Red Dirt Heart by NR Walker ~ Review by Brandilyn

If you have read my reviews of the Thomas Elkin series by NR Walker, you know she is a go to author for me.   I have been eagerly awaiting Red Dirt Heart for quite some time, but thought I would put it off until after I finished a few more in my queue.  I wanted to be able to savor.  Apparently Red Dirt Heart, however, had other ideas because it called to be until I finally picked it up… then I couldn’t stop.  Don’t forget to check out the Blog tour stop for a chance to win.

: Red Dirt Heart

Author: NR Walker

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Welcome to Sutton Station: One of the world’s largest working farms in the middle of Australia – where if the animals and heat don’t kill you first, your heart just might. 

Charlie Sutton runs Sutton Station the only way he knows how; the way his father did before him. Determined to keep his head down and his heart in check, Charlie swears the red dirt that surrounds him – isolates him – runs through his veins.

American agronomy student Travis Craig arrives at Sutton Station to see how farmers make a living from one of the harshest environments on earth. But it’s not the barren, brutal and totally beautiful landscapes that capture him so completely.

It’s the man with the red dirt heart.

Please note: This book is set in Australia, using Australian English and lingo.

My View

Poor Charlie. He may be a bit of a stereotype, but he is a stereotype that steals your heart. He has grown up with an absent mother and an indifferent father; when that father finds out he is gay, the indifference turns ugly. He is told he isn’t good enough to do what he loves, just because of WHOM he chooses to love. Instead of leaving the land he loves, he chooses a life a solitude. Enter Travis, the smug Texan (yes, I admit I have a soft spot for him purely for being a Texan) who steals Charlie’s resolve and a spot in his bed.

Red Dirt Heart is a beautiful love story set against the backdrop of the harsh and unforgiving Australia Outback. The love sneaks up on you, just as it does between the main characters. It isn’t in your face; it is sweet and gentle… even if the sex is anything but. They have just over 3 weeks together; Charlie is resigned to enjoy his chance and move on to his solitary life. What choice does he have?

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I will just say this. Every time I thought the story might take a turn into mundane and formulary, Walker found a way to thwart the stereotypes. I will also say that if you are a Cooper fan, you will see just enough of him in Travis to fall in love again, without feeling like you are reading the same story again.

Ms. Walker, please give us more Charlie and Travis.

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I would like to thank NR Walker for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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