Rough Boys 3: Revenge by J. Vaughn ~ Review by Beverley with Giveaway

It’s always hard when you’re getting to know a new author and you are going to have to write a less than glowing review of their work. I appreciate that it takes immense bravery to put your work out for judgement and I hope to someday have that amount of bravery. However, if I write a less than honest review I demean myself as well as the author.18866059

Title: Rough Boys: Revenge

Author: J. Vaughn

Publisher: Divergent Publishing (Feb 2014)

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5*


Ty and Abe are deliriously happy together—which makes more than one person crazy for revenge. Can they survive Tim’s jealous backlash as well as Ty’s father’s psychopathic “cure” for their relationship?
Dani learns some surprising things about himself as he and Nigel take their relationship to the next level.

Sean and Nigel’s band, Leather, is climbing the charts, but fame and fortune won’t mend broken hearts, and when one of Kaeden’s escort dates goes horribly wrong, Sean takes foolish chances with his life and love.

The boys face more danger and heartache in this gripping final novel of the Rough Boys series.

My View

I have several issues with this, the third novel in J. Vaughn’s ‘Rough Boys’ Trilogy. Many of the issues would have been solved with the use of a good editor. I’m not sure if the author is editing her own work, but I would suggest that this is very difficult to do. A good independent editor is worth their weight in gold.

Firstly, editorial issues; The spellings used, to represent the character Sean’s Irish brogue, are actually Scottish as in ‘bairn’ and ‘cannae’ and ‘wee dram’. There were some spelling mistakes, which were definitely unwelcome in sex scenes where the ‘prostate’ was spelled as ‘prostrate’. Additionally, we have moments where Erin’s father is suddenly referred to as her ‘Uncle’. As I mentioned a good editor would clear up these problems but this is a published work so these mistakes should not be there. I’m sure an honest editor would have pointed out the problems with the plot and holes in that plot, as well.

Plot issues. This third novel is entitled ‘Revenge’ and that is what I expected. There were several characters who deserved some justice to be sure. However, that is not really what you get with this novel. One horrible protagonist, who deserves to meet his comeuppance is, Tim. He is a drug dealer who raped Ty, after he stole his drugs, in the last instalment. In this Tim plots worse and gathers his thugs together to enact his plan. However, after months of hate and rehab, from injuries wreaked upon him by Ty’s boyfriend Abe, Tim gives up and changes his behaviour totally. The epiphany occurs after seeing that Ty really loves Abe because he cries when Abe is shot and critically wounded. This happens just before Tim and his thugs can beat Abe to near death.

Sean tries to bring about a revenge on Mark, for the terrible crimes he perpetrated on Kaeden, and ends up saving Mark’s latest victim. I expected this to be the central story, but it is dealt with very quickly. There is no big search for Sean, for his part in the rescue of this boy and beating up Mark, and he rejoins the band with no repercussions. The revenge theme disappears completely from here on and seems instead to be documenting how each of the MCs overcome issues in order to be able to have anal sex with their partners.

This is my next issue, the different synonyms used for the sexual acts. I will only detail two,

Dani managed…a few masculine grunts as he emptied his balls into his lover’s bowels.


…took a whiff of his enticing bulge,…

Some of the sex scenes were very hot and the situations were too, but there are ways of describing a sex act that will be a turn on, whilst other descriptions will cause quite a different reaction,

Kaeden’s cock plumped instantly, puffer-fish-style.

I’m quite sad because J. Vaughn’s 2nd book in this trilogy was very enjoyable. However, my final problem with this novel is what caused me to give it a low rating. Throughout the trilogy, the author draws a very strong picture of Ty‘s abusive, homophobic, extremely racist and possibly psychotic father. This character has committed outrages on his son and everyone around him for years. Following his incarceration in jail for attempted murder, he is ‘celled’ with a seven foot, muscular, homosexual black man called Murphy, who immediately starts making sexual come ons,

Oh, Dickie, you and I are gonna be good friends,…You stay away from me you fucking nigger!

this exchange and the following are heard by the prison guards.

‘Fuck no! Don’t touch me you fuckin’ faggot!’ The new inmate was now clearly panicked.

There is more sexual innuendo, sounds of scuffles and frantic protests, which become muffled. The guard is told by a more experienced one to ‘chill’ and ignore it he then says,

It’ll all work out. You’ll see. Let Murphy work his black magic.

This didn’t sit well with me. Then just six months on, in the epilogue, we discover his father is now not only totally repentant but gay and in love with his black cell mate Murphy and having and enjoying lots of anal sex,

Oh! Murph! Murph! I want your big black cock in me.

This did not sit at all well with me.

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8 thoughts on “Rough Boys 3: Revenge by J. Vaughn ~ Review by Beverley with Giveaway

  1. The only parts of the above review i agree with are the parts about Sean, Tim and Ty’s father. I did feel that Tim and Ty’s father should have felt more consequences from their behaviour in respect to Ty. When it comes to stories i am very vindictive and would have liked to see them beaten and given a taste of their own medicine in prison.
    I also agree with the comment about Seans brogue.
    However the other comments i do not agree with. I enjoyed all the sex scenes and liked reading the different ways the author used to describe the acts the characters took part in. Sean was not pursued for the attack on Mark as the security tech changes the video feed. This is explained.
    I have read and enjoyed all three of these books and look forward to reading lots mire from this author

  2. I appreciate the honesty of your review. It’s helpful to me to read reviews that have the good and not so good in it. Certain review websites seem to have mostly five stars all of the time and say what a great read only.

    Time and money is a concern for all of us, and I want to spend it wisely. Based on their judgment, people can buy a book or not. Thanks for your review.

  3. Thanks for your review. I can see some of your points but I hope that this rating of the final book will not discourage people from reading the trilogy. I think it’s definitely worth a read.

  4. Thanks for the review. You pointed out a lot of issues, that may or may not bother readers. It really helps those of us who are a bit wary of the blurb and are unsure whether or not to buy.

  5. I know writing less than glowing reviews is extremely hard, but I think you did it in a very fair and constructive way.

  6. Last month J. asked me to promote her series on my blog and I offered to interview it as well. I just published the interview last week, pretty much at the same time as you and I’m amazed at the difference in rating ( I gave it 4.5 stars with valid arguments), but at the same time, I understand why some people may not like this series. It’s quite a tough read because of the subjects the author approaches. I’m guessing this is one of those series you either love or hate.
    Still, I have to say that people really shouldn’t be discouraged of reading the books. The sex scenes are hot, the characters are lovable, and there’s enough action and angst to make it a very exciting read. There aren’t that many editing errors to make it insufferable either. I actually liked that the villains redeemed themselves. So it really depends on the reader.
    Either way,I don’t think it deserves such a low rating. At most a 3.5-4 stars, but 2.5 sounds very harsh. IMHO. Hope people will give it a chance. It’s not a waste of money.

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