‘Marc’s Mind’ Moves to Mondays :)

Hey guys, doesn’t that alliteration in the title look nice? That’s not the reason I’m moving MM to Mondays, though. When I wrote my intro, I wasn’t sure whether I would write more and I ad some time to write on that day. Last Thursday it worked as well, but generally I’d much rather have a weekend to write down my thoughts in privacy, without curious lurkers. I think having it between the end of one week and the beginning of another will work great. Hope you don’t mind and that I’ll see y’all on Monday 🙂

I guess I could share one thing that is on my mind right now, though 😉 The day before Yesterday I won some stuff at a giveaway on another blog and one of those was a bi erotic poetry collection. So I read it and it was kinda cool and interesting, but only the women seemed to be bisexual and even the Woman main character in a few poems that had 3 boyfriends, didn’t encourage them to play :*(

So what did I do? You will know me a bit by now, so it should be no surprise to you that I told the straight author that the guys should play together (’cause it always makes me so sad, when there are three guys and they just have eyes for the girl and waste the opportunity to explore each other as well). What was surprising (at least to me) is that while the author told me m/m/m  or m/m was completely outside his comfort zone,  he also promised to let me know should he ever give it a try as he liked a challenge 😉

Today he emailed me the link to a brand new m/m/m poem. Check it out 🙂 Yum *g*

I think this is the first M/M pairing I’ve read from a straight author and that’s kind of totally awesome 🙂

I also want to encourage you to read Frank’s article about being a straight supporter of LGBT causes. That’s how I found him LOL


So, see you Monday, then? 😉 Btw, if you leave comments here, pls tell me some topics that you would love me to talk about in my ‘weekly column’.

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6 thoughts on “‘Marc’s Mind’ Moves to Mondays :)

  1. LOL.Totally awesome to share your thoughts with the author and him coming back with a poem even if the material was out of his comfort zone. Really good try.

  2. In most of the M/M books I read, men seem to be fixated on other men’s adam’s apples as they swallow. Is that true in real life and if so, why? It’s been driving me nuts to the point that I lose track of the scene.

  3. Hello there I know we’ve discussed one of these before but as various things like Andrea’s Adam’s Apple etc are included in m/m romances presumably cos they are popular with gay men in RL…’Socks’ and ‘Red/Ginger’ haired men discuss 😉

  4. P.S Very brave contacting the author re erotic poetry and congrats on response see you later in chat I have a task for you…:p

  5. Looking forward to your Monday posts Marc. Go you emailing the author – I think that is great and he did a great job on his m/m/m poem!

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