Sid Love discusses, his First Novella and Being a Gay man in India, with Beverley

We are pleased to be able to welcome Sid Love to our blog site to tell us a little more about himself and his debut publication, the novella ‘Holding on to Hope‘.

Hi Sid and welcome to Prism Book Alliance! I read your novella last night and it’s a sweet read. I think many first published works are a little hesitant, in how far can they push out of their comfort zone. Was it difficult to make that move, to put your work into the outside world for judgement?

First of all, thank you so much for the warm welcome, Bev. It’s such a pleasure for me to be here.

To answer your question – I wouldn’t say it was difficult for me to get my work out to the world because when I wrote, I never intended on getting it published. This story was written for the spring anthology on the Gay Authors site that had a theme of “A Night to Remember”. I entered my story Holding on to Hope there and got an amazing response from my readers and followers there. One of them suggested me that I should consider publishing it. And I was like – it doesn’t hurt to try, does it? 😉

I’m not sure how many spoilers are out there but I shall try to avoid them. I have had several novels to beta read, from prospective authors in the Asian sub continent that were written in this ‘vein’, is this a popular theme in India for stories.?

Really? I had no idea of that trend. Though I am sure every author claims this but my story is quite different from the ones you might have read to date in this genre. It is filled with the thrill of what might happen with the characters by the end of the book as well as the power of love that binds them together.

Can you tell us a little bit about life in Mumbai as a young gay man?

It is complicated and a lot difficult to live openly in India. People are very conservative by nature around here and they are judgemental about anything different in front of their eyes. Being gay is a matter of hilarity for some and some pretend that it doesn’t exist at all. Of course, there are people who support GLBT, especially celebrities but they are very few.

Recently a judgement was passed in the court of law that labelled homosexual relationships as crime. Things like that doesn’t help.

But there is hope because I see GLBT people voicing their unhappiness. We have a group in Mumbai that organizes events for the community not just for fun but including events like seminars (eg.: counselling for parents of GLBT kids), Pride Parades and lots of good stuff.

Your blog is very popular, how long have you been running it and did you keep your identity a secret, deliberately?

My blog has been around for 11 months now. We will be celebrating our 1st anniversary next month! I love that it has grown so popular and I feel like a proud papa toward it. And as for keeping my author identity a secret – I never did that. The “About Us” page on my blog has my bio which indicated that I have been writing for quite some time now. 🙂

Is there a market for m/m romances etc in India? We see things on the media that suggest India is not always safe for the LGBTQ community, how do you feel about it?

I can’t say for sure if there is or isn’t a market for M/M Romance because I don’t know. People may be reading a lot of these novels behind closed doors but no one would ever dare to talk with their friends openly about the fabulous book they read in an M/M genre even if it was the best book they ever read! They will always be afraid of judgemental eyes of the society, in general. That’s how it is.

Have you other writing projects on the go just now and what areas are you working on?

Holding on to Hope was my first attempt at writing something in paranormal genre. I like to be versatile so you may find me trying my hand in every genre. I am currently working on the sequel to this book as well as an Adult Romance. 🙂

Do you hope, one day, to be able to write and blog as your main job?

Of course. But I can’t do that already. You see it’s been only over six months that I got my first ever job and I am definitely enjoying the new experience 😀

What advice would you give to new writers looking to find a publisher for their work?

Research on the basis of what your requirements are and whether the publisher you are about to approach can fulfil them for you. It is your work and your baby – no one else’s- and you are about to give it in someone else’s hands. Make sure those helping hands are the best to nurture your baby. I was lucky to get a publisher that knew the true value of my work. 🙂

Thank you again Sid for talking to us today. Congratulations on ‘Holding on to Hope‘ and take care of yourself.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and for the interesting interview. It was nice getting to know you better Sid. I love you blog and visit it everyday, although I don’t leave a lot of comments.

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