Personal Secrets by KC Wells ~ Review by Brandilyn

There are many things that will draw me into a book, sometimes the storyline is forefront and I can forgive thin characters and lacking prose.  Sometimes the characters are so well developed that I can forgive thin plot and prose.  Sometimes the prose is so beautiful that I just don’t care much about rest.  Sometimes, a book is part of a series that have put so much time into that I can forgive anything for the chance to see some known characters again.  Personal Secrets by KC Wells falls into this last category.

personal secretsTitle: Personal Secrets (Personal #4)

Author: KC Wells

Publisher: Island Tales Press

My Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

This book is an erotic gay romance. It contains explicit language and lots of steamy sex between two hot guys. For readers 18+ only.

Blake Davis and husband Will are delighted when Ed Fellows turns up at the hospital the night their daughter is born—even if he is covered in mud from playing rugby and drunk out of his skull. Team-mate Colin is the Good Samaritan who drives him there, and when he takes Ed home, Colin finds himself on the receiving end of a blow-job. He has no problem with that whatsoever. He’s been in lust with Ed since Ed joined the rugby team some fourteen months ago. Only thing is, Colin’s assumed up ’til now that Ed is straight. Except the man sucking him off certainly didn’t seem straight….

Talk about the morning after the night before…. Ed awakens to find a nearly-naked Colin asleep on his sofa. The problem is that for some reason, he can’t get Colin out of his mind. Okay, so it wasn’t the first blow-job Ed’s ever gotten from a guy—or given, for that matter—but that was a long time ago, right? And why does Ed now want more?

With friends Rick, Angelo, Blake and Will to advise him, Ed finds himself on a completely unfamiliar road, as he struggles to accept that maybe the line he is walking isn’t as straight as he’d first imagined….

My View

I had very high hopes for Personal Secrets. It has been getting very good reviews, and I enjoyed the first three books in the series. I liked Ed as a secondary character in the first books, and I enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of Colin in the third. I knew, even without the blurb, that they would be the couple in Personal Secrets. But the thing is, Ed was staunchly straight in book 1, and there was only one line in book 2 to make you wonder. It just wasn’t enough for me to say “Oh yeah, Ed needs a boyfriend”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Gay For You romance as much as the next M/M reader, but you have to make me believe the coupling. Make me believe this formerly “straight” man is so enamored with the love interest that the bits no longer matter. Colin stole my heart. Ed… not so much. I felt making him suddenly gay/bi/whatever was contrived. I think there were some very good moments throughout the story. However, as the story progressed, they were fewer and further between.

There were parts of Personal Secrets that dragged. I say this for two reasons. First, there was not any true conflict in the story. When conflict was introduced, whether internal to the relationship or external, I asked myself two questions. “Would the story have suffered without this scene?” and “Does this scene serve to move the relationship and/or story further?” Repeatedly, my answer was no.  Secondly, what little conflict was introduced was never expanded upon.  There were so many missed opportunities to make this book great.

In all honesty, I think Colin and Ed would have been better served in a novella format. Those you can get away with more sweetness and light. Take out the manufactured conflict and just focus on Ed finding himself as a gay man with Colin and his friends by his side. I think that would have been a perfect way to wrap up the Personal series.

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I would like to thank KC Wells for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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