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I would like to thank Josephine Myles for joining us today to talk about stuff and things.  Check out Caroline’s review of Tailor Made.  Don’t forget to read to the end to find out about the awesome give away!


I recently read Tailor Made which I loved by the way. I hadn’t realised it was part of the  ‘Hot College Daze’ collection until I finished.  How does a collaboration of so many books and authors like that work?

Thank you so much! That was the original edition that was part of the Hot College Daze collection, which was put out by Amber Quill Press. The way it worked was with a submission call for m/m novellas with a college setting, and I entered it back before I’d had my first novel published. The authors actually didn’t have anything to do with each other in terms of promotion or branding—it was purely the publisher’s responsibility. However, Lou Harper also had a book in that collection which she’s also rereleasing this spring, so we will join together to do the odd bit of promo for Tailor Made and her Academic Pursuits.

Which of your books are you most proud of and why?

All of them! The answer will be different on different days, but I think the short story First Impressions is my most literary one and the one I’d be most likely to send in support of my application should I ever decide to go for that MA in Creative Writing I’ve had my eye on. Other than that, though, I’m really proud of the way I introduced a third into an established relationship in The Hot Floor, and still managed to write a non-angsty ménage romance which readers tell me they love.

Can you tell us what you have in the pipelines for 2014?

Certainly. Book 2 in The Bristol Collection is called Stuff and will be out in May. Stuff tells the story of Mas, who was a supporting character in Junk. After that there’ll be Custom Fit—the  sequel to Tailor Made—which should be novella length and out in July. Then the BDSM romantic comedy I’m currently in the middle of writing (How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps) will be released at the end of September. It’s going to be a busy year! Wonder if I’ll manage to fit in another novella before the year is out?

How does your writing process work when you first start out with an idea? Do you base any of the characters on people you know or do they all come from your imagination?

I usually have the main “hook” and a key scene or two in mind (often comic ones) before I start writing. I’ll make some notes on the main two characters and the general story arc, then dive in. Once I’m about a third of the way through I can generally plot out the rest in more detail, but I prefer to wait until I’ve got to know the characters first. They often surprise me and turn out different to how I’d originally planned!

Main characters are always from my imagination, but I have been known to base minor characters on colourful people from my past. Stella in The Hot Floor was one, as were a few of the boaters in Barging In.

Do you find much time to read yourself and what sort of books do you enjoy?

Now I’m a single mum and full-time writer I don’t find nearly as much time to read as I used to, and these days I fare best with books I can easily dip in and out of. That tends to mean contemporaries most of the time because I find it hard work keeping track of the world-building in fantasies/sci-fi. Some of my favourite authors in the m/m genre are Jordan Castillo Price, Heidi Cullinan, Josh Lanyon, KA Mitchell, KJ Charles, JL Merrow, Anne Tenino, Lou Harper… I could go on!

If you were given the opportunity to meet anybody in the world…who would that person be and why?

I think David Attenborough would be wonderful to chat with. He’s travelled around so much of the world and I love listening to him presenting his wildlife programmes. He’d have so many fascinating stories.

Have you ever experienced writers block? If so what advice would you give to clear it?

I have, and it has always happened when I’ve been stressed about other stuff going on in my life, like illness, moving house or my marriage breaking up. I’ve now learnt not to feel bad about it when it happens, and to concentrate on sorting out my real life issues before trying to sit down and write again. It really helps as well if I eat well, exercise and make sure I take time to relax and be creative in other ways, like gardening, crochet and dressmaking.

When you first started writing who would you say was your main influence?

I suspect it was JL Merrow, as I just adored the way she gave her characters very British voices, at a time when everyone was telling me I’d have to write American to have any chance of success in the m/m genre. Jamie hadn’t had her first novel out at the time but I found her through a short story in an anthology and then devoured everything she’d written. I wrote her a fangirl letter and she was kind enough to offer to crit my work. We’re now firm friends and critique partners.

Within the m/m genre who are your favourite characters?

I just adore Vic and Crash from Jordan Castillo Price’s Psycop series. Other than those two, I have a weakness for sparky, slightly femme lads like Eli from KA Mitchell’s Bad Boyfriend and Angelo from Marie Sexton’s Coda series.

What is the funniest reaction you have had from friends or family when they find out what you write?

My dad, who is a born again Christian and not terribly comfortable with the whole “gay” thing, asked me over the dinner table how much detail I included in the sex scenes. I blushed and tried to evade the question, and then he asked if I included things like “tongues going places”. He didn’t seem terribly scandalised to discover I do. It was an excruciating moment at the time, but in hindsight it does make me giggle! I wonder what “places” he was imagining?!

Tailor Made blurb:

When Mr. Wrong measures up just right!

College tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks, but for his final show he’s planning something even more outrageous. In a last ditch attempt to seduce his jaded tutor, Felix plans to wear the canvas in a subversive display. However, if he’s going to do this right he’ll need a tailor-made canvas suit. Fortunately, he knows just the tailor to turn to for the favour—and Felix isn’t shy about offering favours of a very different kind in return.

First year fashion student Andrew Wheeler knows Felix by reputation only–and plans to keep things that way. Andrew’s determined to save himself for the man of his dreams, and Felix couldn’t be more different from his ideal Mr Right. There’s only one use Andrew will contemplate for Felix’s body: a model for his end of year project. Trouble is, it’s going to involve a lot of close contact with a nearly naked Felix, and Andrew’s never had temptation quite so close at hand!

contemporary, gay erotic romantic comedy
2nd electronic edition: 10th February 2014
Original publication: January 2012, Amber Allure
ebook novella – 29,000 words
Cover art by Lou Harper

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Author bio:

English through and through, Josephine Myles is addicted to tea and busy cultivating a reputation for eccentricity. She writes gay erotica and romance, but finds the erotica keeps cuddling up to the romance, and the romance keeps corrupting the erotica. Jo blames her rebellious muse but he never listens to her anyway, no matter how much she threatens him with a big stick. She’s beginning to suspect he enjoys it.

Jo publishes regularly with Samhain. She’s one of the organising team behind the UK Meet, an annual event celebrating GLBTQ fiction. She has also been known to edit anthologies and self-publish on occasion.

Website and blog:


Twitter: @JosephineMyles





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  1. OMG – I cannot believe your dad asked you that question!! I think I would have passed out if that happened to me. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  2. I read and enjoyed Taylor Made a lot. I wondering what differences there are from the first edition. I’m excited about the sequel.

    • The changes are on pretty much every page, but they’re very minor, Jbst. It was more fiddling around with words and sentences to make them clearer and more in character. The story remains the same 🙂

  3. Just want to say I love your writing and please don’t ever write in “American”. I hear and speak it every day and love reading your British speak.

  4. I love her books and Tailor Made was sensational! Thank you for this wonderful interview. LOL, the dad talk! I’ve had some similar discussions with my mom XD

  5. I am ridiculously excited about Stuff coming out in May! I loved Junk so much, and am so very happy that we get Mas’s story as well. 😀

  6. I would’ve died right on the spot, face in soup bowl, if my dad would’ve asked me such question! LOL Well, at least you were honest with him and he felt comfortable enough to ask. My mom knows I write but I’ve never told her what I write about. Don’t think I will either. If she asks for a copy of my book once it gets published I think I’ll give her a comic book instead! LOL
    Congratulations on your latest book and I hope to read that one and many more from you! Thanks for the great interview!

    • Heh, I did write a completely clean short story once just so my dad could read it. He was curious as to what my writing is like. He hasn’t asked to read anything else since, although at least he’s stopped asking when I’m going to start writing “proper” books. I think I’m getting royalty cheques that are big enough to pay the rent, bills, AND go on holiday abroad, that counts as a proper book in his eyes.

  7. After I had died, I would at some point have had the thought: how does he know about that? Why is that his first question??? Ack.
    Please, please never lose your English voice – it’s an important part of your stories in my opinion (and I do love them) plus I, for one, enjoy the variety.
    Thank you for writing great stories

  8. I enjoyed the Hot Floor and have added others to my tbr list. The new BDSM romantic comedy sounds like it will be interesting as you don’t usually find those very often.

  9. I loved THE HOT FLOOR too, and have been wanting to read TAILOR MADE for a while…oddly enough, it and FIRST IMPRESSIONS are the two Jo books I’ve missed, I think!

  10. I cannot imagine why anyone would think that American readers cannot understand British writers! How bizarre! We spend an entire year on British writers only in high school, and read them in many other years. And then, there is Shakespeare. I rather like learning new slang, and the British spellings don’t bother me at all. Keep up your style — it works for you!

  11. You think you know English and then you read “British” and realise, no you don’t know English until you are able to actually get it and laugh till you cry!

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