To the Very Last Inch by Heidi Belleau & Amelia C. Gormley ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

Happy Spinning Twirly Dance!!! I won’t give it away though.

veryTitle:  To the Very Last Inch (The Professor’s Rule #5)

Authors:  Heidi Belleau & Amelia C. Gormley

Publisher:  Riptide

Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

Just days after their scorching reunion, Professor Evander Carson has kicked his one-time pupil James Sheridan to the curb—and tried to sabotage James’s new relationship with Satish Malhotra. Something isn’t right here, but James isn’t sure he should bother trying to figure out what. Carson isn’t good for him and will never change. He needs to accept that and move on.

Satish knows something is up, too, but he thinks the relationship between Carson and James is worth saving. To do the right thing, Satish will have to make James and Carson confront the secrets they’ve hidden for years and help them to overcome the pain and mistrust they’ve caused.

But if Satish succeeds, where will that leave him and his intensifying romance with James? Will the three of them be able to find the right balance, or will James be forced to choose between the pain and submission he craves with Carson, and the sweet, vanilla stability he’s found with Satish?

My View

What… a most enjoyable series! I loved it to the very last inch. teehee

It took me until the last installment to figure out why I liked and empathized with these characters so much. They each have a voice. Their own distinct voice. I read so many books where the characters may think differently and have their own issues but they sound the same. These characters don’t; they each have their own distinct manner of speaking. I don’t know about you, but that puts these novellas in the “special” category for me.

In reaching the end of the series I can’t help but look back and enjoy the character development. It all makes sense in the end. What motivated certain actions and none of it felt contrived. The relationship development is at the heart of this series-how it unfolds and how all those pieces fit together. The self-sacrifice they all demonstrate could probably be described as fictionalized , but I still enjoyed the ride. As I’ve said before I love angst but hate antics and shenanigans of the melodramatic variety the latter of which was thankfully absent.

If you’re looking for a feel good read that’s highly entertaining and has a smattering of kink, this series is for you. Just to give you a taste…

Our James.

he felt like a pendulum, swinging between his tow unyielding points. Carson giving him unrelenting pain, sending him flying, and Satish acting as the soft landing-sometimes literally, when one of Carson’s blows had him trying to squirm forward.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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I would like to thank Riptide for providing me with an ARC of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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