The Cross and The Trinity by Elizabeth Lister ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

Holy Triad Hotness, Batman!

Disclaimer: The Cross and The Trinity is the sequel to Beyond The Edge. They should be read in order.

18136294Title:  The Cross and The Trinity

Author:  Elizabeth Lister

Publisher:  MLR

Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

Tate and Sebastian are having trouble maintaining a successful monogamous relationship. When trust is betrayed and old friends reappear, the men are faced with the challenge of making things work or changing the way they will be together. Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and when sexy Dom James Lucas swoops in at the right time, things get even more complicated. Or do they? Do gay men have to tow the traditional line, or is there room for a new definition of true love?

*graphic sexual and BDSM content*

My View

 The Cross and The Trinity is a well executed story of how a triad relationship can work. I’ve read my fair share and am usually left with a distinctly HFN feeling. My contention is everyone in the triad has to bring something to the table and they all have to be attracted to one another for it to have a chance at survival. I have that feeling about The Cross and The Trinity.

We parted with Tate, Sebastian and James in Beyond The Edge on a bit of a sad note with James being left out of the equation. About a year later, things between Tate and Sebastian are beginning to unravel due in large part to Tate’s punishing work schedule, leaving them both dissatisfied and marginally unhappy. All of which is complicated by the fact that Tate cannot seem to put James in his past. He’s haunted by him even in his dreams.

Events occur and James finds himself rescuing Tate from his drunken stupor and thrust smack dab in the middle of his and Sebastian’s relationship woes. I don’t know about you, but I did a happy dance. I don’t mind telling you I was a tad butt hurt with the ending of Beyond The Edge, so I was more than ready for a reunion.

James is primarily a Dom. He’ll bottom occasionally for the right person, but it’s not really his forte and his Dom prowess is exactly what both Tate and Sebastian need in my opinion. Tate and Sebastian have been playing at dominating one another but there’s something missing. Maybe they don’t have enough experience. Maybe it’s too much of a game and there’s not enough danger involved. Maybe their heart just isn’t in it. I don’t know but what I do know is James is the missing link.

The Cross and The Trinity struck me as a weightier read than Beyond The Edge. It looks at the fragility of life and there is even a bit of a philosophical bent. Don’t get me wrong, there is kinky sex galore-Ms. Lister can write some kinky sex like nobody’s business-and the fetish party sequence still makes my pupils dilate just thinking about it, but there is also depth and emotionality that moved me. I would categorize it much the same as its predecessor as a slice of life tale with infinitely relatable characters.

The Cross and The Trinity is told exclusively from Tate’s perspective, but I don’t think that precludes the characterization of either James or Sebastian. There aren’t any car chases, antics or shenanigans. All of them are rational and logical people who don’t regularly make impulsive decisions and communicate with one another honestly. The dialogue is clean. I enjoyed the hell out of their growth as a triad, though I wouldn’t mind learning more about the dynamic between James and Sebastian as the relationship progresses. I still have issues with the complete lack of condom usage and overreliance on testing, but that’s just me. I will say, it does have a bit of an open ending-not a cliff thank all the deities so I’m hopeful for more.

The kink is in the moderate range and much the same as Beyond The Edge, the difference being they embarking on an actual romantic relationship without a contract, so of course, the dynamics evolve. If you’re looking for hardcore, you’ll probably be disappointed. Anyone who enjoyed Beyond The Edge will surely enjoy The Cross and The Trinity.

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  1. As the cover model for both “Beyond the Edge” and “The Cross and The Trinity,” I must say that I am very happy with my image being linked to these two stories.

    I am thrilled, actually. Liz’s writing kept me on the …hard edge of my seat.

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