Red On The Moon by Rhiannon Wellman ~ Excerpt & Review by Marc

Hi guys, so this one just came out yesterday and Rhiannon Wellman provided me with a Review Copy for my interview. It was a quick, fun, hot, no-angst read with soulmates, marks and wolf shifters. There were a few obstacles for the main protagonists, but they reacted in the way you always kinda want characters to react and easily overcome them. I thought the story was a fresh, fun take on the shifter sub-genre that created its own world and I liked the premise of a real werewolf (police) hunting for a fake werewolf (serial killer), while getting to know his soul mate (FBI) <3.

redonthemoon_600x900Title: Red on the Moon

Author: Rhiannon Wellman

Publisher: Breathless Press

Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From The Publisher:

Lucas is hunting, not only for a serial killer, but for his mate as well. With the arrival of his new partner Toby, he may be able to solve both problems at once.

There is a murderer rampaging through San Francisco, killing on every full moon while under the delusion he is a werewolf. Little does this ruthless man know that the police officer tasked with catching him is a true werewolf.

Lucas Donald has one of the best solve rates in the state. He’s not happy that he’s been saddled with a new partner on such an important case. That is until he meets Toby Devin, who is possibly the most beautiful man he’s ever seen. Together they have to crack the case. Can they find happiness despite family and job stresses?

My View

The Cover: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover image. There is tension between the models, it looks dark and intriguing and you have a good idea about what you are going to get <3

The Title: Reed always has the connotation of danger, blood, lust, … – I think for a book like this the title fits well and with moon in the title it is easy to draw the connection to a werewolf story, even if one would not see the cover. The title is easy to remember as well, so I think it does it’s job perfectly 😉

The Story: This is a wolf soul-mate story, so it was easy for me to accept the insta-love and the fast way everything happened between the characters. The main characters and secondary characters charmed their way into my heart rather quickly ad I found myself always rooting for them, even though they almost felt over-perfect with no real discernible flaws. There were a few road blocks that they managed to overcome with easy, acting in the way one always wishes characters in books would act. And though we often think that it’s necessary for characters to first react badly to certain things so there is tension and mistakes to overcome, for a shorter story like this I thought it worked well even without any angst as it was so much fun to watch these guys get together and realize just how perfect they are for each other. The book is funny and charming and a very light read – the whole serial killer storyline never turns very dark, it’s just a vehicle for the story.

I loved the way the werewolf lore was used here, with shifters getting very old and what that meant for their live cycles compared to humans and having to wait for their one soulmate to turn 25, before being able to hunt for them. It was exactly what I needed yesterday and the perfect length for me to read in one day on my way to and from university. I think it is a perfect comfort read that works well especially between longer and darker or more complex books as long as you don’t mind the absence of angst. I loved the charming banter and had a great time getting to know the characters 😉 Now I’m trying to get the author to write a sequel, because I don’t want to let go of these characters just yet (and as you can read in my interview and giveaway with Rhiannon Wellman, she already has 12 WIPs, so what is one more :P)

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Making a snap decision Lucas followed Toby into their office and closed the door.”Perhaps you should stay here and co-ordinate the operation with the Captain, or go to a different area,” Lucas suggested hopefully.

Toby crossed his arms and glared at Lucas as if daring him to repeat himself. “How about you stay here and I’ll go without you?” he suggested.

“You’re not going out there without me,” Lucas said angrily, crossing the room and getting into Toby’s personal space.

He smirked. “So what makes you think I’ll let you out there without me?”

“I, well, I… Damn it, Toby,” Lucas virtually shouted in exasperation. “Why won’t you back down? What makes you so different?”

“Shut up and get out of my way. We have a case to solve. I won’t ever back down when I’m not the one in the wrong and if you think I’m going to, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.”

That was the moment—the exact second, that Lucas was sure, beyond reason—that Toby was intended to be his mate. He couldn’t hold back the growl of arousal that escaped his lips moments before he brought them crashing down on Toby’s.

Toby pulled back gasping. “We are not having sex in our office,” he said firmly.

“Aww, but…” Lucas teased pushing Toby into his chair.

“Anyone could walk in.” Toby panted.

Lucas could smell the arousal coursing through his partner. It was intoxicating.

“I’m not going to fuck you. But I need you too bad not to have you,” Lucas walked over and locked the door before returning and dropping to his knees between Toby’s legs.

“What exactly did you have in mind?”

“I want to see if you taste as good as you look,” Lucas said, smirking at Toby’s groan. “You best keep quiet. You don’t want anyone coming to see what all the noise is about, do you?” Lucas undid Toby’s trousers and encouraged him to lift up enough for him to pull them down to his knees.

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