S.A. McAuley of Tread Marks & Trademarks Stops By ~ Giveaway & Interview by Brandilyn

I would like to thank S.A. McAuley for gracing my little blog with her presence.  As you know, I recently read her newest release Tread Marks & Trademarks and absolutely adored the lovable geek, Alex.  Sam is here today to tell us a little bit more about Alex.  Also, she has graciously offered 1 reader a signed paperback copy of T&T, so read below for how to win that!


The Interview

This past summer you talked with SJD Peterson about your fantasy summer fling with Christian Lawson. Since then, Christian and his lovable geek Alex have found a new home and an HEA in Tread Marks & Trademarks. Can we talk a bit about Alex today?

Of course! Alex is rather shy and hates talking about himself, but I happen to love him as much as Christian does. Okay, almost as much…

1. Describe Alex for us.

Alex has an R2D2 tattoo on his shoulder, and he’s spent most of his life perfecting a robot named Yudo. He’s your typical geek in a lot of ways, yet his advertising god boyfriend would say Alex is the best flirt he’s ever met. Alex may not be as confident as his identical twin brother Micah, but he knows how to rock his Converse, jeans and Detroit pride hoodies. Oh yeah, and he can cook. And bake. It’s all just science, right?

2. They seem like such opposites; why is Christian so drawn to Alex?

Because Alex challenges him. Christian never knows what to expect when Alex opens his mouth to speak. Christian knew who Alex was and followed his Maker career for years before he actually met Alex in person. Yet Alex is so much more than Christian ever could have anticipated.

3. Being January, Detroit is still pretty chilly. What would Alex do to ensure his Aussie doesn’t freeze?

We just had a huge ice storm here that knocked out power for a week—all while the temperature was hovering around zero. If Alex and Christian had been caught up in that type of scenario, Alex would’ve tried his best to build a temporary furnace of some kind for Christian. But even as intelligent as Alex is, he seems to be pretty clueless when it comes to the intricacies of heating and cooling systems. He can make a mean cup of hot chocolate, though!

4. Valentines Day is coming up in just over a month. What does Alex have planned for Christian?

Neither Alex nor Christian is much into the hearts and flowers type of courtship. Even a Valentine’s Day greeting card is stretching it a bit when it comes to these two. Alex also has a tendency to get lost in his inventor headspace. So it’s entirely possible he wouldn’t know it was Valentine’s Day at all.
Alex’s twin brother Micah, on the other hand, will make a spectacle out of every Hallmark holiday that’s even remotely romantic.

5. When we spoke about this interview, you were having lunch with fellow Author SJD Peterson. Which of her novels do you think Alex would like the most and why?

Alex has a bit of a naughty streak. He would be intrigued by any of Jo’s Guards of Folsom BDSM series, but would probably end up reading them more as instruction manuals than for the romance!

6. What is Alex’s favorite position and why?

Pffft, Christian would thwack me over the head with one of his badass canes if I spilled that secret!

7. When I am working, I love listening to music. What kind of music does Alex like while he is working or relaxing?

Alex doesn’t listen to music. Any music. Ever. He finds it too mathematical and distracting. He’ll listen to talk radio or audiobooks sometimes, but he’s more interested in keeping focused on the problems he’s solving in his head.

8. Michigan doesn’t yet recognize same-sex marriages, but that doesn’t mean Alex and Christian can’t get married. If they did, where would Alex and Christian honeymoon?

Both of them love to travel, so it could be anywhere in the world. Christian hasn’t been back to Australia since he moved to the States, though, and he’d love to show Alex the area outside Perth where he grew up. Maybe do the whole “meet the parents” thing. But it’s likely that a trip of that length would end up with Micah and his boyfriend JT in tow since the twins can’t be away from each other for too long!

9. Alex has been working on his robot for four years. What’s next for him?

He keeps mentioning this thing about teaching Christian to master his lightsaber. But I’m not sure if he means that literally or metaphorically…

10. Where can people find Alex? Will we be seeing more of him in the future?

Alex and Christian get cozy in Tread Marks & Trademarks, a novel available now from Wilde City Press and on Amazon. But this novel is only the beginning of the Team Maker Jock series. Alex’s twin brother Micah will be starring in the next book in the series—Somebody I Used to Blow. And Alex and Christian will definitely be making a cameo in that one. More of Team Maker Jock will be coming soon from Wilde City Press!

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  1. Oh~!! a challenge is always nice, and he’s smart to boot. Although the no music is a bit of an turnoff. I have tosay I’m looking forward to better get to know Alex and Christian. Thank you for the giveaway =)

  2. The review mentioning about the story being a contemporary with a steampunk edge has me very interested. The cover is very cute with the gears etc.

  3. Great review,enjoyed myself while reading it – now I must read this book so I will add it to TBR pile.Thank you for my entry into the giveaway.

  4. Sounds like a book I could get sucked into! I have it on my to buy soon list and will definitely be picking it up! Thanks for the interview, I enjoy getting a bit of insight into the characters before reading the story.

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