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Well, my first M/M book was The Angel by Tiffany Reisz-book 2 of The Original Sinners series-which I read simply because it was the second book of the series. Little did I know that it would snowball into an addiction. I continue to read M/M because I tend to shy away from melodrama which I find in abundance in traditional het romance. Generally speaking, men tend to assess a situation logically rather than emotionally which I can relate to. I appreciate people who are plain spoken rather than being passive aggressive. For whatever reason women protagonists tend to be portrayed as drama llamas which bores me. I have a hard time liking or relating to characters that overreact to everything or self create drama. I’ve found less of those antics in M/M romance. Plus, the idea of two (or more) men together-I’m not gonna lie-turns me on. I like the dynamics of a M/M relationship especially within a BDSM context. The idea of one submitting to the other and shedding traditional sex roles without reproach fascinates me.

What do I review here on Prism Book Alliance?

I cover the spectrum of M/M, M/M/F and even some F/F and preferably kinky. I admit it. I still read M/F sometimes. *ducks*

How do I decide what to review?   

Generally speaking, I review everything I read, but for the purposes of the blog I tend to read things that interest me in some way. I’m really not that picky. I try to keep an open mind though I do have some hard limits.

Why Gay Lit and MM Romance?

I like the dynamics of same sex relationships. Well, truth be told I love angst in general and angst in a same sex relationship seems more authentic for some reason. Probably because the obstacles that same sex couples face are real not contrived as they seem to be in M/F romance.

How did you get started reading MM Romance?  What was your first MM Romance book? 

My first M/M book was The Angel by Tiffany Reisz. I haven’t looked back since. I’m still a little bit obsessed with Michael and Griffin. I’m so grateful that Ms. Reisz keeps me in short stories about them fairly regularly.

What is are you reading right now? 

Making my way through the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux. I’m tiny bit obsessed. I affectionately refer to the books as being sucked into TyandZanelandia.

What is next on the TBR pile?  

I really want to read something from S.E. Jakes. I have several, I just have to find the time.

My Authors to Watch

Rachel Haimowitz- She can write torture with a heart like like nobody’s business. I also love that she can switch genres seamlessly and create an entire world from soup to nuts, so to speak.

Aleksandr Voinov- His ability to create character that, by all accounts, I shouldn’t like yet somehow he can make me love them.

Kim Dare- A writer who values putting the heartfelt emotions into BDSM.

Tiffany Reisz- My first M/M experience. Her abilities toward writing the mindf*ck are unsurpassed. You never get the full story in one book. Never.

Lisa Henry- I never feel ‘blah’ about her writing. It’s always an emotional experience

Joey W. Hill- I’m going to gush a little bit here, be forewarned. Her writing never fails to wrench emotion from me; it’s angst heavy and I’m a sucker for angst. Beyond that she takes the reader on the journey-constructs the entire world and makes flawed characters relatable, excepting her villains which are monstrous.

T.A. Webb- How does he pack so much into a short story??? Every time. Every single time.

Lyn Gala- The woman can appreciate leather and taught me the real meaning of bandana colors. Tip of the hat.

Rolf- He is heavily reliant upon psychology (my field) and, what can I say, I have a thing for cowboys.

maculategiraffe- Best slavefic series I’ve read and I’ve read my fair share.

Morgan Hawke- Interstellar Service and Discipline is a classic. I wish she’d write more of this series.

Chris Owen- The Deviations series continues to be one of the first series I recommend to those interested in BDSM. That barn! *swoon*

Finn Marlowe- She has the ability to take a topic which I might find either distasteful or far-fetched and make it captivating.

Taylor Donovan- Sam calls Mac “kitten”. Mac is about 6’5″/250lbs. “Kitten” indeed.

Lana McGregor- Very promising start to a career with His Roommate’s Pleasure.


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18 thoughts on “Why I read and Review M/M Romance post ~ Intro to Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

  1. I must be seriously math challenged, because I looked at the ID verification question blankly for a couple of seconds before thinking of the answer! 😉 But on to the topic … I made my way to m/m when looking for romance with some “meat” (I’m also giggling at the double entendre, so feel free to join me!). So many het romances are formulaic with the female often portrayed as weak and needy, and the male as strong, usually rich, and the hero. Quality m/m stories intrigue me with 2 strong men, usually with flaws, coming together (damn! I did it again – ‘giggling!) to form a couple from which partners draw strength. And honestly, like you I have found nontraditional gender roles and men submitting to each other sexually exciting and hot!

    In the event I am a winner I want a donation made to Eric and Tj. Love those boys and hoping for them to have brighter days ahead.

  2. You have some of my favorite authors on your list! I definitely agree with you about Rachel Haimowitz and I wish she’d torture us more.

  3. Thanks for sharing why you read m/m and your author list. Never heard of some of them, but am intrigued about what you said and want to read something from them. Which books would you recommend from these authors:Tiffany Reisz, Joey W. Hill and Rolf?

    • Hi romanceandcoffee!

      Tiffany-really all her books lead back to The Original Sinners series: The Siren, The Angel, The Prince, The Mistress. The Angel & The Prince are probably my favorites and this is the “king” in my “name”.

      Joey Hill- she doesn’t write exclusively m/m. Rough Canvas is strictly m/m and a favorite. She does a lot of m/m/f in her Vampire Queen series. Daegan, Gideon and Anwyn from Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity are my favorites.

      Rolf-is online fanfic. Polyamory and domestic discipline called Falls Chance Ranch.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • God, I can’t count the number of times “Rough Canvas” has been reced to me as all-time best m/m or just really great book. Need to get around to reading it!!!
        Falls Chance Ranch has been reced to me a lot as well, though ppl seem to be in two very opposite corners with that one.

        • Rough Canvas is so good! Though I might be a teeny bit biased when it comes to Joey. She also writes some fanfic on her website which I heart a lot. She just did Marcus & Thomas’ first Christmas together. She’s done 2 on Daegan & Gideon. Meow!

      • Yes thank you 🙂 put Rough Canvas and Falls Chance Ranch on my tbr. I´m not sure about the Original Sinners series though, can´t bring myself to read m/f, except they could be reads as stand alone then I would consider-The Angel & The Prince sounds interesting.

        • Yeah, the OS series-the Red Years really has to be read in order b/c they’re so intertwined. She’s writing The White Years which won’t be intertwined. I’ll get back to you on them. 😉

  4. Great discussion, i agree with much of what you said. I love some of the authors you noted, will have to try. The others. I read The Siren by Reisz and was conflicted, I liked the writing though so maybe I will try The Angel.

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