Why I Read and Review M/M Romance ~ introduction to Lirtle

LirtleBrandilyn has asked each of us to answer 1 question for you guys.  That question is “Why I read and review M/M Romance”:

The answer is simple for me: because I love it. I love this genre, love the stories I get to read, love so many of characters, love to be challenged, love a good cliffhanger, love to go dark and dirty, down into the dank, just as much as I love the charming and happy-ever-afters. I love the humor and gut-wrenching, I love when a writer dares me not to shed tears and clench my fist. I love the heat, I love the men. Yeah, exactly, sounds like the perfect place for me, too, given my answer. So here I be!  🙂

As for reviewing, I like trying to convey how the story impacted me, my emotions, whether it made me shed those tears or pump my fist, what sort of ride did I get to experience because of it. I don’t want or need perfection, I just want a good story, believable characters and dialogue and plot movement that make sense within that story. Believability comes from the setting and characters and plot all meshing together to give me that experience. No matter how wild or grounded the story itself may be, if those factors are well-handled, you’ll have me from word one until the very end.

My Authors to Watch:

S.E. Jakes: This writer knows her ex-military alpha males, knows how to put them into relationships depicting two evenly matched men, and the smart asshole humor in which she dips them, it all cuts right to my core. Re-reads galore. *drops mic*

Harper Fox: Lyrical, funny, unexpected turns and purely creative. She mixes beautiful language with grounded characters that always leaves me wanting more. Always. She always seems to sneak up on me, this one, with the beauty and humor.

Julio-Alexi Genao: The way he manipulates language to break my heart, make me gasp with hope on the upswing and create characters that are bursting with life – I almost can’t take it, except that I will, every single time. There is no erecting an emotional barrier with this one, he’ll break it the fuck down.

Aleksandr Voinov: Whether we’re in space, the sands of a Persia-wanabe, the hills of Afghanistan, or a small cottage in the Ardennes, this writer gets me there every time. I can always feel the desperation, exhilaration, uncertainty, danger and love. Gut me properly and you have me forever. He has and he will.

Eric Arvin: It’s not easy to mix humor and sweetness and supernatural and punch-to-the-gut gross nastiness in a single bound, but this man does it. I feel like I’m both floating and dragged along every time I read one of his stories, there’s never a choice but to move forward and I’m a willing participant, indeed.

Lisa Henry: Seriously, honestly, no joke, she makes me choke with emotion and grab my own heart for fear it will break into pieces, careening into the universe. She ‘goes there’ and doesn’t hold back, and I lerve her for that.

Con Riley: Simply put, she writes about life. All of those seemingly small gestures and occasions that lead to the biggest moments we ever experience, this is what she gives to me whenever I read her stories. I feel lightheaded and my cheeks feel tight from the tears that inevitably spill, cherished reactions to any great book.

Jordan L Hawk: Her blend of historical with the supernatural, I’ve never really experienced anything else like it. The voices she gives her characters are the perfect vehicle for her imaginative stories and fabulous dialogue, all set during very dangerous times for two men who fall in love and choose to live that love together.

TJ Klune: He’s one of the best fiction writers out there today. Give me his subtle and complete world-building, imperfect characters with foibles and brilliance both, and humor and love that require a full ride to complete, any day of the week. Every day, that should be.

LA Witt: This one, she always takes me to a place that causes me to sit there, kindle in hand, mouth hanging open, drool threatening to short the damn thing out. It feels like she shoots her stories and characters right out of a cannon and you better hang on if you want to see what happens. I’m all suited up, let’s go!


Find out more about Lirtle on her About Me page.

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