Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology Releases Today! ~ Guest post by Jambrea J Jones, Cherie Noel, and Kendall McKenna

I would like to thank Jambrea J Jones, Kendall McKenna, and Cherie Noel for celebrating the release of their Anthology Big Bone Lick Pack with us here on PBA!


We’re touring in support of the Big Bone Lick Pack, an anthology which is out today! January 24 from MLR Press.

It features stories written by Kendall McKenna  ( ), Jambrea Jo Jones ( ) and Cherie Noel ( ).


Bad Wolf & Devil Dog by Kendall McKenna

Big, Bad Bear by Jambrea Jo Jones

Shifty Fox Shenanigans by Cherie Noel


Welcome to the Big Bone Lick Pack: A more friendly and hospitable group of werewolves you’ll never meet! Visit with; ‘Devil Dog & Bad Wolf’, a ‘Big Bad Bear’ and enjoy some ‘Shifty Fox Shenanigans’. Watch yourself, ’round the state park, ’cause we had a grizzly on the loose, just a bit ago. Our brave men and woman of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department have everything under control. (Except maybe their own love lives!) But if you find yourself needing a doctor, head on down to Rabbit Hash clinic, or St. Elizabeth’s Hospital is just up the road a piece. We hope you enjoy your stay.


I can admit to being a bit of a squirrel. Hyper, excitable, easily distracted by the next glorious set of nuts that come along. It’s true. But even a cray-cray forest or park or university campus dwelling busy-tailed rodent like myself can stumble into a serendipitous moment of divine providence. Yes, I still blame Jayne Rylon, in all the best ways. She’s totes the epic idea-fairy at times, and generous beyond belief in sharing her muse’s gems with the rest of us.


Bingo, you got it. I’m talking about the bona-fide (see what I did there?) inspiration for The Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology. I’m talking about hilarity overload pics, and witty commentary… and the… wait. I already told you guys about this. Yep. I did. Earlier in the tour. So today, I’m going to talk about Simon and Josiah, the music that let me get in their heads, the whip-wielding both Jambie and Kris had to do to keep me in line, and the awesomeness of working with Kendall McKenna, Jambrea Jo Jones and Kris Jacen…all on the same project.

I know. Squirreled out again, didn’t I? Well, it’s awful hard to keep from getting over excited when talking about working with the elite team I mentioned above. Wait. Focusing. Focusing…got it.


I’m not entirely sure how Simon happened. No, really. I recall seeing a picture of a really got ginger…yes, it was Prince Harry, in point of fact. Talk about a fox! Erm, right. So at some point Kris whispered the words fox shifter, and my mind took off running. No, really. I knew Simon was by turns clumsy and graceful, that he giggled like a pre-teen at times and that he didn’t know he was a shifter. Heh. That’s when the fox research started, and I struck pure gold. Foxes are adorable. They are by turns awkward and fey, delicate and vicious, feral and cuddly. I started hunting for music to relate to Simon. I wanted to know what he would listen to. I got on the horn, and got some of my music savvy friends to pipe up with some awesome Brit and European bands he might love… and between One Direction, The Strypes, Ed Sheeran, Drop Kick Murphys, and The Joy Formidable I pretty much had Simon’s playlist set. I could simply queue up that playlist and there he was, in all his gingery glory, setting fire to stoves and stumbling into lewd clenches with his favorite object of affection (Josiah) in entirely inappropriate places.

BBL-JosiahThen I had to get into Josiah’s head. He was a wee bit tougher. I knew he liked Coldplay *and oh man did that ever help me see him*, especially their song, Yellow. I knew he was the pack’s Omega wolf, and that he wasn’t entirely keen on being the Omega. I knew he adored his mom and dad, and that the feeling was mutual. And that was all I knew until someone posted a pic of his great *times a couple* uncle Gunter. I saw the pic of this old man with tufts of hair growing out of his shoulders, and suddenly I knew so much more about Josiah. I knew everything about him, because it all played out in his relationship to this one old man… and Jayne Rylon started it all. With a witty quip, an awesomesauce covered pic, and a spirit of generosity. I am completely in awe of the company I kept on this journey. To write with authors whom I consider great is…yeah, I have no words. Just a heart full of glitter, rainbows, and a kick-ass wolf pack that comes complete with a marine, a bear, and a sweet, shifty fox.


An Excerpt from Kendall:

“Don’t hold back,” Asa said brokenly, his breath hot against Seth’s cheek. “Just let go. Don’t hold it in.”

Releasing his own hard-on, Seth reached around to grasp Asa’s ass. He felt the flex of Asa’s muscles beneath his fingers. His hole stretched wide around Asa’s cock, his ass felt filled and satisfied. Each time the head of Asa’s cock glanced across his gland, waves of sensation short circuited his brain. Seth’s balls tightened. They rose relentlessly toward his body with each stroke of Asa’s dick inside Seth’s ass.

“Fuck. I’m gonna come,” Asa growled into Seth’s ear. “I’m so close. I want you to come with me.”

Seth didn’t have any choice. Asa was in control of Seth’s body and he was dragging him toward the edge of his climax with each thrust of his hips. Liquid heat swirled low in Seth’s belly, spreading through his body as he drew closer to his orgasm. His muscles all clenched, Seth arched up off the bed. He felt it building in the base of his cock, rising up steadily as Asa worked his gland.

He dug his fingers into Asa’s shoulders, pulling him close. He felt wet heat on his uninjured shoulder, followed by the pleasure-pain of Asa’s teeth sinking into his flesh. Seth’s eyes slammed shut, his shout making his throat rough and sore. His inner muscles clamped down on Asa’s cock, his own hard-on pulsing several times. As his orgasm rolled over him, Seth’s toes curled.

At the first splash of hot fluid on his stomach, Asa bit down harder on his shoulder. He growled through the grip of his teeth on Seth’s flesh. Liquid heat flooded Seth’s ass and he felt each pulse of Asa’s cock. Seth felt connected to Asa in ways that weren’t all tangible. Asa’s claim on his body and his heart was complete. He’d taken Asa into himself, and Asa had marked him. They were mated, and it was forever.


wolf-bear C026-GrizChasingWolfI don’t always make a playlist and for this one I didn’t. I had the mental image of Big Bone Lick Park and that was all I needed. I was good to go. While writing Kane, he changed on me and I think it was because of Kendall’s input. Once I read her beginning (I need to because Dov and Seth are ‘introduced’ in her story) I felt that the Kane I was going to write could be better so I started fresh. And I think he came out a better character for it. As for Dov—I love Dov. I had to take a moment in time when something bad happened and make it not so bad. I think I achieved that.

wolf-bear 1771_1328875804I will agree with Cherie, it was all Jayne’s fault and I thank her for it because it was so much fun to write. I ended up writing a bear shifter which was fun and something I hadn’t done before. I’d love to write more about them in the future. I also would like to thank Kris for taking something silly on Facebook and running with it.

Um—as you can see, Cherie is way more talkative than I am and I know Kendall would be too, but she is down with the flu! We are hoping she gets better soon and can enjoy the release day as much as Cherie and I plan to!


You might be wondering what the prize is for today’s blog. Well—this is the restart of an awesome blog AND release day for Big Bone Lick so we are giving the guys away. Okay—not REALLY the guys, but some stuff animals. Would you like Asa, Seth, Dov, Kane, Simon and Josiah? Well click to enter and they could all be yours!  🙂


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37 thoughts on “Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology Releases Today! ~ Guest post by Jambrea J Jones, Cherie Noel, and Kendall McKenna

  1. The title Big Bone Lick Pack is hilarious…then I think about some hot men with big bones getting licked…and my thoughts on this anthology completely change. If I am lucky enough to win, please donate to Eric’s fund. I have already done that twice, and will keep doing so as long as he needs help. Have fun with your blog tour.

  2. I know I can’t win but that excerpt from ‘Kendall’ made my afternoon coffee break a winner!! There is something about me and my coffees today! Anyway, great guest post I hope the anthology does really well and it will be going in my looooong TBR folder on my kindle 😀

  3. I love everything about this! The title, the place, the shifters, and the plushies! What a great idea for a giveaway! And I also love that winners can choose to have a donation made to Eric’s fundraiser. That’s so cool! Count me in, please!

  4. I’ve got my copy and it’s killing me not to read it. But I’m determined to finish Whiskey and Wry first, delayed by babysitting an 18 month old doesn’t leave a lot of reading time. Dammit!

  5. I will admit that I took one look at who the authors are and the title, then decided I had to have the book (bought my copy last night) without even reading the blurb. I’m really looking forward to curling up with it.

  6. WooHoo!! This is the one I’ve been waiting for all month 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win… Now I am going back to reading Big Bone Lick Yay!!!!!!!

  7. Ugh..cuteness overload, lol. Definitely looking forward to reading this. Put it right on my wishlist for my next bout of buying frenzy.

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