Guarded by Cat Grant LA Witt ~ Review by Caroline

Sexy hot rock star!! How could I say no!?!

: Guarded

Author: Cat Grant  LA Witt

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

On the surface, rock star Jordan Kane has it all. His band No Rules is burning up the charts and headlining a world tour. His bodyguard doubles as a hot, kinky boyfriend who knows just how to push all his buttons. But behind the scenes, he’s suffocating.

Jase Hewitt never imagined he’d have a shot at bedding the larger than life rock star – never mind dominating him – but now he’s worried he’s in over his head. Jordan’s kinks run deep, dark, and sometimes dangerous, putting Jase’s desires to both pleasure and protect him at odds.

They might have a fighting chance at finding the safe, happy medium between what Jordan needs and what Jase is willing to give, but there’s one problem: Daniel, Jordan’s childhood best friend, the band’s talented guitarist — and a volatile, hard-partying drug addict. Jordan is determined to save Daniel from himself, but Jase has been there, done that, and desperately wants to protect Jordan from the inevitable heartache of watching an addict self-destruct.

When Daniel goes off the rails again, Jordan calls off the tour to get him help. Tension within the band skyrockets and pressure from the record label sends Jordan into a dark spiral. Now his band — and his life — are balanced on a knife’s edge, and Jase is the only one who can pull him back… but only if the echoes of his own tragic past don’t push him over first.

My View

Jordan Kane is at the pinnacle of his career with his rock band No Rules. He has come a long way from playing small clubs with his best friend and band guitarist Daniel and they should be living the dream right?  But the higher you fly the further you drop and with Jordans need for a dangerous kink and Daniels need for any drug he can get his hands on things are about to crash.

Jordan tends to sleep and then fire a lot of male crew members when the band is on the road. Once they realise what he needs they all tend to flee. When Jase Hewitt is assigned as his bodyguard and neither of them could have realised what a perfect fit they may be for each other. Jase is ex-military and a Dom and has no problem providing extra services for a sexy rock star until he realises just how far Jordan wants to go.

Daniel is a bit of a wild card and has been in and out of rehab in the last few years. Friends since their childhood he is immediately jealous of anyone Jordan starts a relationship with and is quick to start manipulating.

In some ways this was like a ménage relationship but with only 2 people in the sexual relationship. Jordan can’t find it in himself to say no to his best friend and over the years their friendship has turned toxic and is damaging them both. When Jase comes onto the scene Daniels insecurities come out once again.

As the stress of being on tour grows Daniels behaviour becomes more erratic and slowly things are getting dangerous and stressful. Jordan finally pulls the plug on the tour and the band all head home but when things take a turn for the worse Jordan finds himself losing control.

With Jase starts having flashbacks to a previous relationship both he and Jordan are both going to have to face their demons if they have any chance at love.

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I would like to thank Cat Grant and LA Witt for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Wow – this sounds great! I really loved their “The Only One” collaboration. They make a great writing team!

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