Marc’s Mind #2: “Let’s talk about SEX”

So, hi! It’s me again. Want to take this opportunity to thank you again for reading and commenting on my introduction post a week ago.

Love the interaction and you know… whenever you write honestly about real experiences and events and put yourself out there, it’s always a risk. There could have been comments like “You suck, go away!” or no comments at all – and I’m very relieved that didn’t happen.

Part One: Marc’s Mind #1: Introduction


So I hope you are up for making this a weekly thing? I’m gonna try it as such anyway and we’ll see if the interest is there. What am I even talk about, you ask? Well, the first post was really very much just an introduction to answer why I read and review M/M books. As a gay man, I have had many experiences, though, and I don’t really mind sharing with you – ‘cause you are awesome!!!

So to start things off, I thought we could start about something I am pretty sure some of you will want to know about: Sex. You know, this topic is very personal to me, especially in the way it relates my boyfriend and me and our relationship.

I guess I should start with the fact that my parents pretty much don’t have any sex. Well, sure, my brother and I had to be conceived in some way, but since then… let’s just say we were never able to interrupt something intimate between my parents, because there never was something to interrupt. Known fact! There was never a big secret about that. Our parents just wished for us to find a healthier way to deal with sex. I always appreciated the honesty they tackled this topic with and I’m sure it’s a big part of why I don’t have a lot of hang-ups about sex.

Weirdly, I do blush when talking about sex explicitly, when talking about it in my native language. Sometimes German seems like a harsh language and it is not always easy to use the language for casual conversation about topics, when words have many strong connotations for you. In my second language it is much easier. Even just saying “I am gay” instead of saying “Ich bin schwul”. I guess that is one reason why I always say I’m bi in German, but say I’m gay in English. One of my friends recently posted the Kinsey scale in her very inspirational morning group on Facebook. If you are familiar with the scale then I would say I am about a “4” 😉

Anyway, our parents wanted us to have a natural, honest and normal relationship with sex. They gave us the normal “birds and bees” speech – though honestly, I took higher lever biology in High School but I still don’t understand that. I know it’s a euphemism, but how does that even work. Can someone please explain to me how bees are getting it on with birds? Even bees and flowers would make more sense – though even that is a stretch when talking about sex. To quote one of the great men of our future, “that’s illogical!” (Spock, every Star Trek movie and episode ;)).

Yes, normal way to deal with sex. Right, I’m back on track, now. As I said, honesty is great and it made me feel like informing myself about sex was a good idea. I’m naturally curious and this topic isn’t an exception in any way. For a very long time it was more a… how shall I put it? Academical pursuit? Research project? Well, I knew a lot about it in theory, just didn’t really get a chance to practice it. I was kinda the shy guy with a problem to keep his weight down and never had to fight offers off. I had some really good friends, some of them friends for life, but when I admitted to myself that I was bi when I turned 20 – I was still a virgin in any and every way. In the two relationships I had before that one was long distance, when I was still very young and the other ended before they could get intimate. So I don’t really know how sex with a woman would be. I do find some women extremely hot – like the ladies on “Survivor”, who are hot as hell and can kick ass- but you know, if there were a hot, naked guy next to them, I would probably not see the Women at all 😛

Anyway (sorry, I love this word so you have to deal), so I didn’t have a lot of luck with the ladies, not that I would have necessarily pushed anyone off my bed. When I came out to myself, therefore, many new opportunities arose 😉 I was still only out to my best friend and she encouraged me to explore, so I did 😉 As I said, I got a profile on a gay dating site. Had to fill out a lot of information that was kind of new to me; not the typical Facebook stuff. Lots of information about my sexual preferences and even though I had regularly done research into gay sex, a lot of it was very new to me. Not to worry, though, I went with it and dedicated my time to even more research – that’s me, ever the overachiever *g*

So even though I was looking for a boyfriend, I was also looking for my first sexual experiences. I made it clear on my profile that I was looking for something real, and didn’t want to rush that, but wasn’t opposed to getting my first taste of guy-on-guy action in a casual way, while I was looking for the real thing. I was so surprised when a lot of guys were interested in chatting with me and found me attractive, when no one ever had. It was very flattering and I soon began getting my first real experiences. I went over to a guy, to ‘watch’ Final Destination 2. It was soon apparent that I was the only one watching and I was so nervous that I kept watching, even as I allowed him to open my pants and start to touch me. I was so excited to finally get my first experience and the guy was really nice. kinda didn’t do a whole lot for me, though. My first blowjob was kind of anti-climatic. Still not sure if I’ve never gotten a really good blowjob or if it’s simply not for me. The warmth does feel pleasant, but that’s it. Couldn’t even get myself off. I guess I was so used to watching porn and waiting for the money shots like penetration and cum shot that I couldn’t perform under pressure, with just another guy as visual inspiration.

I tried the blow job thing myself, though, and it really wasn’t as it was described everywhere for me. Didn’t taste summer and rainbows or stuff like that. It tasted like skin, but the idea of it was really cool. You know, I had a dick between my lips and though I was very much still learning, I thought that was cool. I had the power over another guy’s arousal. I could feel his dick responding to my stimulation and feel as the blood pumped into it and he went stiff in my mouth, which was a really great feeling. I did that. I was able to get him to release, able to make him see fireworks and moan in pleasure. Not sure why it is so often described as tasting something truly special, because that really wasn’t my experience at all.

Don’t really think the taste of cum is anything to write home about, either – not that I ever would, even with the honesty we have established there. It’s just very psychological for me. I like blowing someone to give them pleasure and feel like the person to give pleasure and cum is kind of the victory, the culmination of a (blow)job well done *g*. So for me it doesn’t taste like cantaloupe or ambrosia or anything like that. It’s a slightly salty, slightly bitter taste without a lot of flavor. And it’s slimy! If anything it tastes like victory, though, and as such I’ve learned to like the taste for what it represents much more than for the actual taste.

That reminds me – did you guys know that the taste can actually change, depending on what a guy has eaten? Really, not kidding! Taking drugs, drinking a lot of alcohol or coffee, eating meat or smoking will make it taste worse. Just like eating asparagus, cauliflowers, onions and broccoli will make it taste worse. So I guess I should eat more Celery (Yuck) and fruits (Yum).

So, I guess I don’t love the taste but I love the experience and I’m more a giver than a receiver where this aspect is concerned.

That was my first experience, but I was also tried out some other things like sex in nature and out in public (Well hidden, but it made the blowjob and fingering way more exciting) – or the backroom of a porn store as well as a clean and abandoned airport toilet among others. So I’ve had my share of experiences, but I also kept something, so that it would be a special thing I could experience for the first time with the right guy.

So, y’all read my big love story last week and I’m standing by it, but it is really difficult to first enjoy the freedom of coming out and falling in love, but then realizing that it is very problematic, sexually. We are not a natural fit. It was very important to both of us that sex wasn’t an important topic during our getting to know phase. We talked about important things like the possibility of maybe adopting children and the possibility of marriage in the future, but we didn’t want to be one of those couples who made sex way more important than it really ought to be. We wanted to get to know and fall in love first and thought the rest would follow naturally. I kinda loved the idea, because I was still a virgin in the sense that I hadn’t and still haven’t lost my anal virginity or been the active guy in anal sex (or had sex with a girl for that matter) yet.

I had a few sexual adventures, but I kept my ‘first time’ for an occasion that I would not regret, with someone I cared deeply about. So, I was in love and thought the moment was near and really prepared myself. I read up on everything I needed to know and how to prepare myself in the best way and did it. Getting all the supplies I needed. One of my casual friends even went with me to buy my first condoms in a store (I now know to buy them online – so much cheaper and anonymous).

But well, we realized that we were both bottoms and though there are ways to explore new stuff together, the fact that we are both passive in bed, doesn’t make this a very easy topic.

Well, I’ve pretty much known that I’m more on the passive side, I’ve experienced with putting stuff up there when I was younger and had some recent experiences with toys that showed me that I have no problems with size at all. But I get so much more out of a touch, a slick or a person being intimate with me than from a toy. Anyway, I’m deeply in love with my guy, but there are some realities that don’t make it easy all the time. Cuddling and kissing and stuff like that with a person I love feels so much better than any sexual experience I’ve had until now, though, so it’s more the thought that sex should have been better than what I experienced – that the one thing I saved – the one thing my BF can’t really do anything with as he is exclusively a bottom (but has never bottomed or really seems to be much into it, either) might be the one thing that I have been really fantasizing about. Especially with the way a single touch around my butt can drive me wild.

I have not the slightest idea what the future holds, but for right now I’m happily in love and willing to make some major sacrifices to be with the man that I’ve talked to every single day since we met nearly three years ago. The man I love to discover the world with, the man who is always on my side and drives me 6 hours to see my grandma and reschedules his busy work plan so we can go to my cousin’s funeral.

You know, sex is a fantastic thing. I am sure that I would love the deep feeling of connecting with another guy and becoming one, but honestly – love is so much more. There was an emptiness before I met my guy that has now been filled. So I satisfy my curiosity and fantasies with extensive online research into the topic and have my man to satisfy my overwhelming NEED to be loved, held, kissed, appreciated, challenged, cherished, to go into a special emotional connection with another man.

So, yeah, two bottoms in love do exist, even if it isn’t always easy. But if you really love someone, that is stronger than any challenge you can encounter.

I guess that’s it for today. It has really been interesting to write this at University 😛 Do you know that feeling of paranoia that everyone keeps staring at what you are writing, especially if it is something explicit? LOL. Hope you guys thought this new chapter is worthwhile to read and I’d be happy to read any comments and to answer any questions you might have 😉



Oh and something else! Totally forgot three of my all-time faves last week:

BEST CONCLUSION TO A M/M SERIES: “Learning Curve” by Kaje Harper (book 4 of the “Life Lessons” series.

BEST FREE EBOOK/ AUDIOBOOK: “The Student Prince” written and narrated by FayJay (CHECK IT OUT)

HOTTEST M/M NOVEL: “Hot Head” by Damon Suede

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43 thoughts on “Marc’s Mind #2: “Let’s talk about SEX”

  1. Love your honesty as always Marc. Understand and appreciate your feelings towards love and sex. Can’t help but feel a little bit of that speech coming on that my Mother used to give us as teens ‘One day you’ll meet someone and…’ However, love that you’re in love. Btw what about ‘Marc’s Mind’ as a new name for this series?

  2. Thanks for sharing your personal life with us (and having the courage to do this at University close to nosy students 🙂 ). Everybody has to find his or her way of living a happy life. You found out what’s important and what makes you and your man happy.
    I appreciate what you wrote about making cum tastier. Guys: read that!
    And I’m looking forward to read more.

  3. I just can agree on Beverly’s comment. I love your honesty – and the funny way of writing even about such very private issues.
    Two things came up to my mind when reading your words. Does parents ever have sex at all? Does anyone can imagine his parents having real sex? I remember my older son seeing some report on TV about sex. He just said: “Did you really do this too?” I still see the horrified expression in his face *lol*
    I agree on your opinion that real love is much more than just having sex. I am astonished to hear that from someone at a young age as you are. But sex is a part of love as well. Being in a relationship always means having compromises a bit. As long as the two of you know about the partner’s desires and at least talk about it as often as needed it can work even longterm. Grewing older may even open the mind for different sex plays.
    With you being that open to us I am curious to ask an open question to you as well. What does your boyfriend say about this blog? Do you talk with him about it? Since he is part of it too, anonymously but he is.

    By the way – I like Berverly’s proposal with ‘Marc’s Mind’.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I had to rush writing this and had no time to edit it (as you may have realized with all those mistakes in there) – but when I read your comment I realized with a sick feeling in my stomach that my BF would not enjoy reading what I wrote. So when I came home, I edited it. Now it should be much better. 😉 Not giving too much about him away, even if he is anonymous *g*Your comment helped a lot – thanks for sharing!

      Will be interesting how things develop.:)

  4. Weirdly, I do blush when talking about sex explicitly, when talking about it in my native language….German seems like a harsh language…
    – lol soo true!! Imagine you have to answer questions about it, coming out of the blue from children -it´s kind of scary what they already know and want to know with 9! years.

    I second what the others said-thanks for your honesty your blog is refreshing and fun to read.

    Oh and I third “Marc´s Mind” 🙂

    • It is kinda scary!!! But I’m not sure that learning something in a wrong way first will actually help the children as much as the parents. As biology student, it was also very tough for me to see my nephew having to classify mushrooms as plants. There was a text with animals, plants, people and things. Mushroom are neither animals nor plants, but are closer to animals than plants. So hard for me to let him do it as intended. Why not do it right the first time??? …

      Glad I’m not a father yet, though and don’t have to make any decisions like taht ;;)

  5. Love your post – you have an honest way of writing that I find refreshing. It sounds like you have a good thing going with your partner. Having been married for 31 years and 3 children, it’s the companionship that I’m after more than the sex.

  6. Dear Marc,

    First, I’m very impressed by your complete command of English, almost scholarly, and definitely with a tone of frankness and light irony. Second, I appreciate your honesty. I know I could never be as open as you … unless somehow I were to gain proficiency in German or another language. “Ich bin schwul.” That is a momentous statement, one I am very glad you are able to say with dignity and happiness. It’s pretty damn great being your FB friend, and I hope we’ll share more interests as the months go by.

    Stay in touch! Keep this blog going!

    Fondly , Erin O’Quinn

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. So appreciated! First, thanks for the compliment. I’m glad if my writing didn’t suck, even though I had a few errors in there! As for the honesty. Some of the things were not easy to write in such an honest fashion, but this community is so incredibly open and supportive that I just felt I could let everything out and not be judged. It was and is a very freeing experience! I’m glad to be your FB friend as well and look forward to getting to know you even better 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  7. I love your honesty about a subject that a lot of people are still uncomfortable talking about. And thank you for sharing your experiences. I think your words can help many people, especially young people, who may still be trying to understand themselves. You’re an inspiration so keep up the good work!

    • Oh, I so hope that I can inspire someone. It is so easy to be caught up with wrong expectations or believe that sex is something dirty that you can’t talk about. It’s is something so natural, though, can bring pleasure and I don’t think anyone should be ashamed to talk about it. So I’m trying to overcome my own boundaries to make anything an open topic up for discussion. Perhaps we can open some honest discussions here. If anyone has a question about sex or anything else, please feel free to comment! This is a judgement-free zone 😉

  8. Hey Marc, I’m finally getting a moment to comment. Everyone has said what I would say, as well. I’m very proud of you, and your honesty is one of the best things about you. The way you talk about these things will undoubtedly help someone else, not only in feeling that maybe they too can discuss it all, but that it’s more than ok to do so. 😀

    • Only because all of you have commented with such nice things to say 😉 So important for people to not only see that someone is willing to open up, but also to see all the people supporting that and supporting me – instead of attacking me for the honesty 🙂 Love you guys <3

  9. Your comments are very refreshing. As an avid reader of m/m books, I always wondered about some of the pieces you wrote about. It is easy to get an unrealistic picture of sex and its components from fiction books because they seem to make all sexual events perfect and amazing. Then you step out into the real world and find a million reasons to doubt yourself. It takes guts to put yourself out there. Way to go!

    • Thanks 😉 I do think I’ve had some unrealistic expectations, but I still love to read about these perfect love scenes where everything connects. I do enjoy it, when authors like Kaje Harper tackle the problematics that can arise as not everyone is into the same stuff! For example in her freebie “Show me Yours”. Kind of cool if a story realistically portrays that everything sex can offer will not always work for everyone, but love and happiness are not dependent upon that! 🙂

  10. Hi Marc! When you made your first post, I was out of town and didn’t want to respond on my phone – I hate typing on that thing! So welcome to M/M Rec. First off, let me say I just want to hug hug hug you!! You’re just so open, honest, funny and cute! I appreciate very much what you are doing here. I have to say one thing before I forget – I’ve heard that drinking pineapple juice produces pineapple flavored cum! Yep, who knew? I will also say here that I think more men swallow than women – so good for the men. Thank you for sharing here. Takes courage to open ones self up to so many comments! You are so lucky to have found some one to share your life with. I look forward for more insight from you. Big hugs to you!

    • Awesome, thank you so much for replying 😉 And you have made me blush with all the compliment 😛 I don’t think you can make the cum taste like any fruit, really – but take a look at this link! Pineapple juice is specifically mentioned 😉

      I’m glad as well that we have found each other. Today we will cuddle in front of the TV and hold each other. And I think that’s awesome 😉

          • Marc, you could create your own test series….different fruits…different tasts. Could be a blog entry on its own. *lol*

          • I think my BF wouldn’t stand for that. Especially the not eating meat part. While I am vegetarian, he is a meat-lover. While I am liberal, he is very conservative, while I am… could go on with this list and never stop. opposites attract 🙂

  11. Well that gave me a bit of insight about the act and very interesting facts I don’t think I would have heard anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your experience and just allowing people to learn and compare their own experiences.

    • Well, I’ve learned a lot through finding other people who talked very honestly to me in a way that showed it was no big deal. And really, it shouldn’t be. Sex and nakedness are part of our lives, but we treat them in such a different way. Glad you found it interesting 🙂

  12. Even if people don’t actually talk about sex very often I think that experiences and imaginations are similar no matter if they are gay or straight. First sexual encounters and sexual fantasy…. who hadn’t had those. You can read a lot about everything, see videos or whatever but in the end you need to make your own practical experiences….. or just keep the fantasy alive.

    • I agree, Martina! Just because people have different experiences or sexual orientations doesn’t mean that they don’t also have many experiences in common. <3

    • Well, I’ve learned a lot through finding other people who talked very honestly to me in a way that showed it was no big deal. And really, it shouldn’t be. Sex and nakedness are part of our lives, but we treat them in such a different way. Glad you found it interesting 🙂

  13. Wow Marc, I already knew from GR that you’re very giving and open but this writing confirms it! You are amazingly mature for a college student (I have 2 of them so I know what I’m talking about). Thanks for the terrific and interesting writing.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment 😉 I’m immature in many other ways, so don’t worry – but I’m a romantic at heart <3 I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!!! 🙂

    • Thanks 😉 I agree! Too many doors to keep in what should be natural 😉 Society has raised us to be ashamed for lust and sex, but it’s part of being human and I refuse! At least as long as I’m among open-minded people who appreciate honesty, even if it is explicit in nature 😉

  14. Thank you for your very personal and open sharing. Love and having that connection makes everything so much more meaningful and special. BTW, I so agree with you about Learning Curve was a wonderful final book to the equally wonderful Life Lessons series.

  15. Marc you are so awesome! I love these little peeks into your mind. I love that you’re happy with who you are.

    I’m pretty sure my parents only had sex to get pregnant too. I never interrupted them or heard noises coming from their room & my room was right over theirs. And I’m a light sleeper. I would hear them talking when my dad came home from work sometimes, but that’s it.

    Now, you’ve told us that you’re not impressed with sex. No worries. Not everyone has great sex. In fact, sex pretty much sucked for me more than it didn’t. There have been a few partners who’ve rocked my world, but mostly a lot of disappointment. Like you, I’d love to be having great sex, but I would love to have a true love more. You’re a great guy & I’m sure there are great things ahead in your future. Pun not necessarily intended. 😉

    • Thanks so much for reading, commenting and sharing something with us as well. Until now fantasy has eclipsed reality, but then I didn’t have too many experiences yet. Rimming must be my fav, I think 😉 hehe

      But you are right, finding true love is worth a lot and happiness is more important to me than all my sexual fantasies coming true! Thanks for your compliments well-wishes and friendship <3

      You are very, very awesome as well, Lisa 🙂

  16. Super post Marc. Kudos to you for your honesty and for putting the information in such an engaging manner. Romance, true romance, is about so much more than the slippery friction of mucous membranes. Trust, companionship, mutual respect play their parts too and last a lot longer.

    • Hehe 🙂 Love the way you put that. And it’s so true. A lifetime full of love is worth more than a brilliant one-night-stand.

  17. Love the idea of “Marc’s Mind”! I had no idea about the Kinsey scale so I googled it and guess what? There is a test you can take so ofc I took it and I am a 2. I love seeing/reading your inner workings love, keep up the excellent work!

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