The Astrophysicist series by TN Tarrant ~ Review by Ulysses

This is really a review of both of T.N. Tarrant’s novels, Absent-Minded Physicist and its sequel, Loving the Astro-Physicist.
9fd9a46ea129da2e998176ccada560d7.image.300x450Title: The Absent-Minded Astrophysicist and Loving the Astrophysicist

Author: TN Tarrant

Publisher: Silver Publishing

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Absent Minded Astrophysicist

Dr. Liam McGregor is a well respected astrophysicist, astrobiologist and geologist, and he’s only twenty-three. With no family, few friends, and no romantic prospects, he’s gotten used to being alone. Focusing on his various scientific projects, and taking care of his decidedly unusual cat help keep the loneliness at bay.

Jareth Manning is starting life over, a new town, new job, after the loss of his husband. The last thing he expected was for the most absentminded, and beautiful, man he’d ever seen to to take up residence in his heart. Nor did he expect to find himself a willingly humble slave to Her Imperial Highness, Empress the Cat. But Jareth has learned that love doesn’t come around often, so when it does, hold onto it with both hands.

Jareth is willing to be patient, if Liam is willing to take the risk, after being badly burned before.

They just have to survive Liam’s past returning.

Loving the Astrophysicist

Liam and Jareth have been married for eight years and want a child. They attempt adopting through agencies but have troubles. After time to recover, they proceed with a private adoption, bringing home a beautiful little girl, Carinae. Then things get really ugly.

Liam and Jareth have been married for eight years and realize they want a child. Things do not go very well when they try to adopt through agencies, with terrible accusations thrown at Jareth. After taking time to recover, they proceed with a private adoption, bringing home a beautiful little girl, Carinae. Then things get really ugly, endangering not only Liam’s life, but Carinae’s.

My View

Tarrant serves up a double helping of the girliest romantic big-strong-man-cherishes-fragile-little-man trope you could ever want.  And the books are full of incident—sometimes to the point of stretching one’s credulity to the breaking point. And a surprising amount of that incident is violent.

But how can one resist the adorable, bumbling, gentle soul that is Liam McGregor? He solves the mysteries of the universe. He befriends disabled folk. He rescues kittens for God’s sake! And, apparently, while small and too smart for his own good, he is cute as the proverbial button. I rather liked that he’s not some buff gym bunny, but a little on the pudgy side.

Jareth Manning, on the other hand, is big and all muscly and while no one mentions tattoos, he must have some someplace, for sure. He is smart and loyal and sexy. Did I mention big? As head of security for the space-study institute where Liam is a young prodigy, Jareth is totally crushing on him from afar, until one of those incidents I mentioned brings Liam literally into his arms.

And then the fun begins.

The dark back stories of both men are relayed with alarming bluntness; but it helps us see how these men are drawn to each other and need each other.  Each fulfills a fantasy for the other – one of being safe, the other of being a protector.  The courtship between the two is the best part of the first book—one of the sweetest, most resonant courtships I’ve encountered.

The second book takes the couple’s story many steps further, beyond cats to children; beyond sorrowful back story to violent current events.  It is a little hard to believe that either one of these guys isn’t a gibbering mental case by the end of this, but apparently love conquers all.  Certainly my fondness for Liam and Jareth helped me get over some of the books’ disappointments.

Tarrant’s tendency to tell rather than show can be frustrating, because she creates characters with great interest and potential; she surrounds Liam and Jareth with good folks about whom we’d like to learn more than facts.  We have been given a complex and dark story and in some ways is a small epic; but the story has not been treated with quite enough heft to give it the kind of emotional weight it deserves.

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I would like to thank TN Tarrant for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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3 thoughts on “The Astrophysicist series by TN Tarrant ~ Review by Ulysses

  1. Fantastic review, Ulysses. You definitely hit on a lot of the usual things many of us like to know before deciding if we’d like to read something. I’m so happy we get to have you reviewing books for and with all of us! 🙂


  2. I kind of like tropes like this sometimes. There are some elements that you brought up that I would be willing to read in a book. Thank you for the review.

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