Charlie Cochet stops by to Talk with PBA and Give You Stuff ~ Interview by Brandilyn

I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press Author Charlie Cochet who stops by today to talk about her latest release The Heart of Frost, among other things.  So without further introduction, lets get to the good stuff.
1. How did you get started writing and why MM?

I’ve been writing since I was in feety pajamas, making up stories to go with my doodles. As I grew, so did my stories, and my writing. I few years back when I decided I wanted to write professionally, I started a fun1930s Historical centering on the lead and his lady. The lead had a best friend who came out to me during the story, and the more I wrote the story, the louder his voice became, until he and his lover were taking over the book.

This fella wanted his story told, and with all apologies to his best friend, he wasn’t going to back down. I had to stop writing, take a step back, and think about this guy and what he was trying to tell me. Something about him, his heartache, his adventures, his voice, really grabbed my heart. As I thought about him and who he was, I started seeing another fella who was just as mouthy, stubborn, and loveable. That night, Chauncey “Chance” Irving was born, and his story The Auspicious Troubles of Chance began. As a token of thanks, the fella—nicknamed “Hollywood”, is brought up in The Auspicious Troubles of Chance. I haven’t looked back since.

2. Jack and Rudy have known each other for a long time, even before Jack’s first “ice” incident.  How did Jack and Rudy first meet and when did Jack first fall for Rudy?

Jack and Rudy met when they were fledgling elves in Elf Elementary. They became good friends, and remained friends all the way through Clause College. As a prince, Jack’s father the King of Frost, wanted him homeschooled by the best tutors, but the Frost Queen wanted her elfling prince to grow up humble and among friends. So he was sent to top notch elf schools instead.

I think Rudy fell for Jack pretty much from the moment he laid eyes on him. It seems like he’s always been in love with the grumpy prince. Of course the handsome Christmas elf was too scared and shy to reveal his feelings to someone as imposing as Jack Frost. As for when Jack fell for Rudy, I believe it was back in college, though he’s always had a deep affection for Rudy. Unfortunately the Frost War happened, taking Jack away from Rudy before they could get together.  It was only after Rudy managed to warm the icy Prince of Frost that Jack realized how in love he was.

3. Rudy and Jack have been together for 200 years, but only “out” together for 1 year.  How did they hide their relationship for so long?

Well, Rudy and Jack have been together since they were elflings, and Jack was Rudy’s flight instructor at the Rein Dear Academy, so they were almost always in each other’s company. I doubt when they were seen together, there was any suspicion of anything more between them other than deep friendship and affection, especially since it’s something they’d always had. They’re also very good at projecting a certain image. Jack is the imposing Prince of Frost, and few would dare meddle in his personal affairs, while Rudy is a celebrity, and one of North Pole City’s most cherished figures. He’s Captain of the Rein Dear Squadron and is constantly being fawned over. Like with all celebrities, there’s always some speculation or rumor circulating, and like all celebrities, the truth comes out when they’re either caught in the act or simply get fed up with hiding.

4. Rudy pulls Jack back from the brink, for the second time.  How does Jack thank Rudy?

Jack might have many flaws, and he can be a pretty grumpy so and so, but one thing that never falters is his love for Rudy, and the knowledge that without Rudy, he would be completely lost. He is one hundred percent devoted, and on top of that, he never takes Rudy for granted. I think once it all sinks in what Rudy’s done for him yet again, only this time putting his own life on the line, Jack will find little ways to thank Rudy every day. He’s not a big gesture kind of elf, but more a “you’ve had a rough day, I’ve made you some cocoa (or tea)”, kind of fella, and Rudy loves that about him.

5. Once Christmas is over, I think Rudy and Jack deserve a little vacation.  Where would they go and what would they do?

It would certainly be somewhere cold. Jack Frost doesn’t do warm weather. I think it would be his worst nightmare. These fellas were made for the cold. I think Jack would whisk Rudy away somewhere romantic, where they could lie under the starry sky and watch the northern lights. Somewhere quiet, where it’s just the two of them getting cozy, and as for what they’d do? Well, considering the two have trouble as it is keeping their hands off each other, I think we all know what they’d be getting up to. Cue the “bow chika wow wow”.

6. Rudy and Jack are obviously perfect for each other and it seems that their story arc has come to a close. So… Will we be seeing a little Vale and Vixen action in 2014?

We’ll probably see more of Jack and Rudy in future stories, but as supporting characters (though don’t hold me to that because you never know. Those plot bunnies come out of nowhere.), but yes, next year we’ll get Vale and Vixen. I’m really looking forward to them, mostly because Vixen is a whole other kind of elf, namely he’s a shameless “floozy” as Jack calls him. Vixen lives up to his name and then some, so it’ll be a challenge for sure for the demure and decorated Lieutenant Vale Frost.

7. Completely unrelated to Heart of Frost.  My introduction to your writing was last summer’s Love Has No Boundaries story An Intrepid Trip to Love (which I adored).  Are you planning any more in your Husky Shifter world?

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! There will definitely be more from Trip and his clan. I’m working on Hunter and Ari’s book which is up next. My schedule is tricky at the moment, but I’m working on getting it completed and submitted soon. There’s also hopes for a third book with Kristoff & Mischa—who you’ll meet in Hunter’s book.

8. What do you have coming up next / what are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on a big series called the THIRDS which I hope to have the first four books of out in 2014. It’s a shifter series, but a little different. It’s a contemporary/alternate history series centering around two agents, Dexter J. Daley “Dex” who’s a Human, and Sloane Brodie who’s a Therian (shifter), and the elite tactical team they’re a part of for this government organization known as the Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron (phew!), or the THIRDS. Expect big boys with big guns, lots of sass, shenanigans, and plenty of sexy-time.

There will be a website launching in the early months of 2014 for this series, including planned spin-offs, so folks can keep up with the latest on it there. When it goes live, it’ll be here:

Thank you so much for having me, and thank you to everyone who’s stopped by!

The Heart of Frost is available from: Dreamspinner Press | AmazonKindle | All Romance eBooks| Nook Barnes & Noble

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  1. This sounds like a book I need to check out! My TBR list just keeps growing!! Thanks for an entertaining interview 🙂

  2. Great interview, Charlie! I finished The Heart of Frost last night. I loved it! Jack losing his humanity got me teary – especially when he was mean to sweet, little Tim. Vixen seems like quite the character so the story with him and Vale should be very entertaining. I look forward to it.

  3. I loved the Heart of Frost and so glad to hear that we get Vale and Vixen’s story next. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  4. So nice to hear there will be a followup to An Intrepid Trip to Love and also other shifter stories. I’m also glad we’ll have more of the Jack and Rudy world.

  5. I really enjoyed this fun Holiday story of North Pole shenanigans and liked catching up with Tim & Noel in Mending Noel. I read Charlie’s free story this summer – An Intrepid Trip to Love and really enjoyed it. I’m so happy she is writing a sequel.

  6. I’ve been meaning to start reading Mending Noel so I could get to Heart of Frost but keep getting sidetracked. I love the sound of both books and there’s nothing better than getting comfortable in a warm bed to read about the winter ( season. Great interview =) Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway =)

  7. I am so excited to hear there’s going to be a sequel for The Intrepid Trip to Love! I loved that story so hard. 😀

  8. As many of the previous posts have stated, I too will have to put this book as well as of others of Charlie’s books in my Wish List. I have read other books from her and I’ve loved every one of them. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  9. Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by, check out the interview, and enter the giveaway! I really do appreciate it so much. And thank you for all your wonderful compliments and kind words about my writing, the North Pole City Tales series, and for Trip! Thank you so so much!

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