The Only One Who Matters by Cat Grant and LA Witt ~ Review by Brandilyn

Book 2 in Only One series by Cat Grant and LA Witt is even better than the first.

: The Only One Who Matters (The Only One #2)

Author: Cat Grant & LA Witt

PublisherSamhain Publishing

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

No man—and no heart—left behind.

The Only One, Book 2

Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career, Senior Chief David Flint doesn’t know which is worse: struggling to adjust to life as a civilian, or watching his lover, Lieutenant Commander Josh Walker, leave for one deployment after another.

Missing the career he loved—and knowing all too well the danger Josh faces—doesn’t help. And as Josh walks out the door for another assignment, David can feel their relationship cracking under the strain.

With so little time between assignments, Josh has no idea how to fix things with David. One thing he’s sure of, though…if they don’t find a way to resolve the rising tension between them, there’s a storm coming they might not be able to weather. But he plans to give it his best shot—when he gets home.

Assuming he makes it home alive…


Product Warnings

Contains plenty of smoking-hot sex between two dudes who just wanted to be SEALs, not deal with all this romance crap. They went and fell in love anyway, and now have to figure out how to make it work while saving the world and teaching their puppy not to beg.

My View

The Only One Who Matters is a follow-on sequel to The Only One Who Knows (which means, yes you need to read book 1 to understand book 2).  We pick up a few months after the end of The Only One Who Knows.  David and Josh have settled into a life. Josh is gone on missions more than he is home, and David is still trying to find his way in his post-SEAL world.  This book is a ode to our wounded warriors as well as those who are left behind to wonder when or if their loved one will be coming home.

David really tugged at my heart in this installment.  He wants so badly to be the badass he was before his injury, but he just can’t.  At the same time, he sees his lover going off to live the life he wish he could still have.  He doesn’t want to be jealous, he doesn’t want to be upset, but there is that part of him that just can not help it.  It is a feeling we have all had at one point or another, so even if you aren’t a former SEAL watching your active-duty partner go do what you can’t, you can still relate to David.  Add in the fact that he knows exactly how hairy things can get on a mission and he knows more than one partner should have to know.

Yes, Josh goes through some stuff.  Yes he has to deal with the baddies and get himself and his team to safety, again.  But to me, David made this story.  Read and enjoy The Only One Who Knows, then continue their story in The Only One Who Matters.

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I would like to thank Cat Grant and LA Witt for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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