AJ Rose Stops by to Discuss Queers and stuff ~ Interview & Giveaway

I want to extend a special thanks to AJ Rose for stoping by to talk with me today.  Beverley and I recently had the privilege to review his latest release, Queers, so be sure to check out the review as well.


B: You recently released Queers.  What can you tell us about it?

AJ: Queers is 18 months of my heart and soul on the page. It’s the biggest cast of characters I’ve ever attempted, and it was the most stubborn of stories, with the characters taking me down paths I never expected. It’s also one of the stories I’m most proud of, and I hope the readers like it.

B: What part of a new story comes to you first? Characters? Plot? A scene? A theme? Or does it vary from book to book? 

AJ: It varies. Sometimes it’s a snippet of conversation, or a mood I get from a song or photo. Sometimes it’s a plot twist. When they hit, I look like a mental patient, pacing, mumbling to myself, making frantic notes on the scribe app on my cell phone… It’s not always pretty, nor does every idea see the light of day.

B: Is there a sub-genre of story (like fantasy or BDSM) that you haven’t written but would like to try?  Conversely, which sub-genre is your favorite to write? 

AJ: I want to try all the stories, all the plots, and all the things. Except historical. I can’t seem to get into them. I grew up reading Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. Being an m/m writer, we’re sort of pigeonholed into the romance genre, but I would love to break that mold and write a story that happens to have a gay couple that doesn’t require a set of plot points for their relationship. I’d love to explore horror more, but I’m not sure there’s a market for it in our current group of readers, and I don’t know if horror readers are up for m/m. We’re making strides, but still have a way to go.

B: What authors, inside and outside of the m/m genre, do you most admire?

AJ: Edmond Manning, hands down. His prose is so beautiful, his descriptions so unique and dead-on that I re-read them and wish I could write half as well. Jordan Castillo Price, for her amazing plots. PsyCop remains one of my first and most favorite series in m/m, and I’m more than excited for Mnevermind 2 coming out Feb 19th. Heidi Cullinan gets people’s behavior like no one’s business and I have yet to read a story of hers that hasn’t sucked me in. I’ve offered Amy Lane my yarn stash if she’d write a sequel to The Locker Room, and it’s been over a year since I’ve read A Solid Core of Alpha by her and I still think about it.

Outside the genre, I’ve been into The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and I just bought the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Since The Hunger Games, I’ve found myself more interested in YA than anything else.

B: From where did the inspiration for Queers come?

AJ: I saw a YouTube video about grief and loss and it touched me so deeply that I wanted to take the poor guy in the video and find out what it would be like for him sometime in his future. Would he love again? What would it take for him to risk losing someone? And Brad and Duff were born. From there, Duff’s friends Garrett and Jackson, and Brad’s friend Moonshine came into being, and they were such strong voices, and their stories begged so adamantly to be told, that I had difficulty keeping them from overtaking the original story. After a few months struggling with trying to relegate them to secondary characters, I gave up and let them go where they needed to go. Eventually, Garrett’s story began to eclipse Brad and Duff, and I realized the real path of Queers wasn’t the relationship between one couple, but that between all the characters, and the plot from there took off.

B: Queers is an ensemble cast.  Which, if any, characteristic of each character do you see most in yourself?

AJ: There’s a little piece of me in all my characters, no matter how hard I try to keep it from getting personal. I shut down just like Brad when I’m pushed. I will cutabitch if someone messes with my friends, like Moonshine. I’ve been self-absorbed beyond belief like Garrett. I can be loyal to the point where it’s not healthy for me, like Jackson. Jennica is my wide-eyed optimism. Drake represents my sometimes catty nature. But all the characters are human, fuck up, hurt people without meaning to, make people laugh and do their best by each other, and I like to think that like them, I can learn from my mistakes.

B: So often in musician books, the star is a guitarist and/or lead singer.  Why piano?  What is Duff’s favorite song to perform?

AJ: I took 9 years of piano lessons as a kid, and it’s still to this day, one of my favorite ways to unwind. But more practically, I knew I could speak about music in piano terms with very little research, so it fit something I’m already passionate about and put it in context I was already familiar with. I knew I could write it authentically.

Duff’s favorite song is “Let Me Love You” of course.

B: What is your favorite way to relax? 

AJ: Reading, knitting, or watching movies. Sometimes, just lying down with a good playlist on my iPod and letting the music carry me away. I also want to practice meditation to deal with the stresses of two full time careers, but I haven’t had time to study it recently. Now that Queers is out, I plan to dive into that.

B: Okay we can’t have a musician book without musical inspiration.  Can you share some of the songs from your Queers playlist?

AJ: Oh yes. Music was a huge part of my writing this book, from helping me find the right headspace to finding songs that fit the characters.

Kodaline – All I Want
OneRepublic – Something I Need, I Lived, Counting Stars
Secondhand Serenade – Never Too Late
3 Part – Read All About It
Brandon Flowers – Only the Young
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive, Demons
Ben Cocks – So Cold (this one was on loop during the last several scenes)
Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light It Up)
Eli Lieb – Try (Pink cover)
Great Big World – Say Something
Adam Lambert – Strut
Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
One Direction – You & I
Black Veil Brides – In the End
Pink with Nate Reuss – Just Give Me a Reason
Rise Against – Make it Stop
Skillet – Whispers in the Dark
Ron Pope – Everything, Let Me Go, Atlanta
Red – Pieces
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Muse – Madness

There’s more, but that’s a big chunk of it.

B: What’s the best thing you’ve ever had someone say about one of your books in an email or review? 

AJ: That my story made them think long after they finished reading.

B: Okay so I know you killed yourself getting Queers out the door by 31 Jan.  So, are you taking a break or diving back in?  If the later, what is next?

AJ: I’ve said I want to take a break, but the writing itch doesn’t always obey. I’m already twitching to get started on the trilogy I’m writing next, to which Queers is a prequel. But for the last couple days, I’ve read, watched movies, eaten out a couple times, gone to see Jack Ryan (mmm Chris Pine), and got my Power Exchange tattoos. I think a few more days of this will be nice, but then, back to work.

B: Where can readers find you on the web?

AJ: My blog is http://andrewjrose.wordpress.com
Twitter is @_AJRose
Tumblr is http://ajrosewrites.tumblr.com
Facebook (where I am the majority of the time) is http://www.facebook.com/aj.rose.5473 and my author page there, http://www.facebook.com/ajrosefiction

About the Author

eye2-color-to-bwIt began with a Halloween themed short story assignment from a second grade teacher, and from then on, AJ Rose fell head over heels in love with writing. Even an active social life through school, learning to play the piano in a passable imitation of proficient, and a daring cross country move couldn’t stop the tall tales about imaginary people that refused to be ignored. With college experiences came a change in perspective to romance and passion. A propensity to slash favorite TV characters brought AJ to today, writing mostly M/M for publication. But don’t be surprised if the occasional ghost still pops up.

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“Name a song that takes you back instantly to another time, and what that memory entails.”

Contest ends 11 Feb 2014 @ 11:59pm CST.  18 or older, etc, etc.

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30 thoughts on “AJ Rose Stops by to Discuss Queers and stuff ~ Interview & Giveaway

  1. “Who wants to live forever” by Queen. Loved Queen so much when I was younger. I was devastated when Freddie passed. We had a memorial party for him.. no not somber, Freddie would hated that. We had a party. But that song still slays me emotionally. Glad that Adam is with them, he is amazing! (and Paul Rogers NEVER did Freddie any justice, Adam does!!)

  2. Don’t enter me for the book, I just felt like answering the question. Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Cruel. It’s a song I really shouldn’t like because yeah, not exactly a positive image for women, but that song instantly takes me back to summer. I can feel the warm air blowing in the car windows and my friends and I yelling the chorus because that’s really the only lyrics we knew. Great question!

  3. Byonce-Halo
    It reminds me of my dark and terrible past and how my husband struggled to persevere through all of my bad habits, defenses, and downright fear to bring me out of that darkness and show me what love is really all about. That song is about him and me as if she had written it with us in mind. I played it for my husband one day and we both cried. I told him, that’s what you mean to me.

  4. Fabulous review for a completely captivating book. Many thanks AJ for this and future books, and Brandilyn, I know you loved this as much as I did. 🙂

  5. Fake? feat Anna Tsuchiya – Butterfly (don’t let the sun go down)
    I found it really kept me positive on the days I’m extremely negative. When I just wanted to stay a hermit and not let anyone hurt me. It reminds me of all the people who standby me and try to crack my shell and just want me to live and have fun. A reminder not to let things get to me.

  6. If Tomorrow Never Comes – Ronan Keating

    My mum and I used to work together when she owned a launderette (laundromat) and she’ dj okie that Ronan Keating was her boyfriend. When we worked together we became more than just mother and daughter, so when I lost her in August 2003 it hurt really bad. I hadn’t just lost my mum, but my best friend too. I chose this song to play at her funeral and ever since whenever I hear it I’m either transported back to my time in the launderette, or to the day we said goodbye. X

  7. Oooh Aaah–Boyz II Men.
    My mother was putting a relaxer on my hair while the K103 (Dallas Radio) played the top 8 at 8. When it came down to the #1 song, all we heard was “This is Derek calling from Arlingon and I am dedicating the #1 song “ooh aah” to my boo Ezinwanyi, I love you girl!”
    When my dad looked at me and I thought I was going to die.

  8. Got the book already so dont put me in the draw.
    Song memory – The Gap Band, Oops Upside your Head puts me straight back to The Cave Disco in Douglas in the very early 1980’s!

  9. What it Takes by Aerosmith takes me back to high school, driving around with my friend scream/singing the lyrics out the open windows of her car!

  10. Great Interview AJ and Brandi! I loved ‘Queers’ and read it with such glee, as you can read on this site so don’t enter me in this competition. However, my song choice would be Song to The Siren by This Mortal Coil from a fabulous album but I was given this track by my first love, as he broke up with me. It was inscribed ‘believe it or not, all my love….’ It cruelly lead me to wait for him far beyond the length of time I would have. The power of music…

  11. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    takes me back to when my brother WASN’T a missing person…
    almost 25 years and I still miss him

  12. Join me by HIM. It instantly reminds me of autumn 1999 when I first heard it and fell in love with it. I mostly associate my middle and high school years with it and my obsession with Ville Valo.

  13. The first song that comes to mind is Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. When my husband and I were dating we would crank it up every time his neighbors were yelling at each other and/or “making up”. Every time I hear that song my mind goes right back to that apt.

  14. As much as I love music (and I very much do), I’m one of the rare people who really doesn’t associate particular memories or times to particular songs.

  15. Endless Love with Lionel Richie and Diana Ross! I was in grade 9 and he was in grade 12 and I was so in love with this Jock guy and I would follow him around and day dreamed about him….one day he spoke to me and I came home and Endless Love was on the radio and I sat there and balled my eyes out so that song brings me back to that 13 year old….lol

  16. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers – takes me back to my senior year of High School – wrestling team theme song – we won the state championship that year. I had a mad crush on one of the wrestlers. Thanks for the chance at winning a copy of Queers – I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  17. Loved the interview! Queen’s These are the days of our lives brings me right back to the wonderful years I spent in London in the early nineties.
    Don’t enter me in the draw,own Queers already.

  18. I’m new to A.J. Rose’s work. Clearly I’m missing out! “You Were Meant For Me” by Jewel never fails to remind me of my first date with my husband. We belt it out whenever it comes on. 🙂

  19. I really need to get caught up with AJ Rose’s books! Great interview and thanks for sharing!
    PS. Don’t hate me but I don’t know most of those artists. I hardly listen to the radio and my CD player died so I can’t crank up my old rock music 🙁
    Congrats on your newest release, AJ!

  20. Another PS. Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul always brings me back to my teens: waiting by the front door for everyone to get ready so dad could take us to school. (sorry this is a few mins. late. This computer is possessed and has been locking up badly the past few days.)

  21. Congrats to the winner Yvonne!

    A song that takes me back… Oh so many. Music has always been a big part of my life, so I have lots of answers to this question.

    Everytime I hear “November Rain” by Guns n Roses, I think of a friend that we lost way too soon (when we were teens). Maudlin, I know, but I heard it yesterday, so she has been on my mind.

  22. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding…my all time favorite song – reminds me of hanging out in my first apartment in college being awfully relaxed 😉 So anytime I am stressed just listening to it relaxes me now.

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