and Isaac.  They meet during the Pride parade.  Well, meet might be a strong word since Kyle’s bump on the head prevents him from clearly remembering this interaction.  Kyle is a bit of a slut… okay a LOT of a slut.  He lives his life in the moment and doesn’t want commitment, or even a morning after.  Isaac is ready for “the one”.   Through a little detective work, a little luck, and Isaac actually remembering more than the quality of Kyle’s rear end, they manage to come back together a few weeks later.  One date, leads to two, and soon Kyle is both scared out of his mind, and drawn back to Isaac again and again.

In all honesty, Kyle is not the most likable guy and there there several times I wanted to smack him, for how he treated Isaac, but also how he treated his friends.   That being said, you are still pulling for him to realize there is more to life than the one he has been living and that Isaac wants to be the one to show him that.  I don’t know how she does it, but this is the second James novel I have read where I alternately wanted to strangle and well strangle one of the MCs, but still loved him despite the fact.   Isaac, on the other hand, is a complete sweetheart.  Bless him, he doesn’t want to ask Kyle for more than he is willing to give.

This is a slow-burn romance.  Not because it takes 80% of the book before the MCs come together like many slow-burns (it doesn’t), but because the author doesn’t rush the MCs from first kiss to undying and forever love.

I foresee there being two reactions with this title.  You will either love it because the MCs are able to overcome their inherent flaws and differences and make a romance, of sorts, work and grow it its own pace.  Or you are going to hate it because you just can’t like Kyle and you think Isaac is a sap.  I am firmly in the former camp.

Where to Buy

Dreamspinner Press


I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with a review copy of Polyester Prince in exchange for my honest review.

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3 thoughts on “Polyester Prince by Haley B James ~ Review by Brandilyn

  1. For some reason I thought this was a solo novel and not part of a series. I’ll have to put the first book in the series on my wishlist too.

  2. *gasp* I can’t bring myself to read out of order, but I definitely see the reason with dreadful deadlines that just seem to creep up out of nowhere 🙂 I am adding both books to my wishlist.

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