Marc’s Mind #3: Adam’s Apple

Hi Guys 😉

So it seems we’ll be seeing each other on Mondays from now on 😉 Which means I will post my MM blog entries a bit later, ‘cause I don’t have that much time on Mondays and I love to postpone everything until the VERY last moment. Anyway, thanks for reading this. It’s always fun to listen to what you guys have to say 😉


So, I was thinking about what I should talk today. I fear the suggested talk about guys’ obsession with adam’s apple’s and seeing their cum swallowed would be rather short. I get the swallowing. If someone coaxes my guys out, it’s kinda rude to just spit them out and flush them down, don’t ya think? They are the elite. The fastest, the meanest, the best looking … so much potential just wasted in the toilet L I mean… I get that their never gonna fulfill their destiny. They are not gonna be able to reach their full potential. No child is gonna grow in the belly, because of swallowing (though some mpreg authors might disagree 😉 – can we just stop for a sec right now and have a flash pity party for the guys? … … … awesome, thanks!

Generally, I think it’s better that way, as I’ve recently watched the awesome movie “Starbuck”, where the MC was a bona fide sperm donor and his sperm was used to ‘make’ about 533 kids. That’s scary *shudder*. But yeah, if you are coming and you’re in that moment of bliss and give yourself completely over to your partner and let go, it’s nice if they ‘accept the gift’ instead of disrupting the moment to spit it out. I’m mostly the guy who does the doing, but I know how I would like it done 😉 For me the moment of ejaculation is one of the most erotic. You are anticipating it and can see the moment the high is reached. No Return, Fireworks, Release 😉

It’s a beautiful and intimate moment. So I swallow and am happy that moment was shared with me and I was the person, who was able to coax it out. Totally get that not everyone wants to do that, but also understand why we guys like, when it is swallowed. While I don’t actually have any adam’s apple fixation, I guess it might be a sign of masculinity to some guys. It shows them it’s a man that’s in this sort-of submissive act of swallowing down their sperm right now.

Anyway, it’s 2:30 am and I think this is gonna be a very short MM L Kind of a crazy week, though. Promise next week will be longer <3

Still, would love a nice discussion: Spit or Swallow? *g*

Some food for thought: I saw someone write on a thread somewhere that guys physically couldn’t have several orgasms back-to-back. Not true. I can have several. When I do, It’s nearly like I can’t stop 😉

C Ya in the comments 😉

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3 thoughts on “Marc’s Mind #3: Adam’s Apple

  1. LOL.. mpreg authors might very well and I can imagine how that discussion would go. Great post…but I don’t really have any real input to the matter since I’ve never done the deed before. I’m kind of hygiene freak anyway so even if I did I think I might be the type to spit but then again never having done it before I might surprise myself by wanting to swallow. Just saying…

  2. I’m a swallower but I’ve never seen any admiration for the Adam’s apple during oral sex in an M/M book. However, it seems like in every book, whenever a man swallows from a drink bottle or glass, the other men find it extremely erotic – makes no sense to me and I wonder if it’s accurate or not. Most of the books I read are written by women and I’m curious if they have a legitimate basis for the eroticism.

  3. lol…love the mpreg flash pity party! 😉
    swallowing isn’t really my thing but I’ve got to admit reading it is much better!
    Adam’s apple….mmmm

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