MA Church stops by to Talk about her recent release “Wrapped in Leather” ~ Giveaway & Interview

I am very excited to introduce MA Church to you. I had a lot of fun getting to know her in my interview, even though the subject matter of the book we were talking about , BDSM, is something I very rarely read. That’s why I asked Brandilyn to read it, as I knew she would be able to give it a rating that is a rooted in experience in and enjoyment of BDSM romance novels. Read her review of the book HERE! 😉



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How did you first stumble upon the MM genre and what is it about MM Romance that made you want to write romance stories about two guys?

Long story short is I stumbled across the MM genre completely by accident. I found a free site that had a gay male section. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the category. Thank goodness the first few stories I read were excellent. Matter of fact, the first two authors I read that night are published in this genre.

I was hooked, lol. I read for half a year then decided to try my hand at writing. There were certain things that changed in my life about that time, and new opportunities opened up. As to why I write about two men, I can’t really answer that. It interests me. I can say I have no interest in writing M/F (and I’ve tried, lol) nor reading it. MM is new and exciting to me, where MF isn’t anymore.

Which other M/M authors do you regularly read and which MM Romance story is your favorite?

Oh Lord, lol. We’ll be here all day… and I’m not kidding. I read a LOT. 😉 I do have my favorites, but I also look for authors I don’t know. It may be someone who just released their first book, or someone who has a hundred books out, lol.

I don’t have a favorite story. I bet I’ve read every book I have several times.

Congratulations on your recent release of “Wrapped in Leather” on January 3rd. How did you get the idea for this book?

Thank you!

I love BDSM, but I enjoy stories that are realistic. Those can be hard to find.

 Can you tell us a bit more about this book and why our readers should pick up a copy? What aspect about it are you especially proud of?

Wrapped in Leather focuses on two things: the love of leather and an untrained submissive. The book looks at the steps Jase takes while introducing Toshi to the lifestyle, carful steps to make sure Toshi understands what’s happening to him and feels safe. Jase talks about how there is no right way to do BDSM, and how it’s not just chains, whips, and beating a sub bloody. And if the sub doesn’t enjoy those things… that’s all right. That doesn’t make him less of a sub.

It’s all about SSC, which is an acronym for safe, sane, and consensual. It is the basis of BDSM and the first thing anyone entering the lifestyle is taught. It is also our brand. We might be using whips and chains, but we do it safely, sanely… and we all consent to it.

Now, both Jase and Toshi also like leather. And not just part of their sex life, either. Their love for it can be found in all aspects of their lives from a leather recliner, key fob, neck ties, leather headboard… It’s who they are, not just what they get into. J

Is “Wrapped in Leather” going to be a stand-alone, or are you thinking about doing a follow up for the book?

No, Wrapped in Leather is the first in the Wrapped Up series. It’s the ‘softest’ of the three since it deals with introducing someone to the lifestyle. That, and the love of leather they both have running through their everyday lives.

The next book is Wrapped in Chains. That one involves a Dom and a sub, both of which know how things work and enjoy using chains in their scenes. Problem is the sub has trust issues, thanks to another Dom.

The last book is Wrapped in Rope. Rope figures in that one. That’s all I have on it, lol.

What was the hardest part of the book for you to write?

The beginning. Always.

How long does it take for you to write a novel and how do you motivate yourself to regularly continue writing? And do you ever abandon a draft that was partly written when you realized the idea wasn’t working for you?

The time depends on real life. I’m married and have two kids. Hubby comes first. Then the kids. They no longer live at home, but they’re close by. So when they stop by, writing stops, lol. Plus, the youngest is in college, so she is running in and out.

Add the health scare I had in October and my trying to exercise more… Yeah. Writing is not my first priority anymore. I also tend to type really slow, lol.

On the whole, I’d say a 60/70K novel takes three months to write, have beta read, then edited. I’m lucky, I don’t work.

I love to write, so motivation isn’t a problem. And you bet I have a folder with all sorts of ideas that just didn’t take off. Doesn’t mean an idea won’t get hot later!

Is there a genre of story (like fantasy or Sci-Fi) that you haven’t written but would like to try?

One that I’d like to? No.

Do you keep a file with plot ideas and what do you do about ideas that suddenly come to you in unfortunate moments during your regular life, when you can’t write them down? Can you share one of those ideas with us?

Yup, bet I keep a file, lol.

I’ve written ideas on the grocery list, scrap paper, napkins, my hand, lol… anything I can find. Or repeat the idea until I can find paper!

Priceless is a good example. The idea came to me while looking at various Cupids in a shop’s window. I was driving, of course. As soon as I could get out of traffic, I pulled in the parking lot, scrounged around until I found a scrap of paper, and got the idea down. LOL.

Which other new releases, WIPs, and projects do you have in the works and could you share an excerpt from one of them? 😉

This is from a WIP I’m doing as a Wednesday Brief Flash on my blog. (The group consists of me and several other great authors. We post 1K briefs each Wednesday based on prompts. It’s a lot of fun, lol.)



Trouble Comes in Threes

Damn snow was coming down harder since I’d left the store. By morning it was going to be a winter wonderland of nut-grinding insanity. The forecast said we were due to get a foot, at least. Fucking lovely. Folks here in the South couldn’t drive on sunny days. Throw snow in the mix and you had accidents just looking for a place to happen. None for me, thank you. I was very glad I decided not to open since tomorrow was New Year’s day.

“Okay, so, groceries bought. Check. Next on the list—adding wood to the fire.”

I’d banked the fire, now I needed to add more wood. Which entailed getting wood from outside. Where the snow was. Taking a deep breath, I braved the outdoors again. Seeing snow piling up, I decided to carry several loads inside. After the second trip, I just left the door open. And hey, the flood light out back decided to work suddenly. What luck. Now I could actually see what I picked up.

After the fourth trip, I was panting like a wet dog, but had enough wood to last the night. I stomped the snow off my boots and headed toward the door when a streak of black raced passed me, making a beeline to the open back door.

“What the fuck?” I glanced in the kitchen.

“Meow!” On the table sat one of the biggest black cats I’d ever seen, giving me the eye.

“Oh fuck me, I don’t think so.”

Yeah, the cat was cute, but it had to go. I needed a pet like I needed a hole in the head. I was barely taking care of myself, so how the hell was I supposed to take care of a cat? I’d probably fuck that up too.

“Okay, cat, let’s go.” I pointed at the open door, finger not quivering, voice strong and steady. Cool, check me out. I sounded commanding. Authoritative. I even impressed myself.

The cat looked at me and flicked his tail. Then the damn thing shot out his back leg and started licking it.


The cat didn’t seemed half as impressed as I was with myself. Figures. I couldn’t even intimidate a fucking cat. Color me wuss. I shivered in the cold draft from the open door… Shit, the damn door was still open. Heat was gushing out in heaty-type waves while I tried talking a cat out the damn door. And he wasn’t having any of it, seemed like. I certainly didn’t have this problem with the humans in my life. Like Carson, they couldn’t wait to get out the door. And speaking of the door…

“Here, kitty, kitty.” Again I called to the cat, and again the cat ignored me. Okay, it appeared we were at a standoff. I nodded my head at the open door. The cat licked its balls. Alrighty then. Guess that answered that. Ball licking won over stupid head nod any day of the week. I shut the door.

The cat stopped its grooming—okay, so maybe I was a little jealous—and stared at me. “Meee-ow!”

If I didn’t know better, I’d think I just got told off by a feline. “Yeah, yeah, I heard you. I guess you can stay inside. It is cold out there.”



MA Church is giving away an ebook copy of “Wrapped in Leather” for 2 lucky commenters 😉 If you have already read it and win, I’m sure she would be willing to give you on of her other books if you ask nicely 🙂

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  1. LOL, loved the excerpt! Reminds me of my kitties. And I’m with you on the not wanting to read M/F. I got so bored with it that I don’t read it much anymore, since it’s not enjoyable for me anymore.


  2. I am so looking forward to this book. I have read Taken by M.A. Church and enjoyed it. The excerpt was great. Cats are so superior, or at least think they are;)

  3. Great interview. I wouldn’t have though the beginning of a story would be so hard…maybe how to end it all perfectly but not the beginning. A very interesting fact.

  4. Thanks for the interview, I´m not a fan of M/F anymore either, can´t even bring myself to finish some series. Wrapped in leather sounds interesting-just put it on my wishlist.

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