Worth Waiting For by Kim Dare ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench

I <3 Kim Dare. There. I said it. She writes the best feel-good BDSM; it’s like wrapping up in a fluffy, fleecey blanket. She also has a penchant for writing tooth achingly sweet submissive characters that make me want to hug and shield them from all the riff raff of the world.

dareTitle:  Worth Waiting For (FIT Guys #1)

Author:  Kim Dare

Publisher:  Kim Dare

Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

When Colby earned a swimming scholarship to the Falcon Institute of Training, he expected to spend all his time either training or studying, but that was before he looked out of his living room window and straight into the dance studio opposite.

It’s taken Noah years, but he’s finally got his life in order. He teaches dance classes all day, hits the clubs every night and he’s not looking for complications—especially not in the form of overly-innocent swimmers who like to spy on him from across the street.

The first time Colby approaches him, Noah has no trouble turning him away. It’s only when Colby returns years later, to collect on a casually delivered promise, that Noah finds himself incapable of keeping Colby locked out of his carefully re-constructed life.

Their kinks may match up perfectly, but their lives and their pasts couldn’t be more different. Years have passed, but will what they have together turn out to be worth waiting for?

Author note: This story contains ***strictly non-sexual*** flashbacks to when one character was under 18.

My View

As you may have guessed, I have a weakness for sweet submissives and/or slaves which explains my weakness for slavefic, and Kim Dare delivers again with Colby. Colby, Colby, Colby… sigh He doesn’t surpass Ori of Duck! fame, but he’s carved out a special place all his own. Want to know what did it? Don’t answer that. I’m going to tell you anyway.

Colby was 15 years old he fell in love with the beautiful dancer from the studio/apartment across the street. Now, I know some of you are skeptical of the notion that a 15 year old could really fall in love, but Kim Dare can make you believe it. Anyway, one night he impetuously decides to follow the dancer and wends up at a nightclub. Good thing he swiped his 19 year old brother’s wallet on the way out. He introduces himself to Noah who immediately makes him as underage and walks him home, telling him in jest to look him up once he’s of age. Want to know what Colby does once he gets home? He doesn’t mope or cry or get pissed even when his brother, Tony, suggests he forget him and move on. No, Colby asks Tony, “do you think he’ll be okay?” If that’s not a sucker punch of the D’awwwww variety straight to the heart, I’m at a loss for what is.

Colby despite being inexperienced and 5 years younger is in many ways much more mature, logical and level headed than Noah. He’s also infinitely patient. 3 years! 3! He bides his time, watching out for Noah, in a manner of speaking. Sure, some may call it stalking or spying and they have a point. There is a certain obsessive quality about Colby’s devotion to Noah, a guy he’s met once, but I think there has to be a “creeper” quality about someone and some sort of sinister or delusional intent to constitute stalking. Colby’s version has a protective quality about it which isn’t completely unfounded given Noah’s circle of friends. He’s so easy going and laid back that he’s never even felt the backlash of discrimination and he’s out to everyone he knows. He’s a straight “A” student, a competitive swimmer who’s adored by his coach and teammates, his brother even calls him a “Stepford child”; in short, he’s pretty much perfect and nothing like Noah. His counterpoint.

Noah has traveled a harder road. He’s been shunned by his family because of his sexuality, had to scrap and scrimp to get by, even go-go dancing and he’s had his fair share of asshat boyfriends or hook ups. He struggles some with self-esteem issues which is completely understandable in someone with his history. He’s adamant that he’s not looking for anything serious, but he cannot deny his attraction to Colby. They enter into an “arrangement” of just sex which Noah assumes will last a short amount of time, until Colby gets bored. Oh Noah… silly wabbit. Colby waited 3 years for you! He’s not going anywhere. The next thing you know it’s 6 months later and they’re still “not dating”. Uh huh. Sure. Ok.

The conflict was a bit predictable, I’ll admit, but the upside is it didn’t last long. The characterization was lovely. I enjoyed the story arc. I could’ve done with maybe an epilogue, but since this is #1 of a series I’m assuming we’ll catch up with Noah and Colby again at some point. The BDSM is of the light variety with some bondage and spanking. Colby does make a beautiful submissive. So obedient, probably more trusting than he should be, then again he has studied Noah for 3 years so maybe not. Is it realistic? Probably not. Does it make me hopeful that people like Colby and Ori actually exist in this world? You bet your ass it does. Above all, it makes me appreciate Kim Dare for the kindred spirit that she is. Thanks, Kim.

If you like kink with an HEA and a little sappiness, you’ll enjoy Worth Waiting For.

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I would like to thank Ms. Dare for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I like to see a bit (okay…maybe a lot) of obsessive devotion and a caring streak a mile long in a character. It makes the character seem more sincere about his feelings. I’ll have to give this a read.

    I also wanted to recommend the Gaven series and Wing Series by J.C.Owen if you haven’t read them. They’re both favorite slave fic/captive of war stories for me and I think you’ll get a kick out of them.

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