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I want to thank Diana Copland for joining us here on Prism Book Alliance.  She is actually the first author I asked when I started planning this party.  As you can read in my review, I adore her paranormal mystery A Reason to Believe.  So without further ado, let’s see what she has to say.

Interview with Diana Copland

How did you get started writing and why MM?
I actually wrote my first short story in seventh grade.  I was a huge fan of Dark Shadows, and I used to rush home every afternoon to watch it on TV.  The story was an overwrought re-working of the campy soap opera combined with elements of Jane Eyre.  My teacher gave me an A, but I think it was more of an ‘OMG, this poor child with never have a real life’ pity grade.  Funny thing, this works into the next part of your question.  That paper was my first foray into fan fiction, and that was where I discovered MM and fell in love with it.  And no, I will never reveal which wiz… er, boys I was reading!!

So… a little birdy told me that you are working on the sequel to A Reason To Believe.  What can you tell us about that?
I am working on the sequel, tentatively titled A Reason to Trust.  I can tell you that Kiernan and Matt are back, in Southern California this time, and that there is another mysterious death they become involved with.  As well as surprising developments for Matt, in particular.  And Kiernan collects more t-shirts.

As you know, I adored A Reason to Believe and recently re-read it.  From where did your inspiration for ARtB come?
It was a combination of a couple of things, actually.  One was a conversation I had with my son; we were talking about John Edwards, the medium, and he said he thought he was a fake.  I said I wasn’t sure whether he was or not, and then later I was thinking… but what if he isn’t?  What would it be like to actually see dead people?  Later that day, the movie The Sixth Sense was on as I flipped through the channels, and I thought; okay, universe, I get it!  And I started writing.

One reason I picked up A Reason to Believe is it’s availability on audio.  Do you listen to many Audiobooks?  If so what are some of your favorite books on audio?
I really loved Jim Dale’s reading of the Harry Potter books.  And I like to listen to books that are recorded by the author’s, too, as long as they’re comfortable doing it.  Sometimes they feel more genuine to me, if that makes sense.  Like, they know where to put the emphasis in the sentence.  I loved the way Jack LeFleur read A Reason to Believe.  The sexy parts are wow sexier in his voice.  You want to know something funny, though?  I never imagined Kiernan with an Irish accent.  In my head, he didn’t have one.  But as I’m writing book two?  He does!  So, I think I’m going to have to add something about the family emigrating from Ireland!

That makes me so happy!  He totally has a Irish accent in my head as well 🙂

I love Kiernan.  What would be his idea of a perfect date?
It would depend entirely on where he was.  If he was home in the San Fernando Valley?  Disneyland.  Kiernan’s a huge Disney guy, has season passes and everything.  Some days, when he can get away and the whole ‘television’ thing gets to be too much, he puts on a baseball hat and disappears into the parks.  For him, it doesn’t get much better than holding hands with someone on Peter Pan’s Magic Flight.  Now, if he’s in another city, he’d probably ask Aidan to find him a really good Sushi restaurant, and he’d take a date there.  He loves sushi.
Since he’s now with Matt, it’s an evening on the couch with popcorn, Dreyer’s Thin Mint, and as far as they can get through the Indiana Jones movies.  They usually end up missing the last half of the second one because of sexy shenanigans, but they do try.

If Kiernan could take Matt anywhere in the world, where would they go and what would they do?  
He’d take him to Maui.  Kiernan doesn’t believe Matt knows how to truly relax, and he’d love to get him to try.  He’d rent a house on the beach, and encourage him to enter the ‘spirit of aloha’.  Sleep late, eat well, ride horses on the beach or take sunset walks through the surf, and make love in the moonlight.  They’d check being a medium and a former cop at the door, and just ‘be’ for as long as Kiernan could get him to agree to it.

If Kiernan were to have a conversation with his mother, what would they talk about?
His father.  Kiernan doesn’t understand what his Mum could possibly have seen in him, and he’d like to try to understand.

Matt and Kiernan are thrown together by Matt’s sister-in-law and the ghost of a little girl.  Do you think they would have found their way to each other if not for the murder mystery?
I like to think so.  I’m a believer in ‘soul mates’ and true love, so I like to think that if they ended up in the same room, the attraction would have been unmistakable.  Even if they just spotted each other across the entrance to a restaurant.  The problem would have been, without having seen Abby for himself, Matt would have had serious doubts about what Kiernan does for a living.  And that’s a pretty big stumbling block.  But as attracted as they were to each other initially? I think they might be able to overcome anything.

What do you have coming up next?
I have a new book coming out through Carina Press on June 31, 2014.  It’s the middle book of the ‘Secrets of Neverwood’ anthology.  It’s about three foster brothers who inherit their mother’s Victorian Mansion, the house and grounds known as Neverwood.  It takes place in a small town called Elk Ridge, and it’s the story of Calvin, the middle brother written by G.B.Lindsey, Devon, the oldest written by Libby Drew, and Danny, the youngest, the protagonist of my novel, ‘The Growing Season’.

Danny is a young man with a troubled past and a chip on his shoulder the size of Montana.  With a wiry build and his fashion model mother’s face, he is the perfect embodiment of a ‘twink’, and is usually treated as such.  Left the crumbling mansion in conjunction with two ‘brothers’ by their foster mother, Audrey, Danny has come home for the first time in four years.  But now he’s carrying the burden of bad decisions gone terribly wrong, and the traumatic stress of their aftermath.

Unlike his brothers, he has nothing monetary to contribute to restoring the estate so it can once again be used as a foster home for lost children.  He does have a gift for making things grow, however, while her beloved gardens sit in a terrible state.  Danny begins the work, determined to restore everything to its former glory. Enter Sam Ignatius, landscape architect who specializes in the restoration of vintage plants and gardens.  From their first meeting sparks fly, mostly because Danny is furious the man was contacted to begin with.  Over time they form an uneasy partnership, and to his dismay Danny finds himself reluctantly attracted to tall, handsome Sam.  Every relationship he’s ever had ended in disaster, and he doesn’t want to feel anything for anyone, ever again.  Particularly not Sam, whose father is a city councilman who wants the house torn down.

There are other things to worry about; a disreputable real estate developer has a hidden agenda of his own and a small but vocal minority doesn’t want gay men running a foster home in their community.  In spite of everything, Danny grows to care for Sam but feels the challenges may be insurmountable.  Even though the heard but not seen spirit of his foster mother tries to convince him otherwise.
He, on the other hand, is pretty sure he’s lost it.  Because honestly: who hears a ghost?

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  1. This interview just made me really, really happy 🙂 I recently listened to this story on audible and LOVED it so much that it even won out against Josh Lanyon to be my favorite M/M mystery. I didn’t know there was a planned sequel, I’m so excited right now 😉 Loved the narration and accent! 😉 The anthology sounds really interesting as well!

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    Fantastic interview, thanks so much for lending your time and for offering the audiobook. Jack LeFleur is a great narrator, love his stuff.
    I haven’t read A Reason to Believe yet (dern forever long tbr list! lol) and it’s getting added. 😀

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  10. Among my M/M friends it’s no surprise how much I loved this book. I did a group read with two others, who each have absolutely different tastes in MM books, and we all gave it five stars. That says something about how awesome this book is…and to get a sequel? I might faint of giddiness! I can’t wait. Any idea of a time-frame?
    And I totally get the whole “Is John Edward a fake” thing. I went with friends to see him in DC a few years back and left undecided. However, I have had my own paranormal experiences (my mother in law says it’s because I am so open minded to the idea) and firmly believe in the afterlife.
    Anyway, thanks so much for a great story, an insightful interview and especially for the sequel. I see another group read in my future!

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