Tailor Made by Josephine Myles ~ Review by Caroline

Tailor Made is the first story from the College Daze collection that I have read but certainly won’t be the last.

20627293Title: Tailor Made

Author: Josephine Myles


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

When Mr. Wrong measures up just right! 

College tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks, but for his final show he’s planning something even more outrageous. In a last ditch attempt to seduce his jaded tutor, Felix plans to wear the canvas in a subversive display. However, if he’s going to do this right he’ll need a tailor-made canvas suit. Fortunately, he knows just the tailor to turn to for the favour—and Felix isn’t shy about offering favours of a very different kind in return.

First year fashion student Andrew Wheeler knows Felix by reputation only–and plans to keep things that way. Andrew’s determined to save himself for the man of his dreams, and Felix couldn’t be more different from his ideal Mr Right. There’s only one use Andrew will contemplate for Felix’s body: a model for his end of year project. Trouble is, it’s going to involve a lot of close contact with a nearly naked Felix, and Andrew’s never had temptation quite so close at hand!

My View

Felix is an art student who has a large sexual appetite and is known around the college for being rather slutty, he enjoys a constant stream of one night stands but believes there is only one man for him. His ultimate goal, other than obtaining his degree, is to bed his tutor Saul. Try as he might, and he has tried and tried, he cannot get the man to take him up on his blatant offers. He lives his life constantly trying to please the man and this usually means more and more outrageous ways to convey his art. He misses just being able to draw and paint but as that is not what Saul wants or expects he tends not to dwell too much.

Andrew wants to be a Tailor and it is acknowledged amongst the other students that he is the best at what he does. He spends all his time working towards his degree which means no drinking, no partying and certainly no casual sex.  Andrew is a virgin and is certain that his Mr Right exists and until he finds him he plans to keep his virginity intact.

When Felix needs a special suit making for his last art assignment he naturally wants the best. When a friend suggest Andrew he hunts him out in the sewing rooms and blatantly offers his very pert ass in exchange for the suit he desperately needs. Andrew is aware of the reputation that proceeds Felix and very quickly says no!

Things change a couple of days later however when Andrew is left without a model for a catwalk show. He tentatively contacts Felix and strikes a deal. If Felix will model for him Andrew will make the suit. Their first meeting to have Felix measured is hilarious! Felix stands in the middle of the room in only a jock and very visibly aroused and poor Andrew is having a meltdown. Before he know what has happened he is giving Felix and blow job and enjoying the hell out of it!

I like the way their relationship developed from here. Andrew admits to Felix that he is a virgin and the mocking that you would expect from Felix never comes. The two develop a friendship and begin to spend a lot of time together. Felix starts to draw again and will sit for hours sketching Andrew as he sews. They also discover that they are extremely compatible in bed and Andrew finally gives up his virginity to a man he seems to be falling for.

After spending a month together their end of year assignments are due. Felix finally gets a come on from the awful Saul and they arrange to meet up after his final show. Felix is about to get what he always wanted and can’t understand why it doesn’t feel right. Andrew is jealous about the way Felix looks at Saul whilst on the catwalk and an argument follows.  Both men are too unsure to admit how they feel about each other and following an argument they agree to go their separate ways as their work is now finished.

Neither man can get the other out of their head and by the time of Felixs final exhibition they are both unhappy with life and haven’t slept. Saul approaches Felix about their upcoming ‘date’ that evening and he feels like his skin is crawling.  Felix has an epiphany and realises who he wants and Andrew realises he has found his Mr Right……they just need to let each other know!

This isn’t a long or complicated book but you will fall for both the characters easily. Andrew is easy to love with his innocence and for all of Felixs slutty and outlandish ways you can’t help loving him as he discovers his life isn’t what he thought it was.

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3 thoughts on “Tailor Made by Josephine Myles ~ Review by Caroline

  1. This story was really interesting to me about art students and especially about fashion students and the tailoring aspects. Of course, I really liked Felix and Andrew and the evolution of their relationship.

  2. I love seeing someone who’s a bit of player actually take the fall into love. It so much fun seeing the development and hilariousness that ensues.

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