Skyler Foxe stops by to Talk about Keith and Sleuthing ~ Character Interview & Giveaway

I would like to thank Haley Walsh and Skyler Foxe for stopping by PBA today to talk with us.  I have loved the Skyler Foxe mysteries since I first read them.  It was fun having some of my burning questions answered by the man himself!  See my review of his latest adventure, Foxe Fire, here.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m twenty-five, with gray eyes, (natural) platinum blond hair, kind of a wiry frame but in fit form, and—there’s no other way to say this—a bit shorter than average… In height! I meant to say in height! I’m perfectly proportioned in every other way! I mean better than average, certainly, it’s…I’m… Oh Jeez!

Just forget all that. Where was I? Oh, um…I’m a born and bred Redlands, California boy. I got my degree and teaching credentials in my hometown and now I even teach English Lit in my old high school, James Polk High. My students are very important to me and I guess in the long run it’s been a good thing that I was outed so I can help my students deal with their own sexual orientation issues. I have a close cadre of friends. Number one is my best friend Sidney Feldman. She helped me through some tough times in high school and I’m very proud of her accomplishments as the Redlands Police Department’s youngest detectives. Go Sidney! My other close friends help me out when I get in a wee bit of trouble because, apparently, my other hobby seems to be solving crimes. Who knew I was a Sherlock in the making? Anyway, my friends Jamie, Rodolfo, and Phillip were all once tricks. I used to be a bit of a player, I suppose. Jamie coined us the “Skyler Fuck Club” or SFC. It’s kind of embarrassing but they all started out as tricks and became good friends. I think it’s still a tough concept for Keith, my boyfriend. That’s Keith Fletcher. He’s a little on the jealous side but he’s working hard to overcome it. He’s the football coach at my high school and—don’t tell anyone—he’s also a part time FBI agent, which I think is pretty hot.

You and Keith have been kind of on and off for 3 books, but you are fully on now.  What keeps bringing you guys back together?  How do you see things moving forward?

As I said, Keith can be a little jealous. A little too much with the macho sometimes and more than once I’ve had to hold Sidney back from doing him real harm. And I guess he came into my life when I really wasn’t looking to settle down. I enjoyed hooking up. I always met some really nice guys that way, and the SFC have become a loyal bunch. So I don’t regret that lifestyle at all. But it has gotten in the way of Keith and I connecting. And…well, I have some issues, some would say, with commitment. It’s not that I don’t want to—and I have! But it was just hard for me to get used to one man, the same man all the time. And when he moved in…that was really a tough transition for me. As for the future, we’ll just take that a day at a time. I do feel a little pressure from Keith for more, but I think he knows by now that I’m a bit leery on that front. Just a day at a time.

Describe Keith to us.

Well! Picture, if you will, a tall, quarterback sort of build. Kind of buff with a broad tanned chest covered in dark hair. Just enough but not too much. With a face to match that build; ice blue eyes that look at you with both intensity and lust; a few days growth of dark beard; sensuous lips; long-fingered hands that know just how to touch… um. Give me a minute here.

Valentines Day is coming up in just under a month. What big plans do you and Keith have?

Uh…I’m not much for that kind of thing. I’ve never had a boyfriend before. So I don’t make those kinds of plans… Oh God! You don’t think Keith made any plans, do you? He does like that romantic kind of stuff. What have you heard? Should I get a gift? Oh my God. I’m feeling just the slightest panic attack…

Do you have any travel plans for the summer holidays?  Where would you guys go?

I’ve totally got plans for that. I started a Gay-Straight Alliance at school and I planned on taking all the kids to the beach for a party. There’re only fifteen or so kids so it will be great. That’s before break. And then Keith says he has some sort of camping trip planned for us. I’m not big into that kind of outdoor sports, but I can’t say no to him. Besides, it will be my first time camping and I trust him, so what could go wrong? And then I do some volunteering at the Redlands Bowl. It’s an outdoor amphitheater that gives free concerts throughout the summer. Has been for over 75 years. I’ve been volunteering since I was a teenager. Keith has yet to experience the cultural offerings of the IE and I really can’t wait to show him what my town has to offer. Haley Walsh says this will be a novella, called FOXE DEN 2.

What is your favorite position and why?

Whoa. That came out of the blue. Okay. Um, I’ll be upfront here because I don’t think any of my kids will see this, and anyone who knows me from Trixx (that’s the local gay bar) will already know that I am strictly a bottom and like it on my hands and knees (although there was that one time when Keith let me…but I don’t think he’d like me to say). There’s nothing like a sexy top driving into me from behind, just going at it, you know? And pile-driving. That’s a real good one, too…Wow…um…give me another minute here.

You love to cook.  What is your favorite dish to make for Keith?

He’s a steak and potatoes kind of guy, so while he does enjoy my chicken Alfredo now and then, nothing makes his eyes light up like a big New York steak. So I give him what he wants. Ahem.

Did your mom REALLY not know you were gay?

Seriously, right? It’s ridiculous. But my mom and I have a sort of formal relationship. It’s not that I don’t feel totally comfortable with my mom, because I do. But she is a formal sort of woman and it was just never broached, and I’m sure in her mind if it isn’t broached then it doesn’t exist. Despite it being splashed all over the news, she really took it well…eventually.

We know Keith is a bit jealous of the SFC, but they are important people in your life.  Why are they different from your other tricks? Why did they stick?

That’s a really good question. I think it’s because each of those men had a personality trait that I found appealing, that I wished I had. Jamie is such a free spirit. The world is his oyster, you know? And he was so out and proud that I wanted a piece of that. And Phillip, he’s so solid, knows what he wants out of life and goes for it. I mean, he was going to be a lawyer, for god’s sake, and just decided one day not to be. He’s a successful businessman. His coffee place, The Bean, is everything a coffee place should be; welcoming, cozy, with great food. And Rodolfo, a sort of accidental inductee, if you will, is so sexy with his Latin charm and maturity. He was like the gay man I aspired to be (he’s fifteen years older than me, I’m guessing, cause he sure isn’t saying).

If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?

Ack! Totally no. No needles. But. If I were to do it, maybe a Motown record logo…Oh! Or the cast of Dreamgirls!

Why teach high school?

It’s more than just loving literature. I was always the kid helping other kids in the neighborhood with their homework. I was always the best study partner. I just liked helping. And the whole collegiate atmosphere was something I really craved. But I know what they say; that high school kids are hard to teach, that they’re scary, that it’s dangerous. But none of that is true if you really follow some simple techniques and mostly listen to the kids, really connect with them. I suppose it helps that I’m barely older than they are. Maybe they can relate to me easier. But I knew I would love it and I do.

What is it about you that keeps you getting drawn into mysteries.  Why can’t you just leave them be?

I don’t know! It’s stupid, isn’t it? Just call 911, right? But it’s just that it seems to involve people I know, people I care about. I don’t feel that I can just walk away. It’s not that I don’t trust Sidney and her partner (and boyfriend) Mike de Guzman, because I do. It’s just…personal. If it wasn’t personal, I wouldn’t get involved. Keith hates that I get involved. But he doesn’t understand. He gets to be involved if he wants to because he has a badge. But with me, it’s heart.

You start the series in the closet at your work; how is life different now that you are out?

I have to say, it’s a lot less stressful. I had no idea how tense I was getting from keeping that secret from my co-workers, my mom—everyone but my closest friends. It was like a tight ball inside me. I know that there are plenty of guys and girls out there who for all sorts of reasons—religious, homelife, job—they just can’t come out, and it really saddens me. It was all right for me in the end, but for some, it’s impossible, at least in their present circumstances. I hope that lesbians and gay men everywhere can find the courage or at least find that safe place to be so that they can be themselves, the best of themselves. I feel as if my life can truly be embraced now that it isn’t secret.

Where can readers find you?  Will we be hearing more from you in the future?

There is a website of my biographer, Haley Walsh, and the books at There is even a Facebook page Sometimes Keith (who also has a page ) and I chat back and forth. It’s pretty awesome.

The latest book FOXE FIRE just hit the shelves and my biographer Haley Walsh tells me that she will chronicle in the next book our annual trip to the Palm Springs White Party, called DESERT FOXE. Sounds exciting.

Thanks for having me. It was fun chatting with you.


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