M.J. O’Shea stops by to talk about “Newton’s Laws of Attraction” ~ Interview and Giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to M.J. O’Shea 😉 We had a wonderful chat that we would like to share with you guys. I’m so excited that she agreed to be on our blog and she even brought you a nice gift 😉 Possibly! You’re gonna have to do you’re part, read the interview and comment 😀 Then it’s in fate’s hands *g*

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Did you always know you wanted to become a writer and how did you discover this genre and decide that you wanted to write M/M Romance novels yourself?

I did always want to be a writer, but it was one of those things you think would be amazing but never happen. I’ve been writing little stories ever since I learned to write at all:) It’s still amazing to be able to look at my bookshelf and see a few of my own books up there!

Who is your favorite M/M author and what aspect of their writing do you admire the most?

I hate to pick a favorite, since I know and am friends with quite a few of the authors in our genre. I’ll say, that I admire anyone who gives me a great story that I can’t help but plow through until it’s over, people who write new and innovative twists, and anyone who can take a simple love story and make me want to read the entire thing in one sitting. I think there are quite a few writers out there right now like that and I’m sure there are more to come!

The ability to self publish M/M novels more easily has lured many new authors into publishing their first M/M stories. How do you decide which new authors you should give a chance when you are looking for something new to read and how do you try to distinguish your own novels so they are more easily noticed in the market?

I’m such a sucker for a great cover! I’m not going to lie, that draws me in every time. Other than that, I’ll go by my friends’ recommendations, check out the coming soon lists on the publishers’ sites, and basically look out for whatever looks interesting. As far as my books, I just try to write the best stories I can and hope that’s the reason they’re noticed and read. Nothing is better than word of mouth.

Tell us a bit about “Newton’s Laws of Attraction”! How did you get the idea to write this novel and what aspect of it hooked you enough to choose this plot bunny?

I love the idea of best friends who fall in love, but I also like the idea of the tension between enemies (or at least in this case one sided enemies). I wanted there to be a lot of tension between the two but also yearning to be together. I liked the idea of putting the one who’d made the original mistake through a bit of torture before he got to be happy again. That part of it was irresistible:)

Most of my books aren’t really one idea per se, but a combination of a few. I had the idea of the relationship, of friends who got together and then one was hurt, then I had to find a place to shove them back together where they couldn’t avoid each other, and, well since I used to be a teacher (who coached soccer after school haha) I figured that was a perfect place. My school even used to have an adorably dreamy science teacher:)

So, when he was younger, Ben would have given up everything for just one kiss with his best friend (except for their friendship – that was sacred), but when they were boyfriends he screwed things up badly. Did things change in that time, was he taking Rory for granted? Was he scared? Or was it really about making his father proud after feeling like he disappointed him?

Hmmmm I think those are all questions you can decide the answer to from the story. I think it’s probably a combination of a few of them. It’s always hard to decide if you want to fit in at all costs when you’re a kid or be yourself and perhaps pay the price. I’ll just say that much.

So Ben screwed up badly, but Rory seemed to let him jump through burning hoops for a long time. It’s interesting that as a reader, I had more sympathy with the guy who screwed things up than with his “victim”. I think that might be, because we only got Ben’s POV and got to read his side of things. Will Rory ever get the chance to get out his version of the story, like Tim in Jay Bell’s book 2 of the seasons series? I’m usually not one for reading the same story twice from different perspectives, but I’m really interested in Rory’s point of view!

Nope! This story was all about Ben. You’ll get a little more of Rory and what he was thinking near the end in the next book (although it’s from Fen’s point of view and a totally new story). I’ve never gone back and written the same story from a second point of view. I’m always wanting to try something new!

Which scene was the most fun and which the most difficult for you to write in this novel?

I actually had a lot of fun writing the awkward and painful moments between them at the beginning of the novel. Maybe I’m a bit mean, haha. I don’t remember there being a particularly difficult scene to write but there were a few that I went over a couple of times to make sure I got them right (at least as best as I could)

Is there any kind of story or genre that you have never tried but might experiment with in the future? Is your taste in stories you want to read different than with stories you want to write?

I’d try pretty much anything! (except cowboys. Or Football. I don’t know anything about either of those subjects). I love fantasy and sci-fi, I’m really into mysteries and treasure hunt books. I have a few lined up that are very different than what I’ve done so far. I’m really excited to get working on those! I think our genre is a great place to experiment and try new things.

Would Ben and Rory ever have found their way back to each other, had they not been forced to work with each other? Would there have been an undeniable force of attraction that would have eventually reunited them?

I’ll let you decide that:) I’d like to think so!

What other new releases, WIPs and projects have you planned for us in the future?

I’m just about finished with Fen’s story. It’ll be called Impractical Magic, and I believe will be out in April. I’ll be going back to paranormal for the book Loveblood, which I’m about to start. It’s been a while since I wrote a werewolf. I have a few quirky romantic comedies planned around pastry chefs. I love to cook and since I’m allergic to gluten I had to do my baking somewhere! There are some others I’m still cooking in my head that will be a lot more out there (maybe some sci-fi or adventure, or even a treasure hunt) but I don’t have enough of those mapped out to really say I’m doing it just yet.

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