Lumber & Law by Jena Wade ~ Review by Leisa

A nice and easy read that’s perfect for a rainy afternoon of reading escapism!

imageTitle: Lumber & Law

Author: Jena Wade

Publisher: Loose Id

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

A few months after his brother’s accident, Jesse Brody can’t stop thinking about Troy Evans, the police office that helped solve the case. Even though Troy almost had to arrest him, Jesse is sure he has a shot at a date.

The two meet by chance and share a nice dinner at Jesse’s apartment, which ends with Jesse all over Troy’s lap. Though he isn’t out at work, Troy agrees to give a relationship with Jesse a chance. Everything is fine, until the two are seen in public together by some of Troy’s coworkers.

Out of panic, Troy ends the relationship. Of course he regrets his decision, but it will take more than just an apology to win Jesse back.

My View

Jena Wade’s Lumber & Law goes beyond being the story of a romance between two strong, hot men, to also become the story of a man accepting his true self. Troy is a gorgeous police detective and Jesse helps run a large family owned building contracting company. They begin a relationship despite Troy’s insistence that they must keep the relationship secret because he is still deeply in the closet. Even though he initially agrees to Troy’s secrecy, Jesse finally realizes that keeping their love a secret denies them both the opportunity to truly share in all aspects of each other’s lives. Troy refuses to relent, and Jesse sadly ends their relationship. Troy and Jesse both grieve the loss of each other, and soon thereafter Tony finally has heard enough of a co-worker’s homophobic rants, and suddenly outs himself at work. To his surprise, he finds mostly acceptance. Troy then realizes that he has made a huge mistake pushing Jesse away with his fear (and his dog is taking out his frustration about Jesse’s absence by destroying Troy’s home!). Troy tells Jesse how he feels about him and that he no longer wants to hide their love. Jesse pretty quickly forgives Troy and they reunite.

It is easy for the reader to feel Troy’s almost palatable fear of being outed as gay. The story centers around Jesse and Troy’s relationship, and there isn’t a significant secondary story line. The only real angst is the personal pain experienced by the men as they struggle to deal with Troy’s fear, and the ever present stress of hiding their growing love. The story is simple in many ways, and is lacking in any artificial drama. However, the sexual relationship between Troy and Jesse is caring and intimate – not your run of the mill, over the top sex scenes, but still hot.

I was, however, somewhat disappointed that publisher’s blurb seems to indicate that the focus of the story is largely Troy working to win Jesse back, but their reunion was fairly brief and anticlimactic. Overall Lumber & Law is an uncomplicated, easy read that is perfect for a lazy afternoon curled up reading simply for pleasure, with the added bonus of yummy cover art. No major angst or action, intimate sexy men, an adorable dog, and they live happily ever after. Sounds good to me!

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I would like to thank Loose Id for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I’ll have to see about this. There were elements mentioned that I know will frustrate me if I give this a read. Thanks for the review.

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