For You by CR Guiliano ~ Review by Caroline

This short story was hovering between 4 and 5 stars for me but it such a poignant read I am giving it the full 5.  CR Guiliano was on the blog

: For You

Author: CR Guiliano

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Graham and Jeremy’s first meeting sparks an explosive and passionate relationship that proves opposites attract. However, as time wears on, their differences cause a lot of strain between them.

Jeremy, a first grade teacher and softball coach, is deeply closeted and sees no way out of the darkness. Graham is out and proud and doesn’t understand Jeremy’s fear at revealing his sexuality. After four years of trying to balance the differences, Graham leaves.

Jeremy is heartbroken, knowing that the love they feel is the real thing. He knows he’s the one who needs to change, but old habits are hard to break. He’ll need support from friends and family to make things right with Graham, but most of all he’ll need to find strength within himself to be honest about who he really is.

My View

The dedication in this book is to TJ and Eric and is beautifully written. I think we are all aware what a tough time their love story has taken recently.

For You is a story about two men with a love so deep and real that they fight the worry, the fear, the unknown, the anger, and the obstacles to be together. Just as TJ and Eric fight. This dedication is for them…

When Jeremy and Graham meet briefly on a sports field the chemistry is instant. This is the story of their love over a 4 year period. I’m not always a fan of books that jump from one time period to another but in this story it really works well and leaves us with a clear insight into how a relationship can break down.

Jeremy is very deeply closeted when they first meet which is the polar opposite of Graham. Even knowing this Graham is enamoured with the other man. Within 6 months they are living together. Behind closed doors their life is full of passion but outside Jeremy acts as though they are barely friends. All the time Graham is convinced that Jeremy will take that last important step in recognising him.

Jeremys situation will wrench your heart. To have to live in fear of your sexuality and how people will see you or leave your life is heart breaking. He builds it up inside his head so that is all encompassing and slowly destroying his relationship. Graham who is initially supportive finds it more and more difficult to live this secret life.  The longer it goes on the worse the arguements are and the deeper the hurt.

It finally comes to a point where Graham can’t stand it anymore and just walks away. Only it is never just walking away when you love someone so deeply. Even with the two men living separate lives the same demons and doubts still haunt them. Jeremy knows in his heart there is only one way to get his lover back but the perceived ‘ wrong’ of his relationship is so deeply ingrained that he doesn’t know if he has the strength required to fix things. The only problem with that is the thought of life without Graham scares him even more.

This story is a tough lesson in why we should live and let live and be more accepting of people.

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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