Interview and Giveaway with Diane Adams discussing Last, First Kiss, The Making of Man and more with Beverley

Today we are welcoming author, Diane Adams, to our site and I hope to find out more about her, her feelings about m/m writing and books and her ‘Last, First Kiss’…

Hello, Diane and thank you for giving up your time to answer my probing questions!

Ok. It has to be asked, what brought you into writing for this sub genre of books and have you considered writing for other genres as well?
Hi! Thank you so much for inviting me to be your guest. I first started writing m/m in fanfiction. I was involved in the LOTR fandom quite a few years ago and somehow slid into slashing elves with a friend of mine. From there it was Supernatural and then my first original stories. I’ve tried writing more traditional love stories but the men keep flirting with each other and it’s just ridiculous.

There are two controversies raging around our community at the moment, I
wonder what your feelings are about whether women should be writing m/m romance and about the reporting of people, on Facebook, who post images of men (or two women) kissing?

Two very hot topics!
Frankly I think women should never write m/m romance…Wow, that’d be a pretty silly thing for me to say. My real opinion is that I don’t think the gender of the author matters in any genre as long as the book well written. I’m willing to give anyone a chance. That being said not every author is a good match for every reader. For example, if a person likes a lot of sex in their romance I’m not the girl for them. Which has nothing to do with my gender and everything to do with my style of writing.

As for reporting images on FB, of course I think it’s stupid to turn people in when it’s so easy to hide posts or unfriend someone. Unfortunately if FB doesn’t change their policies there is little we can do about it. I don’t really do much to keep track of who is on my f-list. If someone friends me and I see we only have one or two friends in common I will drop them a PM and make sure they know who I am as there are two other Diane Adams authors. One writes Christian romance and the other children’s books I’m sure neither of their readers want to get a surprise from me! Other than those sort of situations I accept all requests and often send out requests of my own. I’ve been in FB jail once or twice. It sucks and both times was for images that really didn’t break any rules, but they were intimate pictures of gay men. Definitely a double standard going on there.

I hope you saw my review because I enjoyed Last, First Kiss’ very much.
Did you always intend for ‘Gage’ to be so very young and were you scared it might frighten people off, before they read things in context?

I did see your review and thank you so much! I’m really excited by how much people are enjoying Gage and Trent.
I had two inspirations from my real life for the story. The first one was when I passed a young man walking along the road on my way to work one morning. I had another title in mind and actually created a folder for the story. Not long after in my place of work a man told us his sons both had girlfriends expecting babies. One of his sons was 16 the other was 14.
It was a long time after that I put the two ideas together, and I do understand that what I wrote is highly romanticized version of such a situation. I doubt there are any real life stories that turn out the way things did in Last First Kiss.
I was really worried about a couple things in the book, one was of course Gage’s age. I was very relieved when I submitted the book to Love Lane Books and Rj Scott approved it. I was also a bit worried about the kids, I know there are some readers who do not like children in their romance stories. I tried very hard to keep a good balance and not let them take over. Cute kids and dogs can do that, lol.

One of the points I raised in my review was how much I loved the presentation of events in this novel where, small things really mattered because life is full of small things. Did you ever feel the temptation to add a big crash or natural disaster into the mix?
I actually tried to have some huge thing happen, I had more than one idea, but they just never fit into the flow of the book. I realized that the things the guys already faced were pretty huge. I doubt Gage could have handled anything else. It’s the day to day things and how we handle them that truly make us the people that we are. The big things test us, but the small things mould us.

My only very slight criticism was that I felt the ending, although desired, was very sudden and glossed over a bit. I don’t want to give too much away…why did you decide not to show the readers how Gage reached his part of the happy ending? (I for one would have loved to stay in the world of Gage and Trent for a bit longer)
The second book of Southern Comfort series is going to focus on Trent and Gage and so you get more! There are several things I want to address which would have taken about another 50K to include in Last First Kiss. The thing that seemed most rushed was finding out Cara had carried through with a divorce. I believe the cause behind that was mainly a result of the story being told from Trent’s POV. The journal entries were useful for giving a glimpse of Gage’s side of things, but it really was only a glimpse. When I realized how abrupt it seemed to so many readers I itched to go revise some things and smooth them out somehow. Too late! I think this is something that happens to authors very often.
I have a lot of ideas for the second book already and the third book will be Jax’s turn.

I have been asking all my interviewees, what they think about conventions like GRL and UKMeet and if they attend, what they like the most and the least?
What I would like most is to be able to go! I’ve not been able to attend one of the conventions yet, but I’m looking forward to earning enough to be able to attend one day.

It’s an old question I know but we are always interested to know where writers get their inspiration and ideas from, can you tell us a bit about your inspirations and muses?
Well, I already told you about Last First Kiss. I think most of my ideas are like that, some small thing will make me start thinking. The next thing you know I’ve gone down some weird rabbit trail and have to make a new folder for a future book.
I wrote the first part of The Making of a Man series when I started thinking it would be interesting if a couple met while they were still pretty young and sort of ‘raised’ each other. I was terrified when Our December was published because of Alex’s youth (he is only 15). Now I’m planning book 7 the last in the series.
I think life is a challenge. Finding someone to love, creating a life with that person and making it work those are the ideas I use to build my stories. I write about men, but it doesn’t matter who is loving who. Love is always beautiful.

What are your feelings about integrating LGBTQ books into the, so called mainstream, fiction and romance categories?
I think it would be awesome for LGBTQ books to be included in those categories. Can you imagine a day when LGBTQ books of every genre are included as just another book, without being set apart due to the sexual orientation of the characters? When that day comes, that is the day we’ve won.

What advice would you give your younger self about starting out to be a published author?
Everyone writes at their own speed. Just because I cannot turn out books every six weeks I’m not a failure.
To be very, very careful because sometimes the nice guys are the crooks.
People really do like what you write. So WRITE.

Finally, what can you tell us about the projects Diane Adams is working on at the moment and for the future?
I’m always nervous about this questions…how much to tell. What if I change my mind! So bearing in mind that I often change my mind, here’s what I have planned this year.
I’m currently working on a Vampire story. I hope to give it a few a twists that I’m not quite ready to reveal. I will say there is no sparkling. The working title is Say it’s for Love. First in a series, but the series does not yet have a name.
Next up will be Southern Comfort 2, which will continue to tell Trent and Gage’s story.
And then I think The Making of a Man book 7. Which will be the last book in the Making of a Man Series.

After that it’ll probably be the next supernatural book (werewolves) and then Southern Comfort 3 with Jax and Lane (already introduced in Love Lane Books Christmas Delights Anthology, the story Christmas Lightning)

You’ll notice I didn’t give a timeline. My publisher and I have decided that it’s best for me to refrain from promising dates until after edits are done. I’m slow but I’ll give you a time frame! My ambition is to publish at least once a quarter, which will be two more books this year than last.

I guess that’s it, I’ve answered them all and it was fun! Thank you to everyone who stuck through to the end. I really love and appreciate you all.
Thank you again for your time and very generous giveaway!


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