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PBA would like to thank Rhys Ford for joining us today.  Check out my 5* review of Rhys Ford’s latest Fish & Ghosts.

Thank you, Rhys, for agreeing to be interviewed for our re-launched site. Hope your part of the States isn’t suffering from the terrible cold and snow we’ve seen reported on the television!

Thank you for having me here! Nope, I’m in San Diego. Okay, it’s cold for us but really the rest of the mainland probably could cheerfully choke us because we’re bitching about our “freezing” 65ºF days.

I think my review may have hinted that I really enjoyed ‘Fish and Ghosts’. Can you tell us if there are to be any sequels and if so any hints as to the MC? If not do you have any firm reasons why not?
I am actually going to be starting the second Hellsinger book next week so yep, there will be a sequel. I am going to continue with Wolf and Tristan because I purposely left a few unresolved issues… like Tristan’s family. They’re not going to give up easily and well, Tristan and Wolf do have very different views on ghosts. So there’s plenty of room to write. At some point, there’ll be more Kincaids for the reader to meet.

I must say I’d enjoy reading more about Wolf and Tristan maybe ‘Cin’ and Meegan Ocean Kincaid will appear! I noticed that like in the ‘Sinner’s Gin series’ and ‘Cole McGinnis Mysteries’, you have another extraordinary family group in ‘Fish and Ghosts’. Where do you get your ideas for these families and family groups from?

I think family is so much a part of some people’s lives that I wanted to show that. There are varying degrees of it in all of my books. Some of the characters come from large families or have little to no family. Cole’s family is shattered a bit but he does have a support system in Claudia whereas the Morgans in the Sinners Series are a very tight-knit clan. I just blend in what is out there. Some people have blood kin and others choose their family, like Miki and Damien.

Just an extension of reality. *grins*

It felt like ‘Hoxne Grange’ wasn’t placed in a particular area was that deliberate because of the story and is Hoxne Grange inspired by a particular building?

I placed Hoxne Grange in the Muir Woods near San Francisco solely for its proximity to the city and well, the forests around it. The Grange has so many influences but I wanted to leave a lot of it up to the imagination of the reader because really, everyone has their own idea of what a haunted mansion looks like. In my head, it’s a bit like the Biltmore.

Thank you very much for your morning inspirations on Facebook 😉 (I get them just as I sit down for an afternoon coffee) what really inspires you?

You are very welcome for the morning/evening shots. I am glad you like them. Ah, what inspires me? Usually music. I write with a soundtrack. Really. I find a theme of music I want to listen to for what I’m writing that day and just let it go. It all depends on my mood and what scene I’m writing.

For visuals, it all depends. Sometimes I want to capture the feel of something. For Fish and Ghosts, I wanted something a bit slapstick and horror like the movie Topper and well, its television show of the same name. Not full blown out satire like the Addams family but a nod, most definitely.

Can you tell us where your love of all things Korean, Japanese etc comes from?! We all share a love of the musicians you post but do you enjoy the music?

Ah, well… I’m part Japanese so that’s a base really. I was born and raised in Hawai’i and am of mutt lineage. So pretty much I’m sharing what I grew up with. As for the music, oh yeah—I enjoy it. I have a pretty wide taste in music from Southern blues rock to K-pop to electronic dance. I can go from Celtic music to Metallica in about a minute. I do have favourites; Big Bang, G-Dragon, Kim Jaejoong, Old School DBSK and 2NE1’s upbeat songs. I also love Se7en’s Digital Bounce album. But then I also really love Hyde and VAMPS in the Japanese market and Ministry, Tool and VAST. So it kind of all depends on my mood. *grins*

Like you I am addicted to coffee, in fact I have mine shipped to England from Holland because I can’t get my brand in local stores. What, apart from coffee (!) would you take extra effort to obtain, for your enjoyment and would you be willing to experience something outside of your comfort zone in the name of research?

There’s not a lot outside of my comfort zone that’s legal. There are things I’ve seen that I’d say ‘Okay, that was it. Done. I’m good’ but for the most part, I’ll at least be interested in trying to research something. Doesn’t mean I won’t say WTF but I’ll look into it.

I’m trying to think about the thing I’d take an extra effort to maintain. I live in an area where I can get pretty much anything I need or want. I’d say lau-lau because really it’s a specialized Hawaiian dish but I can make it and I can find the taro leaves in a local market.

I will go out of my way for a good char siu bao and I am always willing to try a new cuisine or a recently opened restaurant. I like to cook so I’d say ingredients for a dish is something I’d seek out. I’m debating doing Thai shrimp pineapple rice when I get over this flu.

What do you enjoy most about conventions like G.R.L. and how important do you think it is for author’s to attend such gatherings?

I enjoy going home and sleeping! There is NO to LITTLE sleep at conventions. I don’t know why that is. But it’s true.

Conventions are… strange. I’m not sure I’ll ever adjust to the idea that people know who I am and read what my brain’s vomited up. You’re just as likely to find me wandering around spooging over authors as the next person. Meeting people and talking to them is the best part of conventions. I enjoy hearing what people are reading or what they feel about the genre. Or even sharing a meal and talking about stupid things like which Winchester brother is more likeable. Those are fun times.

While I think it’s important for authors to attend conventions, I think it’s more important for them to engage online. Really, to be able to reach out to a readership in any way or form is a wonderful thing. Interact and be polite and accessible. I’d say the same thing for being an author at a convention. Be approachable and have fun.

How do you explain the large and very supportive community that has grown up around LGBTQ books in the social media, which has been highlighted recently in it’s support of Eric Arvin and TJ Klune?

Eric and TJ are probably two of the sweetest and funny people I’ve ever met. I’ve known Teej for a few years now and I’ve always found him just a freaking delight. I adore him and when he met Eric, I realized that yeah, there is such a thing as true love. Instant and intense. I saw TJ a short time after he’d met Eric in person for the first time and he was effervescent. There was no mistaking the connection they made. You couldn’t not want them to be happy.

I think that’s what defines the community. Sure, we get bitchy and grumble and sometimes shouldn’t be let out of the house but when it is all said and done, we’re here for one reason—because we feel people have the right to be loved and be happy and be treated as equally as the next, regardless of who they find attractive. We’re all working towards a world where someone can say, I am (fill in the blank) and aren’t shunned or degraded for it.

I believe that is what ties us all together—that need, that want for a better place, a better world.

Do you think there will be a time when LGBTQ books will be integrated into mainstream genres and what effect do you think it would have on the book community we talked about in the last question?

I would LOVE for my book to be shelved in mainstream but really, I don’t know if that’s going to happen any time soon solely because it makes M/M harder to find. Can the writers in the M/M genre ‘compete’ with mainstream authors in terms of writing and plotting? Yeah, I do.

For example, horror sometimes has its own section but other bookstores shelve it with fiction. How does that affect the sales of a horror novel? I know I’m using a bit of a broad generalization here but it’s all I got at this early in the morning. Would a horror reader find someone ‘new’ while browsing if everything is shelved in fiction or does the split genre lend itself to helping the reader discover new writers?

We’ll have to see. It’s a marketing conundrum really. And mainstream publishing is usually a step or five behind the general public so it’ll be interesting to see how it catches up.

Thank you again for your time Rhys, however I can’t let you go without asking you what the future holds for Sinner’s Gin and Cole McGinnis?!

Oh, the future. They are making my brain bleed.

Let’s see. Tequila Mockingbird is done. I’m just laying down the songs and the snippets today and then I’ll do a final edit. Dirty Deeds is entering the editing queue so Cole and Jae’s new book will be out in March. There’s a Miki and Kane short called Devil’s Brew that will be out in May, right before Tequila Mockingbird comes out in June. I’m about a book or a book and a half ahead of the reader right now so its always a juggle for me to remember what people know and what they don’t know.

Dirty Deeds is… different. A good different I think. It’s been six months since the end of Dirty Laundry and his world is so changed from what it was in Dirty Kiss. Writing it was a challenge but a good one. A fun one.

Tequila Mockingbird is a very different type of book from Sinner’s Gin and Whiskey and Wry. It’s the second half of the Big Four and deals more with Connor’s awareness of a man and how to love a man when he’s been following a life plan that includes a wife. There’s a mystery for sure but this book’s about family and acceptance.

Thank you again for hosting me and giving me such thoughtful questions! I really appreciate it. I hope to keep you entertained through 2014 and beyond! Thank you for having me here!

Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation points. Heh.

I cannot wait to get my hands on ‘Tequila Mockingbird’, ‘Dirty Deeds’ and the Fish & Ghosts sequel but first get rid of that flu Rhys, we need you hail and hearty!

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23 thoughts on “Interview with Rhys Ford ~ By Beverley (& Giveaway)

  1. Wow, what a great interview 😉 Awesome to have you on the blog, Rhys! Haven’t yet read one of your books, but I’m so excited about finding Sinner’s Gin on audible and it’s now waiting for things to slow down a bit so I have time for listening to it 😉 Hope to see Some of your other books as audio books there soon, as well??

    My parents moved to China a year ago and I visited them twice. I LOVE taro, even though I think I’ve only ever ate the roots. It’s so delicious and known there – even as hot cake at McDonalds!!! – not sure how it hasn’t gotten more buzz, here 🙁

    Not sure what there is to discuss really, as I think it should be quite obvious that Dean is the MOST AWESOME brother! But I’m always open for discussing this established fact 😀

    Love this community, but I agree that M/M books being sorted into general fiction would make it very hard to find it. I’d just be happy if sellers stopped to treat them like dirty, hidden secrets, would get more genre books and present them more visibly. Even in their online shelfs, like Amazon. I would love a MM Romance section for example that’s easy to find and has a great selection!

    And I have to say … Tequila Mockingbird sounds awesome. I love the way the title sounds on my tongue. Better get on with the series, then 😉

  2. Had no idea there was a San Francisco conection in this one–that’ll be fun! (And I’m guessing that you get Tim Wendelboe coffee shipped? I’ve heard amazing things, but it’s mighty pricey here in the States and I’ve hardly ever seen it…)

    • Hi Trish no it’s actually Douwe Egberts Senseo (coffee pads) for a machine but they don’t sell the intense decaf in UK! I drink so much I need decaf!

  3. Can’t beat our San Diego weather 🙂 So happy to hear about all the new stories coming out this year. Cole and Jin are my fave but really love all you write. Only one missing is Fish & Ghosts so would love a shot at winning a copy. Great interview.

  4. I for one, am very excited about Fish and Ghosts! It sounds funny and mysterious and romantic all at once, and that is just perfect. And I’m so glad to hear that there will be more!

  5. I love Rhys Ford’s books and also her daily posts on FB. It is always entertaining to see “what her brain vomited up.”

  6. Wonderful interview with some really great questions and answers. I totally agree that authors in the m/m genre can hold their own against mainstream authors.

    • Thanks everyone for lovely comments and all are entered in giveaway. H.B. glad you liked the interview Rhys is lovely to talk to. Think our authors can hold their own too 😉

  7. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway-I put Fish & Ghosts on my tbr a few days ago so it would be nice to win it 🙂

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