The Talisman Ring of Amenhotep by Zev de Valera ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰


20574766Title:  The Talisman Ring of Amenhotep

Author:  Zev de Valera

Publisher:  MLR Press

Rating:  3 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

Can one innocent act change your life forever?

When mild-mannered veterinarian Julian Wingate picks up an unusual bauble for a song in Cairo’s Khan-al-Kalili, he has no idea that the acquisition of this ancient ring will alter the course of his future. Recently widowed from the famous Egyptologist Theo Barojas, Julian finds himself on the point of tossing aside all reminders of the past; eager to start his new life with an old love …. but the curious ring – boxed away for almost a year – beckons … Once Julian slips the artifact upon his finger, nothing in his well-ordered life will ever be the same.

My View

This interesting little short is reminiscent of Indiana Jones with a sprinkling of a superhero tale. Sorry, I’m not up on my superheros otherwise I’d be more specific. Maybe the Green Lantern? There’s a ring with some sort of magical powers? As typical of this archetype there has to be a villain. In the case of The Talisman Ring of Amenhotep is an enigmatic female everyone refers to as The Directrix. Well, all indications point to her being villainous; she’s powerful, her office is high up in the building, no one knows much about her but they’re all intimidated by her. I kept hoping for a cat to appear for her to stroke. Foiled again!

Back to this ring. So, Julian and his partner, Theo who’s an archeologist specializing in Egyptology, go to Egypt and whilst shopping Julian meets an odd man who insists he take a “great gift”. Julian’s dismayed by this and hides it from Theo until they get home. Naturally, Theo recognizes the importance of the ring immediately but dies suddenly 3 days later of a brain aneurysm, so Julian stashes the ring until he decides to attend a posthumous collection of his life’s work at The Met where he bumps into a reporter, Hiroshi Sato. Guess who he works for? Highly sought, this ring is.

I enjoyed this short. It’s adventurous with good pacing. The characters probably could’ve been fleshed out more, but I’m guessing with the ending that this is only the beginning. The prose is flowery and loaded with adjectives, but very few errors. I liked the story arc but I wouldn’t categorize this as a romance. It’s far more action/adventure than romance in my opinion.

If you enjoy adventure tales or superheros, you’ll enjoy this.

Where to Buy

MLR Press


I would like to thank MLR Press for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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