Sara York talks about Sweet Happenings ~ Author Guest Post, Excerpt, and Giveaway

I wanted to thank Sara York for joining us today to kick off our re-launch with her own re-launch (Yes, I thought it was fitting). Her short Sweet Happenings originally appeared as part of a Valentine’s themed Anthology, but is now available all by its self! So without further ado, here are Sara’s thoughts on Sweet Happenings.

From the Author

Sweethappenings1500Sweet Happenings is one of my favorite novellas. I think the sweetness of this story is what makes it special. Sure, there are hot moments, but the romance is key. The story is bookended by two Valentine’s Days. Matt Wilson finds his partner of four years in bed with his stock boy. Devastated, he isn’t looking for love when he runs into Robert Baxter on the 15th, the day after his breakup. But Robert has something in common with him. His partner also cheated, destroying his happiness. Their brief encounter, commiserating over Chocolate Therapy, leaves an impression on Matt that time doesn’t dull.

It takes a few months for things to warm up between the couple, but when it does, fireworks go off. Matt and Roger can’t keep their hands off each other. Enjoy Sweet Happenings and find out how sweet and sexy this story is.

Sweet Happenings Blurb:

When Matt Wilson is dumped on Valentine’s Day he never expects to find love again. His bakery is enough, until Robert Baxter rolls into town and show him what love really is. But Robert doesn’t live in New York full time and he and Matt struggle to make a relationship. Their liaison may amount to nothing or it could be a true sweet happening in Matt’s life.

Excerpt from Sweet Happenings

Robert caught his arm as Matt passed by. The shock of the touch knocked through Matt, causing him to gasp. Their gazes met and Robert suddenly looked as shocked as Matt felt. Robert loosened his grip and let his fingers trail down Matt’s forearm to his hand, slipping gently from Matt’s fingers as they lost contact. Neither of them looked away as the seconds ticked by. Finally Matt broke the spell and turned to the counter.
“Coffee, or would you like some tea?” Matt tried to sound unaffected by the blistering touch he’d just experienced, but his voice wavered, giving away his true feelings.
“I’ll take a latte.”
“No food?”
“Ugh, no way. I need to find a gym. Since moving here, I’m eating out way too much.”
“I never asked what you did.” Matt began preparing the latte, heating the milk as Robert spoke.
“I’m an architect. We have offices in Chicago and we’re expanding.”
“Really, I’m making a cake for an architectural firm at the end of the month. Some big shindig.”
Robert turned red and ducked his head. “Yeah, I might have had something to do with that.”
Matt stopped his progress on the latte and stared open mouthed at Robert. He made cakes for functions a few times a year but he wasn’t famous for his cakes. His pastries were the big hit around town. Sure, he did kids cakes for birthdays, and a few bridal showers, but getting a cake order for the huge party had been surprising.
“Wow, thanks. But you’ve never had my cake.”
The heat in Robert’s eyes was unmistakable. He drew in a deep breath, his gaze flicking lower over Matt’s body. The slow perusal of his figure made Matt squirm. It had been years since someone had looked at him that way.
“No, I’ve not had the pleasure of having your cake, but I’m sure it’s delicious.”
Matt willed his boner away, glad that he still had on his apron from earlier. He tried to act like he had no idea that a double entendre had just occurred though his whole body was hotter than black shoes on the beach in the middle of August. Matt went back to making the latte and Robert chuckled. He paid his bill and picked up his drink, which Matt had been careful to set down on the counter instead of handing it to the guy. If they touched again, Matt would not be able to hold back. Now that he knew Robert was the client for the end of the month, the man was totally off limits.
“You’ll be there, right?” Robert asked.
“At the party?”
“Yes.” Robert took a sip of his latte, foam clinging to his upper lip. He licked it away and Matt wanted to melt against the man.
He swallowed, willing his voice not to crack when he spoke. “I’ll be there. I have to cut the cake.”
Robert smiled, obviously loving the discomfort Matt experienced at his little joke about cake. Matt came out from behind the counter, determined to finish planning for the big order but Robert stepped in front of him, blocking his progress. They were both about the same height so they were eye to eye as they faced each other. Robert put down his coffee and stepped closer. They were both breathing heavy and Matt let his gaze dip to Robert’s lips, gaging what type of kisser the man would be.
Robert smirked and reached out, wiping his thumb over Matt’s cheek. “You have flour on your face.” Matt backed up and moved his hand to wipe his cheek when Robert stopped him. “Let me.” Robert’s thumb was on his cheek again then his other hand came up to cup Matt’s cheek. Desire crackled between them and Matt didn’t think he could stop the impending kiss though he knew he needed to.

Where to buy

Purchase Sweet Happenings at Allromance, or Smashwords
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In Celebration of 2014 and her new release, Sara York has agreed to give 4 of our readers their choice of eBook from her backlist. Comment below to be entered. Contest will close at 11:59 CST on 7 Jan 2014.

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