Dani Alexander stops by for an Interview & Giveaway with Paisley

When our little group first started working on the relaunch of the blog Brandilyn asked us if we wanted to contact any authors to interview.  The very first author I thought of was Dani Alexander.  When I read Shattered Glass a few years ago I was so impressed by this funny, entertaining and altogether awesome book that I sent a fan letter to Dani, and he graciously wrote back to me.  So I have been fangirl #1 ever since.

Dani – Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me!  I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say how exciting it is to have you stop by and give us an update about how you are doing, and your plans for 2014.

Thank you so much for inviting me. This is exciting for me too. Book chat!–only gaming matches my interest as much as books. (And then I want to write about games. I play Far Cry 3 and I keep putting the main character and the main villain together in dirtybadwrong ways. Don’t judge me.)

Q1: So, 2013 had some tough moments and you are probably looking forward to 2014 being a freakin’ great year – do you mind telling me a bit about life events this past year?

As a writer, I’ve always had these crazy characters in my head. Especially Cai. For a year now,  medical stuff has just consumed that part of me. The characters got quieter and quieter, and then, finally, silent. Most people want the voices out of their heads, I wanted mine back. They’re starting to speak again and I’m feeling like I’m me again because of it. Cai is very demanding. He was the first one to start banging around in my head. He’s demanding I finish editing his story (and also to write more sex scenes, because, obv, I’ve created a pervert.)

Shattered-Glass3-225x300Q2: I want to talk about Shattered Glass and how its success affected your life and your ideas about being an author – what was the hardest part about writing that book?

Honestly, I thought the success would make it easier to write. It hasn’t. It’s made it tougher. Heh. I feel like I want to have the perfect book for everyone. I’m terrified to disappoint anyone. It’s a process I’m working past, with the help my my friends and husband.  I suppose that’s weird—to have success be a block rather than a boon. I look at writers like Kaje Harper and Josh Lanyon (esp them because they’re so prolific—HOW? HOW do they do that?) and they keep getting better. I want to ask them if they’ve ever had this crippling fear like I have.
As for the hardest part of SG? Scrapping the first 75k was probably the most difficult and the best choice I’ve ever made in writing. The decision leading up to that took about six weeks of my tears in a bowl of Cheetos.

Q3: What inspired you to write the story?

I was running out of things to read! And I was in the middle of reading so many WIPs—ICoS (by Sonny & Ais) and Muffin/Matthew (by Mahsa) and Starfighter Comic (by HamletMachine) specifically were ones I’d be checking EVERY day for. Which is just silly because no one could write and polish a story every day (except maybe Kaje and Josh and Amy Lane. I think they could. I might hate them a little for that >8() Frustration was peaking and I just wanted to read something that encompassed all the genres I loved: Slash/mystery/romance/cops/police procedural–plotty stuff with humor. Couldn’t find anything so, I decided to write it. Oddly, SG was supposed to be about Cai. He’d been a character in my head for 2 years (in various forms). Spoiler coming SPOILER ALERT: Then this image came in my head of Peter where he’s in a warehouse, tied to a chair, and gets shot in the head and killed by the partner of my not-created-yet MC (who turned into Austin). In that few seconds of images, I was bombarded with what the MC and the victim had together because of the MC’s grief. That was the beginning idea of SG (or the idea for the ending, I should say). I started writing it. After reading most of the book, the hubby, knowing I had started with that premise, said, “if you kill him, I will never read another book of yours.”
Here’s the irony of that story and why it relates to your question: I started reading and writing slash because I got sick of the Dead Homo Trope. You know that one? Where every gay couple ends with a death. >8( It’s so rampant in Hollywood that the gays must end in tragedy. But things worked out in the end and I learned my lesson. =D. Maybe.
*evil grin while hiding bullet hole in Cai*
(It’s really Riley).

Q4: I have read that you choose to self-publish because you like to have control or your story and covers – have you ever second-guessed that decision?

No way. Not because I wouldn’t love for it to be at a publishing house (it woulda been cool), but because the experience is invaluable. Man is self-pubbing hard, though.

Q5: I am pretty good about reading your blog and I know you have a lot of dedicated fans. I also have to say that you are one of the most gracious and approachable authors I have ever encountered – what is the most interesting thing a fan has asked of you?

That has to be the best thing anyone has ever said about me! Thanks for reading, btw. I’ll try to have some more topics coming up in the next few months.
The most interesting thing a reader ever asked? Nothing. Hey, maybe someone will ask me something weird now? (go on, ask me weird stuff!) Do other authors get asked weird stuff? How come I don’t get weird stuff? I’m approachable dammit! Approach me with weird stuff!

Q6: Do you have any strange writing habits – like wearing bunny slippers while you write or something?

Hah! I do wear bunny slippers! I also have conversations aloud at the dog park while our beagle runs around. I need to hear dialogue. I carry a tablet (pc—because in my youth a tablet meant a legal pad +P) and a keyboard with me EVERYWHERE as well as 2 notebooks and a pen. When I say everywhere, I mean to bed, to the doctor, to the grocery store EVERYWHERE.

Q7: Now the question everyone (and by everyone I mean Marc) wants to know – when can we hope to see the next installment in the series Not So Innocent?

Not-so-innocent-225x300I hope by September. Maybe earlier? Maybe later. I’m writing again. That’s all I can promise. It’s a daily thing, which is more than I can say for the last year. I just can’t make hard date predictions (mostly I want to avoid people wanting to play stabbity with my eyeball, but I also don’t want to disappoint anyone). I’ll tell you what I said to the hubby the other day: “I’m gonna have this book ready by May”. WARNING: Don’t run off with the idea it’s gonna be out in MAY! LOL And while I may plan it that way, I also have to depend on betas and editors time being available. What that means is, May is what I want to have it done by. That’s what I’m shooting for. (oh, ending on a preposition. Sara (my grammar corrector) is gonna go apoplectic when she reads this)

Q8: And tell us about Shatterproof – do you have a timeline for that story’s publication yet?

Shatterproof’s timeline is definitely not set. I’m very wary about setting expectations because a) I don’t want to rush a book to meet a deadline and have it be crap and b) Darryl is so pissy all the time, I may write his book quicker than I think so I don’t have him kicking my skull in and making me as ornery as he is.
Q9: What books/authors inspire or influence you?

Sonny (Santino) Hassel and Aleksandr Voinov. They write the kind of characters I like. Jesse Hajicek has great characters too in one specific story that I’d say inspires me: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2708106/1/Just-Drive-the-Car. I like bad guys, but ones with purpose. I like killers and psychopaths and assassins and vigilantes (oh yes, my boxers disintegrate for vigilantes)–characters who are not just flawed, but REALLY devious and not ‘pretty’. While he’s nothing like the hard edged characters that Sonny and Aleks write, Austin is inspired by their characters. He’s so deeply, deeply flawed with his superficiality and his narcissism and stereotyping and womanizing, misogyny, immaturity, inability to express his real emotions…you name it. They made me unafraid to make my characters be unpretty.

Q10: Where can readers find you on the web?

Too many places? I am all the places.
Except Google+ because no one is there. Why is no one there? =(
Twitter: @mallytweets
Web site
Pinterest  (my cover whoring place)

Finally – is there anything you would like to say/add to the above?

I want to say something cheesy and heartfelt but every time I want to say something meaningful and cheesy, my brain turns into Austinland. Then I start with dick jokes and sexual innuendo. So, I’ll leave with this: Thank you! To all y’all For reading and for keeping the faith. (PS: I said hard three times. And ‘came’. SAID ‘came’ not that I…gonna stop writing now.)

Thank you so much Dani for spending some time to update us on how you are doing and what’s in store for 2014 – we are all very excited to see you back in action.


The Giveaway!

Because we are  so excited that Dani stopped by to give us an update we wanted to celebrate by giving away one $15 Omni eBook Bucks from AllRomance.com.   Just leave a comment between now and Feb 8 at 11:59 and you will be entered into a chance to win. Contest ends 2/9/14. Must be 18 years old, etc.


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41 thoughts on “Dani Alexander stops by for an Interview & Giveaway with Paisley

  1. It is so good to hear that Dani is feeling better and able to write again. Shattered Glass is one of my faves and I can’t wait to read Not So Innocent – when Dani is comfortably able to finish it of course. I’m sure it will be worth the wait! Thanks for the great interview and give away.

  2. I’m such a fan of Dani and so so HAPPY to hear that he’s better and writing again. I will be patiently waiting for Not So Innocent’s release and will be one of the first to buy it the second it’s available!! Thank you Dani for your stories and characters!

  3. I am glad you are back to writing. I have been waiting for Not So Innocent and know it will meet or exceed my expectations when it comes out! Thanks for the interview and the giveaway.

  4. Lovely to hear from Dani. Going to try to tamp down my excitement and go and read those other writers you mentioned in the meantime.

  5. Thank you for the interview and Marc is not the only one waiting for the release of Not so innocent 😉 but I´m glad Dani is feeling better and writes again.

  6. Really happy to see that Dani is again on his way, first for him, cause somebody with such humor and talent and kindness deserves to win his battles. And obviously happy for us, readers, NSI is closer! XD.

    Oh, and I want a shot for your bunny slippers, I’m obsessed with them since I read SG.

  7. Super happy that Dani is having characters in his head again! I loved Shattered Glass and will be excited to read book 2 when it is done

  8. Great interview. Thanks for sharing how you got these ideas. Looking forward to seeing those books when they’re available =)

  9. Great interview and FYI, oh yeah, absolutely I get panicked about every sequel (hell, every next book) coming out and whether it will meet reader expectations. I had to set my Rebuilding Year sequel aside for a bit and write something else, because it feels like a rambling mess that readers will be so disappointed in. But I’ve felt that way for successful sequels (like Breaking Cover) and less successful ones (like the second Wolves book) in about equal measure. So, you know, it’s just a fact of writing and not really rational.

    Thanks for the mentions, (as I now hide my head, having nothing new due out for months – Amy is the amzing one.) And I’m really looking forward to your next story. I’m so glad your health is better and you’re writing again.

  10. Shattered Glass was one of the first M/M romances I read and I loved it so much. I’m looking forward to reading Not So Innocent.

  11. So glad that you are in better health, Dani, and that Cai is being demanding. More sex scenes doesn’t sound like a bad thing 😉

  12. Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes guys. I’m excited to be back writing and plotting my characters’ demis…story. >.>


    PS: Kaje, I’m so glad it’s not just me second guessing! I feel better. I think we should steal Amy’s water. It must be the water.

  13. So awesome to hear that the voices are back Dani. Glad you are feeling better and that Cai is being assertive about his needs. 😉

  14. All those stories you mentioned at the beginning of the post are bringing back fond memories for me! <3 ICoS… So glad to hear that you're feeling better and the voices are piping up again.

  15. So glad to hear that Dani is feeling better. I read Shattered Glass while going through chemo (and really wanted some bunny slippers to wear to treatments), and I can’t wait to read the next two!

  16. Love Dani so freaking much. I’ve reread Shattered Glass about 15 times since the first read and I’m still in love with it, NSI is probably my #1 expected book. I won’t rush it, when it happens it will happens. Glad you are feeling well Sir!

  17. I LOVE Shattered Glass. It was funny, sweet, suspenseful.. just perfect. I am so looking forward to Not So Innocent. So glad you’re doing better.

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