Rhiannon Wellman stops by with a GIVEAWAY to talk about her books and writing process ~ Interview by Marc

I would like to thank Rhiannon Wellman for joining us today to talk about her latest release Red On the Moon and give one of our readers their own copy.


Congratulations on the nomination for “Ad-Dick-tion vol. 3” as best anthology by Breathless Press. Can you tell our readers about your story “Animal Magnetism”, the idea behind the anthology and where to buy and vote for it?

Animal Magnetism came about because I finally worked up the courage to submit a story for publication. I had been pointed in the direction of Breathless Press by a friend and had spent about a month reading their submission page before I decided to write something.

As for the plot line, it was sparked by something Hubby said to me when I told him the brief.

When Simon took his dog for a walk I had neither an idea what he would find in the woods, nor what would happen next; there was no plan it just flowed. When I found out it had been accepted it was New Year’s Eve; I was just about to go out when, I checked my email and had the contract. It was an amazing way to start 2013

You can vote for it on this link, it is part of the Ad-Dick-tion anthology

and you can buy it here

That truly must have been a great way to start off 2013. I’m glad you decided to submit a story for publication in my favorite genre. Have you always wanted to write M/M stories even before you thought about submitting one to a publisher? How did you stumble upon the genre?

M/M is my favourite but I do write M/F too. I started writing and reading the genre purely by accident. I found a fanfiction story which had an mm theme. I’d never read a fanfiction story before or anything with an M/M explicit sex scene in it, but I was hooked. I found myself reading all I could find and after a few months having a go at writing one of my own. From there my confidence grew as a writer and I kept writing more and more. All M/M! I have over 75 fanfiction stories published; I know it’s not proper publishing, but I will keep doing it a bit, because it’s where I started and without it, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Well, there are a few very popular stories out there that are fanfiction (like “The Student Prince” by FayJay) or used to be fanfiction (like “I’ll be your Drill, Soldier” by Crystal Rose). I think it’s a very common gateway drug to get into this genre. And now you are about to publish your first standalone M/M story ;). What will your new shifter story be about and when will we be able to read it?

Yes, fanfiction is very popular; I keep telling people to try it, if they want to see what people think about their style.

Yes, “Red On The Moon”, my first stand alone M/M, is  for sale starting  today ($1.99).

Lucas Donald is a detective in charge of a case of a serial killer. This killer has deluded himself that he’s a werewolf, unknowing that he is in fact being hunted by a true Werewolf. Lucas is going to be assisted on this case by Toby Devin, a young intelligent profiler from the FBI, and possibly the single most beautiful person to walk the planet as far as Lucas is concerned.

I love shifter stories and the idea of mates, a person whose sole completes yours is so very appealing, and the fact all they seem to want to do is shag over any available surface is a bonus

Are there any other sub genres and tropes that that interest you and that you might explore in the future? Like Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

I’m very eclectic; lots of different stories tend to work their way into my head. I’m just editing a story that is a regency story with cross dressing, a bit of comedy and naturally lots of sex, too. I’ve also started a fantasy story about the monsters that hide in shadows, the truth behind the stories that are told to children to make them behave, the stories that are found to be true when a child is stolen away in the dead of night…

Wow, those sound very intriguing. I hope you will keep us up to date as the stories get closer to being finished!  Do you have any literary idol who inspires you writing? If yes, what aspect of their writing do you admire the most?

Terry Pratchett has been a favorite of mine since my brother first threw a copy of one of his books at my head and told me to stop asking what he was laughing at and read it my bloody self.

I now have all of his books and have read them so often i could probably quote most of it word for word.

I love that he can combine humor and plot so well. There is something about his work that just won’t let you put a book down; I love it!

A friend introduced me to the Disc world books and I agree; the author is very funny, in a unique way. I think a lot of people appreciate well-placed humor in the books they read, so I hope they will check out your stories! Do you keep a file with story ideas? And what do you do if you get ideas at unfortunate moments, when you can’t write them down directly?

I have notebooks for all my stories so I can take them with me where ever I go and I always have a place to write them down. I do get ideas at inappropriate times, like when I’m in traffic. I tend to play the ideas in my head like a movie on repeat, so when I get home I can write them down. I’m not sure how, but I can usually keep several ideas in my head separate and can just switch gears, which considering I’m dyslexic is feat in its self.

Great that you have found a way to keep track of all your ideas! What was the craziest story idea you have ever had and what do you do when you are working on an idea that just doesn’t want to work? Get some distance or kill your darling?

The craziest idea… wow that’s a hard one, probably the cross dressing regency story I mentioned earlier. The premise of the story is that when Joseph parents die in India, where he’s used to being able to do what he likes including dressing as he wants to, he’s sent to live with his grandmother.  She’s old and short-sighted, so when Jo arrives with long hair and a dress she assumes Jo is short for Josephine not Joseph. The thing is, according to Grandma all young women should be married, and she has invited a perfect young man for ‘her’.

If an idea starts to get naughty in my head, I’ll swap to another one. It’s why I always have at least four on the go at all times!

I feel that way with the books I read. I have several different ones I read at one time, so I have something for whatever mood I’m in. How important are secondary characters for you and your stories and do you try to include strong supporting female characters to counterbalance the male MCs?

All the Characters are important, even just those that just pop-up once, because you need them to make the story run smoothly. I never sit down and think, ‘I need a…’ – as I’m writing a character will start to develop or just wave a quick hello say something meaningful and disappear into the darkness that is the gray matter of my brain.

You seem to have a few really awesome characters drop by 😉 So, what is the most difficult part of a story for you to write?

The most difficult part is getting my people to do as they are told. I have plans, some lovely plans, and my people have a nasty habit of doing whatever they damn well feel like. However, it seems to turn out well, and apparently most of them are sex mad.

LOL. I don’t think you are not the only author who hears voices that dictate them what to write! I hope that they will bring you to interesting places, even if they are not the places you expected.  So, do you edit your stories while you work or do you let the characters run free, and take a step back before trying to bring sanity to it all?

The only editing I do while I’m still writing the story is to get rid of the many red lines; occasionally I go back to make sure I’ve added a detail that becomes important later on.

So, how do you start your stories? With a character? A scene? A trope or situation?

It can be anything; sometimes it’s just a sentence. I once heard the sentence ‘Well I suppose wall paper paste does look like lube’. I turned that into several thousand words of pwp.

Do you think it’s rewarding to go to conventions like UK Meet and/or to be available to your fans in other ways? What was the most interesting or heartfelt thing a fan has ever told you?

I’ve never been to a convention; I would really love to one day, but that’s not to say I don’t speak to fans. I have a fan page on Facebook and I get messages from people who read my fanfiction, too. Its strange that you should ask that question today, when yesterday I had an email from a young lady that said she’d been having a hard time of things over the last year and the story she’d read had made her laugh and smile for the first time and that she’d been able to keep smiling. The fact that something I’d written had made her feel that way was astounding and very humbling.

It’s great that you had such a positive encounter with a fan. I’ve heard that many authors don’t read their reviews anymore. Do you still read them and do they affect in any way the way you write?

I always read my reviews (one of my fanfiction stories has 1518 reviews and I’ve read them all) i feel that if people have taken the time to tell me what they think, it’s the least I can do to read it. The same if anyone messages me or comments on my fan page; I will always reply. People don’t have to send a message me; it’s only polite for me to respond.

I think that is a great way to do things. I understand that some things can be hard to read, but as reviewer I take a lot of time to find the right words, especially if it wasn’t a perfect story for me, so it is very good to know that some authors still appreciate every review. So are there any other projects planned that we haven’t talked about? And would you mind sharing an excerpt or teaser of one of them with our readers?

Oh my goodness, don’t make me look at my to-do list… (Let me open my list up)

Bloody hell, I have 12 stories in various stages of completion.

The one I seem to be spending most time on at the moment is called “Writers Block”. I’m not entirely sure where it will end up or how i will get to where I want to, but it’s the story of a writer Mark who, when out walking his dog, rescues a young boy who has run away from home – and his father. Ben has been trapped in a loveless marriage because a mistake in his last few months of high school, a stupid attempt to try not to be what he knew in his heart.

I can’t give you an extract because I haven’t written enough

Thank you very much for taking the time for this live interview. I had a great time talking to you! It seems like we will get to read many new stories from you, soon

They’ll probably have to bury my computer and note books with me.  I’ve had fun today, thank you for having me!

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